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When is it complete? After doing it 1min/day/30days or no...

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It is a 30 day challenge and I would say that's when it is complete. If at the end you are not able to touch to forehead to your knees, it is up to you to continue.  If you achieve this pose earlier, enjoy the rest of the challenge perfecting it.  


I find that my back isn't getting much of a stretch doing...

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I play a lot of netball and run quite a bit Would ideally like stretching to not take up too much time, or to allow for multitasking (reading course books at the same time would be super handy!)

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I would suggest you also do some front body stretches as tight hip flexors can also cause problems. The easiest ones are bridge pose and cobra, I have found these to be a great help and make for a well rounded practice.  


Is there a place to check off that we did this each day?

Question • 1 answer

Or do we just keep track on our own for 30 days then check completed?

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Hi Ra B, most people just post day one completed, or 1/30, 2/30 etc.  But might be worth your time looking for the Tribesports question from the admiinistrators - what would you like to see in Tribesports (can't remember the exact wording, sorry).  The adm...


I tried this today. Seems impossible! Are people doing ...

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every one has a little bit different strategies that they like to use, for me, I can touch my toes as it is so it's not like it's SUPER far for me.  what I usually do is I'll sit on the ground and strech, just enough so that it feels good, and I'll do it fo...



Question • 6 answers

Can this challenge be completed on the floor with legs extended in front of the body? or is that considered cheating?

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Okay, thanks!


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