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Walk for an hour a day (in one go), for 7 days in a row

Those people with dogs might find this one easier to do than others! Challenge is to walk for an hour a day, in one go, for 7 days - in a row! Using an average walking pace, this should get to well over 5,000 steps for the day, and around 4 miles a day - so possibly, depending on your pace, 28 miles in total!
Change your routes to keep your motivation going on this one!

Walk for an hour a day (in one go), for 7 days in a row Challenge rules

  1. Must be 7 days in a row - miss a day, start again!
  2. Must walk for an hour in one go
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Angie N
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“Did all these walks from @ 11:50 to midnight - couldn't sleep all night afterward. There is definitely something to be said for working out in the morning, lol. ;-)”

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Trudy C Walk for an hour a day (in one go), for 7 days in a row Challenge

Contributorgold Trudy C 6/7

encouraged this.


1 more day, hope your weather is great for it!

Trudy C encouraged this.


Thanks Bob's been great so far

Bob K encouraged this.

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Challenge creator

Steve R

created the challenge

21st April 2011

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