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Because mans best friend needs exercise too. Walk, run, or just play with your canine friend. This should be an ongoing activity, but in order to complete the challenge, carry out the challenge for 7 days.

Walking the dog Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Rachel J
  • Claire A
Claire A recently completed this Challenge

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“Not quite sure why I took this challenge. We've had our dog for 4 yrs now and she gets walked 2-3 times every day, so think I've fulfilled the requirements.”

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Robert L Walking the dog Challenge

Contributorgold Robert L 1/7


Love taking my girls out for a walk. The one in the front is Maggie, she's a Bluetick Coonhound and the one in the back is Pepper, she's a beagle. Can't beat owning 25 acres either. :-)

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Lucky you with the acreage:) Maggie reminds me of a German Shorthaired Pointer I had. Are beagle passed away 4-5 years ago and I miss him. The are great dogs. Our current one is a mix (they think a Pit and maybe a doberman). I want a Mountain Feist. One lives next door to my dad and is awesome:) Heck I love all animals!

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I'd like to cross maggie with a German Short haired Pointer, they would make great hunting dogs. I like animals too. I must be the world's worst hunter or because i usually fall asleep in my stand and hardly ever fill my tags. Guess that's why i tell my friends that i hunt fresh air because i know i can get that! lol

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Pepper P Walking the dog Challenge

Contributorgold Pepper P 1/7


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John S Walking the dog Challenge

John S I've been walking 'Midnight' 1.8 miles for the past week. We're both feeling better. Sorry that I have now way of posting pictures…no fancy phone…no fancy camera. =) Will try and move up to two miles soon.

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Challenge creator

Michael S

created the challenge

19th April 2012

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