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Loss of Appetite ?

Question • 3 answers

When people drink very large amounts of water, does it interfere with their appetite? Surely that much volume of intake prevents you from being hungry, or am I being daft?  

Newest answer

It's true thatif you drinka lot ofwaterthatdisappearsafter 10-20minutesofappetite.However,if oneis hungry, sothestomachgrowls, it bringsnothingto drink something.Thus, onemustdistinguish(to eatrelishonsome)betweenappetiteand hungry(thestomachgrowls).


Risks of over-hydration?

Question • 1 answer

Does this Challenge not put you at risk of over-hydration? Surely this cause an imbalace in electrolytes?

Newest answer

Overhydration occurs when the body takes in more water than it loses. Overhydration can occur, for example, when athletes drink excessive amounts of water or sports drinks to avoid dehydration, or when people drink much more water than their body needs beca...


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