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10 000 step a day for a week

Challenge • 3 takers

Research shows that walking 10,000 steps a day will significantly improve your health. Putting one foot in front of the other can build stamina, burn excess calories and give you a healthier heart. So at your pedometer and walk :-)

Kettlebell Tone Up for a week

Challenge • 1 taker

10 roundaways (around the body) each direction 10 windmills each side 10 squat and press 10 upright rows each arm 10 clean and press each side 10 single leg deadlift and row each side 10 single arm kettlebell swing each arm

Gym 3 Times A Week For 4 Weeks

Challenge • 3 takers

Baby steps for non gym goers that can't do 4 days a week. Go to the gym 3 days a week for 4 weeks. Must spend at least 1 hour and please comment or leave your training session URL to keep track of your progress, days and weeks. If you are ready to mo...

Swim 75km in a Year

Challenge • 4 takers

The most important rule for this is SAFETY FIRST. Can be done in a pool or open water with any stroke. Here are some websites about open water safety if you plan on open water swimming;

Do 20,000 push ups in 4 months

Challenge • 2 takers

Bit of a challenge this but imagine the upper body benefits completing this will bring. If you can make the press ups deep, as in nose to the floor. They're harder but the benefits are greater.

Run a 5000m within 10 minutes of the world record

Challenge • 5 takers

Just to get a feel for how fast the top runners really are this challenge, by no means easy, is to run a 5k (5000m) within a full 10 minutes of the world record. As of August 2014 this means for you to complete: Men - under 22:37 Women - under 24:11 ...

Defeat your arch-rival!

Challenge • 1 taker

Do you have a deadly rival who you constantly compare yourself to? Someone you started playing a sport with? Someone who for years has been just as good as you? Time to push yourself to glory by destroying them in single combat (or singles at badminton/tenn...

Duelist - win over half of your next 20 competitive matches

Challenge • 1 taker

In any competitive sport that you play, there are winners and losers. The aim here is to keep track of your wins and losses, and come out ahead. Ideally, this should be for individual sports, as there is less individual glory in a team win. This is all abou...

Two Bays Trail Run - Sun 11th Jan 2015

Challenge • 2 takers

Run 56km across the Mornington Peninsula from Cape Schanck- Dromana -Cape Schanck for Ultra -Runners ( or 28km Dromana- Cape Schanck ). The steep rise from sea level up to Arthurs Seat (elevation 1,000ft) provides 310 degrees of breathtaking views across th...

Exercise Rep Madness - BOYS VS. GIRLS - 20,000 Reps Each

Challenge • 90 takers

So many challenges for all these exercises.So how about we bump it up a little. Both teams have to complete the total rep count of 20,000 for each exercise below.When one team has all exercise reps completed they are the winners! STARTS SEPT. 1ST 2014 Ex...

School Disco multi-event challenge

Challenge • 28 takers

Following the Eurovision challenge this will be another team competition based on a 'school disco' theme, join the school subject team you most enjoyed and we will count the following combined exercises up to a total of 500,000 :- Jumping Jacks, Sit-ups,...

A Series Towards Marathon - 07-09-2014 - Challenge # 3

Challenge • 2 takers

Third virtual run of "A Series Towards Marathon". The participants will run 10K at race pace or fast enough, between 9am and 9pm local time. Log your race experience, i.e. how you felt or any story if you want to share. Finish time to post is optional. A ...

Burn 50,000 Calories!

Challenge • 6 takers

How quickly can you burn 50,000 calories? Can only be started AFTER you have completed the Burn 25,000 Calories challenge. You CAN NOT do both at the same time! Push yourself to work harder, burn more fat and build more lean muscle!! Use the calorie ...

Cycle to (and from) Work Once

Challenge • 6 takers

I don't live in a city (where commuting by bike is a daily routine for some). Work for me is about 5 miles (8.05 km) one way with two rather large, intimidating hills for someone who has recently just jumped back in the saddle. AND I have to ride back home...

Boys vs. Girls Running First to 5,000km

Challenge • 67 takers

This exact challenge was going on about a year ago. The girls beat the boys 5,010.78km to 4,766.66km. Walking and running count. Can the girls defend or will the just pretend?

Burn 25,000 Calories!

Challenge • 20 takers

How quickly can you burn 25,000 calories? Push yourself to work harder, burn more fat and build more lean muscle!! Use the calorie counter function on the exercise machine or on your sport watch. Any exercise counts, keep track of your own total. Go...

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