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Kick boxing Circuit 4 Times in Two Weeks

Challenge • 4 takers

Perform the kickboxing circuit described in the photo for 2 or 3 rounds 4 times in 2 weeks. See further instructions on the photo. Source:

Easter egg run off

Challenge • 7 takers

If you cannot resist the temptation of chocolate Easter eggs, at least burn off some of those calories. Run 10km for every Easter egg you eat this year.

Age Doesn't Matter !! Young Pups vs Old Dogs 15,000 KM Ch...

Challenge • 42 takers

Ladies, gents, boys and girls - about time we had a friendly !!!!! Age challenge again. Start Date 01/05//2014 - your age at this date defines your team Young Pups = Team TUFTY (those under 40 at 01/05/2014 Old Dogs = Team TOFFS (those 40+ at 01/05/2014 ...

Do squats 3 times a day for a week

Challenge • 1 taker

Do squats three times a day for a week. It does'nt matter how much you do - you can do 10 per time if you are a baginner, or more if you are advanced. But do them three times a day for more intense training and stronger legs.

Push Up Pyramid Series Challenge 1

Challenge • 2 takers

Some people LOVE Push Ups. Others HATE them. Either way making games with them is a great way to get the good old Push Ups into your daily routine. Using a pattern to accumulate numbers and build some stamina is a great way to benefit from a little fun. ...

Pole Dance - Tammy

Challenge • 0 takers

master the Tammy hold. essentially the Inverted Crucifix with your back leg taken off the pole and pointed straight out in front of you. ensure good thigh grip is maintained throughout the transition & hold.

Eat raw food for a week

Challenge • 4 takers

Its simple- eat raw food for 7 days. While eating raw food for a longer period of time can damage your health, up to 2 weeks can be very healthy. Clean your organism and eat only raw fruit, vegetables and fish.

Ninja jumps

Challenge • 9 takers

Get on your knees, swing your arms back and then forward to build momentum, then jump up onto your feet. Do at least 10 to complete

Go For A Night Hike

Challenge • 3 takers

Take a hike at night, using a head lamp, flashlight or the full moon!

Go For A Trail Run At Night

Challenge • 2 takers

Go for a trail run at night, using a head lamp or flashlight. This can be an organized run or training run.

Fight The Flab 5 Day (Arms) Challenge

Challenge • 0 takers

This challenge is for anyone who wants to fight the flab! Fat deposits found within the upper arms are found more, especially with women, when a person begins to gain weight. The positive side is that this area very easily gives up that fat as you begin to...

15 chin ups in one set

Challenge • 4 takers

This challenge is simple, just complete 15 chin ups in one set. This is the exercise with palms facing you. Use this to bridge the gap between completing a set of 10 and a set of 20.

Run a 50 Mile Race

Challenge • 2 takers

For people who want to push past the marathon. Try a 50 mile race. Usually done on trails but can also be done on road. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful of trail running.

Take 5-2-1-0 Go

Challenge • 1 taker

I am the Cpt of a shape up team in Mt. This was a challenge presented to us for a week. I thought I would share it with my tribesports community. There are just a few rules and this runs for one week.

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