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Rest Room Incline Pushup workout

Challenge • 4 takers

This challenge is for you to think about the next time you go to the rest room - after you wash your hands, do a total of 100 incline push ups against the sink or counter. Since we all use the rest room many times a day, you can either split this up through...

Sunbird pose

Challenge • 5 takers

Sunbird is a great pose as it builds core strength and helps improve balance and co-ordination. Benefits include: Strengthens core, arms, chest, legs and glutes, stabilizes pelvis and stretches the spine, massages kidneys and abdominal organs. Follow th...

Wall Squat - 3 sets of 90 sec to 2mins per week for a month

Challenge • 2 takers

Stand with your back up to a smooth wall where you have space to extend your legs outward. While keeping your head, shoulders, and lower back touching the wall, gradually place your feet approximately 12-18 inches away from the wall. As you do this, bend yo...

Double Leg Hip Bridge 3 sets of 2mins per week for a month

Challenge • 4 takers

Lie on the floor with your back on the ground (supine). Once in this position, bend your knees to a comfortable position so that your heels are closer to your buttocks, but your entire foot can still rest on the ground. Your feet should be shoulder width ap...

Boys vs. Girls: Who will reach the Moon first?

Challenge • 22 takers

If you enjoyed the walk to the centre of the Earth ( you might enjoy this follow up :-) Let's cover the distance to the Moon! That is 384,403 km of some serious walking......

Concept 2 Valentine Challenge 2015

Challenge • 2 takers

The Valentine Challenge 2015 is a challenge organised by Concept 2 to encourage participants to row 14km between February 9th and midnight on Valentine's Day, February 14th. For full details, check out

28 days plank challenge

Challenge • 10 takers

Day 1 - 20 seconds Day 2 - 20 seconds Day 3 - 30 seconds Day 4 - 30 seconds Day 5 - 40 seconds Day 6 - rest Day 7 - 45 seconds Day 8 - 45 seconds Day 9 - 60 seconds Day 10 - 60 seconds Day 11 - 60 seconds Day 12 - 90 seconds Day 13 - rest Day 1...

Set a new 5km treadmill PB

Challenge • 6 takers

Safety first as always when using the treadmill but that assessed this challenge is to beat your fastest time (in the last 5 years if you have a really old PB that seems unbeatable) for 5km on the treadmill. This is specifically a treadmill challenge so ou...

60-Minute Jump Rope Everyday for 1 Year

Challenge • 0 takers

You must accomplish a total of 60 minutes of jump rope every day for one year. Spread it throughout the whole day. But if you are fit enough to do it 60 minutes straight then good for you. It will still depend on your fitness level as to how many breaks you...

Swim 2km per week for 4 weeks

Challenge • 6 takers

Swimming burns lots of calories, anywhere from 500-650 per hour depending on how efficiently you swim (you burn more flopping around than swimming cleanly!) and how buoyant you are (the more body fat you have, the more you float and the fewer calories it ta...


Challenge • 6 takers

Row for five minutes before resting for two minutes. Then row for four minutes before resting for one minute. The final set, row for three minutes. That’s exactly a 15-minute total body blasting workout. Do this once, note down your distance and then tr...

Complete the GAPS Intro diet

Challenge • 2 takers

Many of us living in a modern society have health issues (physical and psychological), our digestive health plays a big part in this. The GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) protocol works to heal and seal the gut by eliminating irritants, kill bad bacteria...

Swim 215 K in 2015

Challenge • 1 taker

Swim 215 kilometers in 2015--a great resolution for the new year! Any stroke, any kind of water.

Intercontinental Rowing: First To 1,234km

Challenge • 12 takers

This is a team challenge between the continents of the world to see which one can first complete 1,234km. On-the-water and on-the-erg rowing are both permitted. This challenge will not commence until the following is complete:

Tribesports Holiday Fitness Teams Challenge

Challenge • 39 takers

Pick your favorite Holiday of the year. All your team has to do is reach to 100,000 fitness reps. Only 100,000 total not each exercise. CHALLENGE STARTS RIGHT AFTER YOU HIT TAKE! =) ONLY USING THESE EXERCISES! =) Good Luck! =D Jumping Jacks, Crunches,...

Take It Indoors! Cardio

Challenge • 11 takers

It's winter time ! great opportunity to take the cardio indoors. Use this opportunity to run, walk, elliptical, row, or cycle a minimum of 2 miles. Any type of machine that tracks miles will do. Enjoy the workout! No need of hat or gloves :-P

7 day yoga challenge

Challenge • 8 takers

A yoga routine for each day of the week!

Eat At Home Everyday For 3 Months

Challenge • 2 takers

There are many reasons and facts on why we turn to fast food/restaurant food. It's easy, simple, and cheap. For 3 months this challenge is for you to not eat anything prepared anywhere but your home. Buying prepackaged foods are off limits also. Please only...

Eat At Home Everyday For A Month

Challenge • 3 takers

Do you stop at fast food places or eat at restaurants a good amount of the time? There are many reasons and facts on why we turn to fast food/restaurant food. It's easy, simple, and cheap. For 1 full month this challenge is for you to not eat anything prepa...

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