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30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge

Challenge • 18 takers

Blogilates 30 day challenge for thights! More: Next blogilates challenges: 30 Day Flat Abs 30 Day Butt Lift http...

Concept 2 Mud Season Madness

Challenge • 1 taker

Every March Concept 2 run the mud season challenge. Row on each of 25 days out of the month. Basic level is 5km per day, advanced level is 10km. You will need an online logbook at It is a solo challenge but the Tribe is here for support an...

Take the bus

Challenge • 2 takers

Give up your car for this week and walk/run to the bus (or any other public transport) stop. It's first step to more athletic way of life - from walking to running and cycling, that's the goal :)

Run a sub 2:55 Marathon

Challenge • 1 taker

So you can run marathons in under 3 hours. Well done! But can you go faster? Prove it! 2 hrs 55 is the qualifier time to beat for NYC 2016 (Men 35-39). It was the target time for athletes in Japanese prefectures to run under for invitation to the Toky...

Row 100km In A Month

Challenge • 2 takers

Can you row 100km in a calendar month? Indoor or outdoor rowing counts for this challenge.

Row 90km In A Month

Challenge • 2 takers

Can you row 90km in a calendar month? Indoor or outdoor rowing counts for this challenge.

Row 80km In A Month

Challenge • 2 takers

Can you row 80km in a calendar month? Indoor or outdoor rowing counts for this challenge.

Row 70km In A Month

Challenge • 4 takers

Can you row 70km in a calendar month? Indoor or outdoor rowing counts for this challenge.

Nature Trail

Challenge • 11 takers

Nature trail is a challenge to complete a nature walk at least once a week. Walks may be slow, fast, hikes or power marches. Main features are that they are enjoyable, outdoors and connect with nature. The aim of this challenge is to make time for exercise...

45 sec Hollow Rock Hold (7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 8 takers

Hollow Rocks are a means of developing core strength. Hollow rocks also teach you how to stabilise your mid line and brace the spine for a multitude of other full body movements. Don’t just think of it as a core exercise but rather a position of stability t...

Regent's Park Hour Challenge - 6 laps

Challenge • 1 taker

Get on your bike. Set your 1 hour countdown. Ride. Challenge - 6 laps from where you started round the Outer Circle. 1 lap is approximately 4.5km.

No sugar for Lent

Challenge • 5 takers

I am thinking about giving up sugar for this lent by avoiding regular sugar (white / brown), corn syrup & other sugar types that are hiding behind fancy names and also foods with high sugar content like most cereals, breads, fruit punches, soft drinks, cand...

Concept 2 World Erg Challenge 2015

Challenge • 6 takers

The Concept 2 World Erg Challenge is a team challenge that runs from March 15th to April 15th 2015. The aim is to row as many metres as you can for your chosen team. Tribesports will have a team, so let's see how many metres we can collectively accumulate...

Misty's Custom 30 Days Butt & Legs Workout

Challenge • 4 takers

Custom workout routine tailored for someone who wants to get their legs back into shape and tone up, without obsessing about weight. This was custom tailored to fit my needs, and may not suit everyone. Make sure to eat healthy, don't limit your calorie i...

DOTW: First to reach 50,000 Russian Twists wins ;-)

Challenge • 18 takers

There have been a few boys versus girls challenges but one gender seems to be better at some types of exercises than the other. So I am splitting the teams based on the days we were born instead (Monday – Sunday). This will give us 7 teams to compete with e...

No sugar for a week

Challenge • 13 takers

For 7 days completely avoid all foods, drinks, condiments with added sugar. This does not include fruit as whole fruits are natural sources of sugar and loaded with fibre. What you are looking for are all items to which man added sugar in any form. You wi...

Race Glasgow's 3k On The Green

Challenge • 0 takers

Glasgow's 3k On The Green is a flat, accurately measured road race taking place in Glasgow Green usually on the last Friday of each month. 3k On The Green is an event for all abilities, from experienced club runners to the recreational jogger. Every runner...

Pyramid Press Up Challenge

Challenge • 9 takers

Improve your upper body strength Start by completing 20 press ups, rest for 15 seconds Then complete 19 press ups, rest for 15 seconds Then complete 18, rest 15 seconds Continue until you complete 1 press up Easy to remember, challenging to complet...

Say No to Smoking for 3 days

Challenge • 2 takers

Being a smoker for 17 years now,I still have much regrets for picking it up. It is such a strain on my health and a waste of money to smoke our lives away. But it is an addiction.Time to time,i try to fight it.It is possible.I have seen it happen. So fro...

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