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Maintain Commuting Average Speed Over 20KM/H

Challenge • 29 takers

Try and keep you average speed over 20km/h during your commute to work. Best measured with a cycle computer which stops when you stop at traffic lights, etc. This challenge is all about accelerating up to top speed as soon as possible and so hopefully this...

Run 10K in 54 Mins

Challenge • 33 takers

HI if you are like me every little counts so this is a series of 10k times taking down to under 50 mins as this was the only one i could find after sub 1 hr ..

Posturally perfect

Challenge • 37 takers

Something I'm very bad at - standing or sitting upright! For the next week make a concious effort to stand or sit correctly - back straight, shoulders back and down, hips forward, tummy tucked in. No crossed legs upon sitting - knees and ankles together...

Buddy up for a Training Run on the Weekend

Challenge • 29 takers

Training with a buddy helps to motive and spur you on. Find a buddy to run with you over the weekend. Choose whatever distance suits your training. Your buddy can run with you, or could be a virtual buddy who is running in a different location. Be sure to e...

5 minutes to splits every day

Challenge • 60 takers

Work on your splits for 5 minutes a day for a month, or until you can do the splits! You can choose sideways (straddle) or forwards (scissor) splits.

AVOID the grocery store snack aisle for 1 week

Challenge • 19 takers

Stop eating potato chips, popcorn, cookies, candy, ice cream, cakes, etc. The ingredients in these foods make you want to eat more and the companies who make these snack foods know you'll stay addicted to them (even after you gained lots of weight eating th...

Run at an average pace of 12 min mile or less

Challenge • 17 takers

Not all of us are at a level of 5 or 6 min mile paces but we still work hard at our level. This challenge is for you, slower runners like me on our way to those faster mile paces. So if you're trying to beat the 12 min mile pace, go for it. Start slowly and...

Indoor spinning at least three days per week

Challenge • 30 takers

This challenge is to incorporate a great deal of cardio and resistance training without lifting weights. Spinning is a great workout that is upbeat and keeps you motivated. You can choose between 30 mins or 60 mins classes. It may be difficult at first but...

10 Consecutive Pull-Ups

Challenge • 27 takers

If you found your way through the '5 Pull-Up Challenge ' - - this one is your next goal to achieve. It may sound a short number, but 10 pull-ups is a great achievement for those who want to thr...

Run 1 mile in 9 minutes or less

Challenge • 21 takers

So you've got your 1 mile done in under 10 minutes and it's time to work towards your next target. Let's get that mile done in under 9 minutes.

Complete 15 Chin Ups in one Day.

Challenge • 21 takers

The Benefits of Chin Ups: => Strengthening your back Strengthening the muscles in your back will also have the effect of pulling your shoulders back and greatly improving your posture. Most of the people's posture is compromised because of sitting to...

15 minutes of Yoga (or stretching) twice a day for a month

Challenge • 55 takers

Do Yoga or stretching for 15 minutes, twice a day. For example: 3 or 4 modified sun salutations or your own set of gentle stretches. The point of this is to get you in the habit of stretching everyday but in a way that won't over work you or stress your mus...

Lunchtime Run

Challenge • 23 takers

Use your lunch break to go for a run. Take some work mates with you and earn that sandwich meal deal!

3 Morning Runs in one week.

Challenge • 31 takers

It is not always easy to get up before dawn for an early morning jog. Hitting the snooze button can be so tempting, especially in winter! This challenge is simple: Pick three days in the same week and force yourself to get up early, before work or doing any...

No chocolate until Easter Sunday

Challenge • 16 takers

So if your like me, this is a really hard challenge. So lets give it a go and refrain from chocolate until the Easter bunny comes on Easter Sunday.

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