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Run at an average pace of 12 min mile or less

Challenge • 14 takers

Not all of us are at a level of 5 or 6 min mile paces but we still work hard at our level. This challenge is for you, slower runners like me on our way to those faster mile paces. So if you're trying to beat the 12 min mile pace, go for it. Start slowly and...

Run 5K (3.11 miles) in 24 minutes or less

Challenge • 27 takers

Run 5K (3.11 miles) in 24 minutes or less. You can only hit "Complete" if you do the run AFTER hitting "Take". If you've done it before then do it again!

Sit-up Challenge-Be able to do 30 sit-ups in one minute

Challenge • 24 takers

Today I tried doing sit-ups, a very simple thing to do that I just don't think of doing at all. I was depressed when I discovered I can only do 13 in one minute!! Un-accept-able!! I will get up to 30 in one minute and then maybe beyond!!! Feel free to set y...

Burn Baby Burn - 3,500 Calories this week

Challenge • 28 takers

What can you do to burn 3,500 calories this week? Challenge yourself to increase your cardio activity to burn baby burn. Increase your time at the gym, go for a walk at lunchtime, hula hoop at home or make up a dance/excercise routine with fun moves. 1 p...

Run 10K in 54 Mins

Challenge • 33 takers

HI if you are like me every little counts so this is a series of 10k times taking down to under 50 mins as this was the only one i could find after sub 1 hr ..

Do an intermediate level squat

Challenge • 26 takers

Squat (with proper form) the amount of weight listed for the intermediate level squat for your bodyweight and gender. Standards here:

Building With Planks

Challenge • 38 takers

A five-day challenge: hold the plank position for an increasing duration each day. Monday - Plank for 30 seconds Tuesday - Plank for 60 seconds Wednesday - Plank for 90 seconds Thursday - Plank for 120 seconds Friday - Plank for 150 seconds

Run 30km in a month

Challenge • 23 takers

This challenge is for beginners and for those who only run short distances. Log you kilometers on tribesports and aim for 30km in one month.

7k a day for 7 days!!

Challenge • 46 takers

Simple WALK, RUN, JOG, CYCLE or STROLL but clock up 7K in one hit. EVERYDAY for a week. Challenge yourself. Get off the couch, get on a treadmill, get on a bike, put the baby in a pram! Go outside.. whack on the ipod or just go and clear your head for a ...

Exercise every day for 50 days

Challenge • 37 takers

Even if you slip up with the diet, commit to 50 days of exercise to keep you on track towards your fitness goals.

Burn 7000 calories

Challenge • 27 takers

In theory it takes burning roughly 7000 calories to lose 1kg of fat. The challenge therefore is to burn a total 7000 calories during your workouts. Either use your heart rate monitor (if it has a 'calories burnt' function) or the calories burnt reading on...

Bowl a hatrick

Challenge • 49 takers

This challenge is to bowl a hatrick in a formal game of cricket. That could mean any school game, league game or friendly, but it has to be in a formal setting - you know, eleven against eleven, everyone wearing whites (or one-day kit), someone scoring etc...

horseback trail riding

Challenge • 13 takers

Take a nice long trail ride in the woods for pleasure or compete in an endurance ride.

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