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Run 5K (3.11 miles) in 24 minutes or less

Challenge • 28 takers

Run 5K (3.11 miles) in 24 minutes or less. You can only hit "Complete" if you do the run AFTER hitting "Take". If you've done it before then do it again!

Passing lane only

Challenge • 20 takers

Go for a run and don't get passed by anyone. You can pass walkers and joggers all you want but, the second someone passes you you're done.

Crunch to a different song every day for 7 days

Challenge • 36 takers

I liked so much the crunch to a song challenge ( that I decided to do that for 7 days in a row, every time on a different song. I'm inviting you to do the same (also, do share the music and do tell how...

Run 1 mile in 9 minutes or less

Challenge • 21 takers

So you've got your 1 mile done in under 10 minutes and it's time to work towards your next target. Let's get that mile done in under 9 minutes.

log 40km of running within 1 month

Challenge • 24 takers

Having a long-term goal helps keep you motivated. You do not have to begin this challenge at the start of a month, just run 40km within 4 consecutive weeks and log your progress here on TS.

Run to the moon! :D

Challenge • 67 takers

384,400 KM - that's all you have to do. You can count all the logged kilometers/miles you already have and anything used for other challenges counts here too, as long as it's logged :D It's an individual challenge(:

30 day beginner wall squat challenge

Challenge • 47 takers

The wall squat is a great exercise to strengthen the legs and buttocks but there is so many of us here only starting their fitness journey or recovering from a knee injury and don't yet have the strenght in their legs. This challenge is to start your wall s...

Tone Up Tight Routine For 7 Days

Challenge • 47 takers

If you survived the Tone Up Tight Routine challenge, this is for you! Circuit training: 10 push ups, 25 crunches, 25 squats, 30 lunges, 50 jumping jacks, 60 second wall squat. Repeat 3 times a day for 7 days. No rest!!

Just Run!!

Challenge • 22 takers

Run for an hour ....thats it!!! Enjoy!!!!

Be a Marshall for a Day

Challenge • 32 takers

Volunteer at an organized event as a Marshall for the Day! Encourage and support athletes doing the event :-) Great FUN!! Enjoy :-)

It's plank time! Girls vs Boys - 2000 minutes plank [Chal...

Challenge • 26 takers

Log your minutes in plank position. Boys, girls, the first group to reach 2000 minutes wins! *Recently asked question: Do all of the positions count? - Yes, they do. This is the first challenge [Challenge #1] of this series. After we complete this on...

MTB Skills: Front Wheel Lift

Challenge • 30 takers

This is a skills challenge series for mountain bikers that focuses on developing skills that'l come in handy on the trails. Everybody know these, just incase you get in a tight spot. Basically, master the skill menstioned and the challenge is beaten. First...

US Navy Physical Readiness Test - Boot Camp

Challenge • 48 takers

All boot camp recruits must score a good average over 3 events to pass, a practical evaluation is: Push ups - at least 46 in under 2 minutes, resting allowed but only in the UP position. Sit ups - at least 54 in under two minutes 1.5 mile run - in ...

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