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Run 1 mile in 9 minutes or less

Challenge • 19 takers

So you've got your 1 mile done in under 10 minutes and it's time to work towards your next target. Let's get that mile done in under 9 minutes.

20 Bicycle crunches (7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 30 takers

Lie on your back with your legs extended, feet slightly off the ground and hands at your temples. Bring your right knee into your chest while taking your left shoulder off the floor and twisting your upper body so your elbow meets your knee. Immediately ...

Complete 15 Chin Ups in one Day.

Challenge • 16 takers

The Benefits of Chin Ups: => Strengthening your back Strengthening the muscles in your back will also have the effect of pulling your shoulders back and greatly improving your posture. Most of the people's posture is compromised because of sitting to...

Marichyasana I

Challenge • 33 takers A lovely hamstring stretch which you should be aiming to hold for between 30 and 60 seconds.

750 Chair Dips in one month

Challenge • 32 takers

Simple: Do a minimum of 750 chair dips (legs extended) in one calendar month. If you happen to see this and you are already into the month, then any chair dips you've already done that month prior to hitting "Take" count too. But ONLY those done the same...

3 ways to 10K

Challenge • 37 takers

In a single WEEK Walk 10Km (record the time it took you) Run 10Km (record the time it took you) Cycle 10Km (record the time it took you)

7k a day for 7 days!!

Challenge • 44 takers

Simple WALK, RUN, JOG, CYCLE or STROLL but clock up 7K in one hit. EVERYDAY for a week. Challenge yourself. Get off the couch, get on a treadmill, get on a bike, put the baby in a pram! Go outside.. whack on the ipod or just go and clear your head for a ...

Run 10K in 54 Mins

Challenge • 33 takers

HI if you are like me every little counts so this is a series of 10k times taking down to under 50 mins as this was the only one i could find after sub 1 hr ..

30 Day Arm Challenge by Jodi Higgs

Challenge • 53 takers

30 Day Arm Challenge... Follow work out routine... Adjust when needed so as not to cause injury... You may do work routine in smaller sets... See notes below image for further tips

Burn 7000 calories

Challenge • 25 takers

In theory it takes burning roughly 7000 calories to lose 1kg of fat. The challenge therefore is to burn a total 7000 calories during your workouts. Either use your heart rate monitor (if it has a 'calories burnt' function) or the calories burnt reading on...

Mountain Trekking

Challenge • 20 takers

In order to complete this challenge you simply need to go trekking in the mountains for a reasonable length of time (at least 2 hours). Any mountain, any range, any country, as long as its classified as a ‘mountain’ and you have a vertical gain of at least...

3 Morning Runs in one week.

Challenge • 30 takers

It is not always easy to get up before dawn for an early morning jog. Hitting the snooze button can be so tempting, especially in winter! This challenge is simple: Pick three days in the same week and force yourself to get up early, before work or doing any...

Eat 1Ounce of Dark Chocolate

Challenge • 30 takers

Eat an ounce (28 grams) of dark chocolate every day for a week. Dark chocolate is good for: ->your Heart Studies show that eating a small amount of dark chocolate two or three times each week can help lower your blood pressure. Dark chocolate im...

Astound Yourself!

Challenge • 29 takers

Practice the Art of Astonishment! Go out and perform a truly amazing feat! Set another personal best!

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