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Get your body fat below 10%

Challenge • 42 takers

Be a lean, mean, able to do things rather quickly, machine :-) For men: Lowering your levels of body fat to 10% or lower will put you firmly within the "athlete" category of the American Council on Exercise's body fat % table. Warning: This level of b...

Run at an average pace of 11 min mile or less

Challenge • 16 takers

Not all of us are at a level of 5 or 6 min mile paces but we still work hard at our level. This challenge is for you, slower runners like me on our way to those faster mile paces. So if you're trying to beat the 11 min mile pace, go for it. Start slowly and...

Run to the moon! :D

Challenge • 68 takers

384,400 KM - that's all you have to do. You can count all the logged kilometers/miles you already have and anything used for other challenges counts here too, as long as it's logged :D It's an individual challenge(:

Lose FAT with Burpee Challenge-10 burpees for 15 days

Challenge • 45 takers

10 burpess for 15 days=LOSE FAT The burpee is a simple exercise that requires your body - •Begin in a shoulder wide stance •Quickly move into a squat with your hands on the floor •Kick your feet back and perform a push up •Pull your legs back at the...

Pushups - Intermediate

Challenge • 38 takers

Complete: 20 standard pushups 7 diamond pushups 10 decline pushups 15 knuckle pushups 3 finger pushups Please don't hit the "I've done this before button", try these exercises again to prove that you've still got it :)

3 Morning Runs in one week.

Challenge • 30 takers

It is not always easy to get up before dawn for an early morning jog. Hitting the snooze button can be so tempting, especially in winter! This challenge is simple: Pick three days in the same week and force yourself to get up early, before work or doing any...

30 Biceps Curls (7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 28 takers

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, palms facing forward, and keep your back straight and chest up. Without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and curl the weights toward your shoulders. Slowly lower the weights back to the starting position, stra...

Exercise every day for 50 days

Challenge • 38 takers

Even if you slip up with the diet, commit to 50 days of exercise to keep you on track towards your fitness goals.

Score Consecutive Boundaries

Challenge • 38 takers

This challenge is to score consecutive boundaries because scoring a boundary is not hard enough. This includes a Four runs or Six runs during any school game, league game or friendly but it has to be in a proper cricket match, good luck!

Lunchtime Run

Challenge • 21 takers

Use your lunch break to go for a run. Take some work mates with you and earn that sandwich meal deal!

Get messy!

Challenge • 33 takers

Participate in a color run, a warrior event or a mudfest... post photos! If you've done this before, find a photo and share the love.

Train 6 days a week for 6 weeks!

Challenge • 41 takers

The aim of this challenge is to encourage you to try NEW things. Cross train; do some running, cycling, spinning, paddling, boot camp training, whatever you've always wanted to try!! Just get out there and DO IT!!

Sit-up Challenge-Be able to do 30 sit-ups in one minute

Challenge • 25 takers

Today I tried doing sit-ups, a very simple thing to do that I just don't think of doing at all. I was depressed when I discovered I can only do 13 in one minute!! Un-accept-able!! I will get up to 30 in one minute and then maybe beyond!!! Feel free to set y...

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