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Backflip burpee

Challenge • 9 takers

Perform 1 backflip burpee - when you jump up from your burpee, do a backflip! You must do the push-up at the bottom of the rep and your feet must land on the floor before attempting a second rep!

365 Km in 30 days!

Challenge • 8 takers

With so many running challenges in Tribesports, does this challenge make sense? I joined Tribesports in the begining of 2012. Ever since TS kept me glued to my fitness routine by its interesting discussions, challenges, tribes and most of all, by it motivat...

Walk 1 Mile Every Day 7 Days In A Row

Challenge • 28 takers

Walk around the neighborhood with your kids. Hit the track at the High School and log 4 laps. Take some bread and feed the ducks at the Greenbelt. It doesn't matter how you do it, but walk 1 mile each every day, 7 days in a row. I bet it will feel great...

Split an Arrow with another Arrow

Challenge • 4 takers

Shoot an arrow directly into another arrow already on the target; causing it to split. Then post the picture of the arrow onto the challenge page Good Luck!

Yoga in the buff

Challenge • 16 takers

All you have to do is try doing a few light yoga poses nude in the privacy of your home for at least 10 minutes

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