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Momentum for Life SUP Marathon

Challenge • 0 takers

Want to take on an awesome challenge and have a great day out on the water? Join us for the first ever Stand Up Paddleboard marathon down the Thames River in London (UK) on the 22nd June 2013! More info:

Assisted one arm pull ups

Challenge • 6 takers

Do one pull up on each side to complete this challenge. If you are starting out (like me), start with your supporting hand higher up your pulling arm. When you can do that, move your supporting hand lower and try it again.

No Smoking for a week

Challenge • 13 takers

No smoking 7 days in a row. If you smoke one day, restart from 0 day. Good luck ;-)

Bump & Grind Hike, Palm Desert CA

Challenge • 0 takers For those extra things to do when vacationing in Palm Desert, CA

Hike 10 hours with 30-45 lbs ruck.

Challenge • 1 taker

Hike outdoors with at least a 30 lbs rucksack for 10 hours over hilly terrain, taking necessary water breaks for beginners nd hydrating along the way for seasoned hikers.

Eat 1 Raw Meal Per Day

Challenge • 28 takers

Eat (at least) one "raw" meal per day for 2 weeks. It can be fruit, a salad, fresh juice, or something more complicated. The goal is to integrate more healthy whole foods into your diet one day at a time. Share recipes you're trying out for the first time,...

Pop shove-it

Challenge • 2 takers

Do a standard Pop shove it, It can be frontside or backside. If you are only a beginner you may want to start with the Shove it and work towards the Pop shove it. To shove it is to jump with out turning your body but make the board turn beneath you, the boa...

Long Jump 6 Meters

Challenge • 3 takers

Simply another challenge for those who have surpassed the 5 Meter challenge

Open water swim for 500 Meters

Challenge • 11 takers

"Open water" can be a Lake or Bay or Ocean.... Just try getting out of the pool for a different swim experience. I recommend taking a friend or two as the first few times can be a little intimidating. Have fun and try it. :) It is hard to measure distance ...

1500 Crunches Without Stopping

Challenge • 12 takers

If you have completed the '1000 crunches without stopping' challenge before, or if you are pretty insane like me, this is for you :D. Do 1500 crunches in a row, that's it!

Hike The Grand Canyon

Challenge • 8 takers

Located in the state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world. The most popular route is know as the Bright Angel Trail and is both a safe and relatively comfortable two-day trail.

Hold The Plank Pose for 2minutes 30seconds everyday for 7...

Challenge • 15 takers

DONE the 2minute plank challenge? The 3minute plank seem a bit too much at the moment? Then why not try going inbetween... and doing 2minutes 30seconds?! How do you do it? Get into pushup position on the floor. Now bend your elbows 90 degrees and res...

The One Month Pyramid Challenge!

Challenge • 17 takers

You start off by doing 1 type of a certain exercise, (my suggestions are something like tricep dips, push ups, sit ups, crunches, squats or some kind of weighted equipment exercise) and then you start again and do 2 and then 3 and then another 4 all the way...

Get Rid of your Second Bum

Challenge • 15 takers

Right, this might just be an expression used by me and my friends used but you'll know what it means... have you ever been walking behind someone wearing a short skirt or shorts and they're bum is covered but at the top of their thighs there is a crescent ...

10 pushups during your fav. T.V. show.

Challenge • 29 takers

Very simple 10 pushups while watching T.V. It will be easy to sneak them in at the ad break :) Don't be afraid to type in what you were watching :)

Take a Break Day

Challenge • 17 takers

It's all fine and dandy that your achy and that mans your work out is effective. Sometimes the best thing to do is to realise that you've pushed yourself to hard and that you need to take a break for a day and let all your muscles relax and recover. DON"...

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