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MMB 100 MOVES 7 week

Challenge • 3 takers


Log 100 miles of training in 30 days

Challenge • 34 takers

Looking for a challenge that is geared toward your level of fitness? Log 100 miles of training in 30 days. It's not exclusive to running you can do cycling, rowing, walking, skateboarding, skiing, rollerblading, swimming, etc. Get active and have fun with i...

35 chair dips (7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 18 takers

Sit on the edge of the chair with your feet together. Place your hands on the seat on either side of your thighs and keep your feet flat on the floor. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and lower yourself toward the floor. Straighten your arms, raising your body b...

Max out press-ups for a week

Challenge • 8 takers

This is a simple challenge to kick-start some good work routines, simply max out on press-ups. They have to be good form, at whichever level you can mange. It is a best effort so why not try a more difficult press-up like a Diamond, or Boxing press-up!

Chester Half Marathon

Challenge • 2 takers

The Chester Half Marathon is an excellently organised race run through the heart of Chester City Centre, brought to you by the same organisers as the MBNA Chester Marathon. The race starts at the City Centre Chester Race Course and finishes outside the Ches...

5 Minute Core Blast. (2 week)

Challenge • 18 takers

This is a great little core blaster to do each day - only 5 minutes long so even those who work long hours have no excuse! This is split into three different exercises. Each exercise lasts for 30 seconds and is repeated until the 5 minutes is up! There is n...

The Leg / Ab Superset every other day for 7 days

Challenge • 20 takers

Tone your legs and abs with this one week workout! Repeat 5 times: 20 Crunches 10 Lunges per leg 30 Sec plank 15 Calf Raises 10 V-UP Crunches 5 Lunges per leg Rest for 45 seconds after each round. Must complete set 4 times in 7 days, l...

log 40km of running within 1 month

Challenge • 19 takers

Having a long-term goal helps keep you motivated. You do not have to begin this challenge at the start of a month, just run 40km within 4 consecutive weeks and log your progress here on TS.

20 minutes of HIIT after 1 hr weight training, 5 days a w...

Challenge • 8 takers

Shred weight and get mega fit. Go crazy with your hiit routines. Just make sure there's around 8 periods of full intensity, and 8 periods of medium intensity (You get fitter than just low intensity). Weight training 5 days a week. I do splits 2 day...

Not Skipping Any Main Meals for 1 Months

Challenge • 9 takers

Instead of skipping on meals to lose calories, rather make count what you DO eat. It is proven that skipping main Meals and going hungry for abnormal times is unhealthy for the human body and brings the yo-yo effect with it. You might temporarily not add an...

Drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice for a week

Challenge • 10 takers

Carrot juice, because of its many healthy benefits, is frequently called the "miracle juice." It is the best source of vitamin A, and also rich with vitamin B, C, D, G and K. It is of great help in maintaining healthy teeth, strong bones and good sight. On...

Play a game of badminton with someone new

Challenge • 5 takers

Very simply book a court and play someone who you haven't played before. If you can't find someone ask some one who works at the center. After all social health is just as important as physical health!

Climb Mount Thielsen

Challenge • 1 taker

This is such a great one day hike and climb!! It looks like the Matterhorn from the Alps but is located near Crater lake Oregon and Diamond lake. It is gorgeous and can be done without ropes but some folks do rope up for the last 100 yards.

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