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10 pushups during your fav. T.V. show.

Challenge • 29 takers

Very simple 10 pushups while watching T.V. It will be easy to sneak them in at the ad break :) Don't be afraid to type in what you were watching :)

Take a Break Day

Challenge • 17 takers

It's all fine and dandy that your achy and that mans your work out is effective. Sometimes the best thing to do is to realise that you've pushed yourself to hard and that you need to take a break for a day and let all your muscles relax and recover. DON"...

Uptaps 10 day Challenge

Challenge • 6 takers

Using whatever height step or chair u can manage complete: 500 Uptaps on each leg in 10 days - total 1,000 Uptaps. This should be done in sets of 10 each leg as a minimum. Rest as required.

Eat a salad for lunch every day this week

Challenge • 34 takers

This is the perfect time of year to set the intention to eat more greens every day! Green vegetables are nutritional powerhouses. They are high in calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, the latter of which can prevent cardiovascular disease, protect again...

Ashtanga Yoga - Jump Through

Challenge • 18 takers

The pathway from the standing sequence into Dandasana requires the application of the first jumping Vinyasa of Ashtanga Yoga. Once you can complete a clean jump through ending in a float you can consider this challenge completed Check out: http://www.youtub...

20 Swivel Squats (10 each side, 7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 15 takers

Stand with your feet hip-width apart &extend your arms straight out in front of you. Bend your knees & sit back until your legs are bent; make sure to keep your knees from extending over your toes.(A) Press back to a standing position as you rotate your tor...

10 Curtsy Lunges with Front Raise (10 each side, 7 times ...

Challenge • 14 takers

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, holding a dumbbell in your left hand & resting your right hand on your hip. Take a giant step back & to the right with your left leg.(A) Bend your knees & lower your hips toward the floor until your right thigh is pa...

Nothing bad for 2 weeks

Challenge • 18 takers

Nothing that can be considered unhealthy or processed for the next 2 weeks non of the Deadly C's cake,chocolate,candy,cookies, Chips, Coffee(unless black) No fizzy drinks Just pure clean eating

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