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Zumba Fitness Classes.

Challenge • 9 takers

Let's have some fun. This Challenge is for 90 days. Get your games or DVDs and let's have some fun.


Challenge • 30 takers

Step 13 in building your running distance. Run 12 Miles without walking. After completion move onto Part 14 - 13.1 Miles - The Half Marathon

20 burpees a day for 7 days

Challenge • 30 takers

20 burpees a day for one week - 7 days ! do them all at once (great cardio for beginners) or spread out over the day. which ever makes you more motivated to take this challenge :)

Cycle 400kms in ONE SINGLE DAY

Challenge • 3 takers

I will be cycling from London to Newquay in a single day on June 22nd as part of my 'Luke Learns to Surf' Adventure. After Cycling non stop 400kms from my house in London all the way down to Towan beach in Cornw...

Work your whole body 3 times a week

Challenge • 8 takers

10 reps of each exercise, then reapeat 5 times. Adjust weight for yourself. Make it a challenge! Deadlifts, benchpress, upright rows, hammer curls, weighted lunges (10 per leg), kickbacks, bent over rows, squats, out front raises and side raises (together)...

Eat three different colored vegetables for a week!

Challenge • 9 takers

Who wants to eat vegetables? Sometimes it is very hard to sneak in vegetables, especially different colored vegetables. But research has shown eating more vegetables helps you lose weight, go to the restroom easier, gives you more energy and is just downrig...

Sit straight for a week!

Challenge • 13 takers

A lot of the times it is easy to be lazy and have bad posture. You start to slouch or lean forward when you are sitting and this is really harmful for your back overtime. So the challenge is to always sit straight! This does not mean sit uncomfortably when...

Run with your bike

Challenge • 1 taker

When you're out cycling and you get the dreaded puncture. Instead of repairing the punture there and then, run back home with your bike.

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