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Ben More epic

Challenge • 2 takers

This challenge is to walk/run up Ben More on the Isle of Mull, but without using any motorised transport to get to its base. So a run/walk/cycle from Craignure to the base of Ben More in Dhiseig, followed by the ascent of the munro itself. Can be done over...

Run 2 miles in 13 minutes or less

Challenge • 9 takers

Running is one of the best ways to increase your endurance and cardiovascular health. This challenge is made to push yourself to increase your speed in running. I'll be there with you every step of the way to give encouragement and help you obtain this goal...

One-leg pelvic raises (10 reps on each leg, 7 times in 2 ...

Challenge • 18 takers

Why? These tone the muscles in the butt and the back of the thighs. How? Lie on your back, arms by your sides, palms up, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Lift your right leg. Push your left heel into the ground, clench your butt and lift your hips. ...

Get some big air - On camera

Challenge • 3 takers

This is a pretty easy going snowboarding Challenge encouraging you to go big (or go home). Get some air and film it, then share it with us on Tribesports.

2 Weeks without sweets and bread!

Challenge • 21 takers

Avoid all foods and drinks that contain added sugar. Cakes, pastries, puddings, gelatins, soft drinks and some fruit juices are prime diet items to avoid.

Dumbbell Overhead Press (25 reps, 10 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 13 takers

Grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them just outside your shoulders with your palms facing each other (a). Press the weight over-head until your arms are completely straight (b). Pause, then slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position. Source: ...

Cycling to Volcán Barva

Challenge • 1 taker

Climb the Barva Volcano from San Jose in less than 5 hours(plus than 50 km)

Pure strength

Challenge • 7 takers

A good indicator of strength is the total weight you are able to lift as a 1rm on the 3 core lifts. an elite strength athelete will be able to complete 500lb deadlift (225kg) 400lb squat (181kg) 300lb bench (136kg)

A Gallon A Day!

Challenge • 13 takers

Drink a gallon of water a day until summer to help your body!

Spring Fling

Challenge • 5 takers

Warm Up: Stretch & Breathe, Jumping Jacks and Shake it Loose! See Rules 1. 25 Chin Ups 2. 25 Pull Ups 3. 20 Spider Crawl Push Ups 4. 12 Lateral Push Ups 5. 5 Muay Thai Push Ups 6. 25 Hanging Knee Raises 7. 25 Seated Leg Tucks 8. 25 Toe Touches ...

Our Man Flint

Challenge • 13 takers

In the 1966 movie Derek Flint would relax by ‘levitating’ between two chairs. To complete this challenge simply lie between two chairs with your head on the seat of one and your heals on the seat of the other, like our man Flint. Hold for 60 seconds

My Top Secret Way to Run Faster - 1 Month Challenge

Challenge • 3 takers

At the start of the month time youself over a known 1 mile or 1.5 Mile course. Write it down. Every time you run put in a series of 5 - 8 'Twenty Fours'. Run Faster and count every pace one-two-three-four twenty times (80 paces in total). Your best effo...

Dive an Aquarium

Challenge • 4 takers

Lots of people dive in the Ocean or in a lake or spring.....this challenge is to dive in an aquarium where the water is calm and the sea life abundant. Try the Georgia Aquarium with whale sharks or the Florida Aquarium in Tampa or one in Las Vegas or Sydne...

Green Tea for a Week

Challenge • 35 takers

Drink one cup of green tea for a week. Can be at any point in the day. No sugar added! Varying flavors of green tea are ok though.

'Epic Fail' repeat to failure on four different exercise...

Challenge • 14 takers

As we all know its only when we push ourselves a little bit that we get any results, failure being one of the four principles of training and all that... So here is the challenge, and its simple. Pick four of the following exercises: Push ups Sit ups/Cru...

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