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Run your first 10k

Challenge • 2440 takers

Running a 10k is an excellent distance goal for new and intermediate runners. The 10k (6.2 miles) is a great milestone for any runner to have achieved. Hitting it will allow you to feel confident enough to participate to run 5k and 10k races to improve your...

Ten push ups

Challenge • 1824 takers

This a challenge for those who struggle a bit with push ups! It may not be many but for some of you out there it ten proper press ups is an achievements!

Core Workout everyday for 7 days

Challenge • 4679 takers

Test your abs, arms, glutes and core with the Core Workout! This Challenge is designed to improve your muscular endurance in your core muscles. Do this workout everyday for 7 days :

30 Day Plank Challenge - From 20 Sec to 5 Mins!

Challenge • 5451 takers

This challenge will help you to hold the plank pose from 20 seconds to 5 minutes in 30 days! Plank exercises are a popular element of isometric training, which involves contracting your muscles against stationary resistance. It will work you upper abs, your...

Run your first 5k

Challenge • 1791 takers

Running a 5k is an excellent goal for new runners, and a great entry point distance into what can seem like a daunting sport. The 5k (3.1 miles) is the perfect distance for first-timers - and is a great milestone for any runner to have achieved. Start incr...

Oooooh, fruity!

Challenge • 3402 takers

Eat a piece of fruit, everyday for 30 days! Most people will be able to do this easy, but for those people that need to get themselves into a good habit, take this challenge, and eat a piece of fruit everyday for 30 days!

Lose a stone in weight

Challenge • 3955 takers

Losing a stone in weight isn't necessarily for everyone, but if you know you are carrying some excess weight (more than a stone), you should be aiming to burn fat and lose a stone as a good target. Take it steady and dont't resort to drastic changes tha...

30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge

Challenge • 4970 takers

Tone up your abs, thighs and butt with this 30 day fitness challenge that will boost your overall fitness! Squat exercises effectively work and engage the core muscles of the body (including the muscle groups of the butt, hips and thighs). Crunches are e...

Complete 50 squats without stopping

Challenge • 2021 takers

Put your endurance to the test and aim to complete 50 reps of one of the best bodyweight exercises around. Maintain good form and a steady tempo throughout and don't rest of re-adjust your feet until you have done 50. On every rep your bum must come past...

Exercise every day for a month

Challenge • 3845 takers

To complete this challenge, you will need to exercise every single day for one month. You can start on whatever day you want, but you must keep going for exactly one calendar month, so if you start on March 3rd, you will have to exercise on each day up to...

Run your first half marathon

Challenge • 2225 takers

Running a half marathon is a great distance target for intermediate runners to aim for, either as a goal in itself or as a stepping stone before a longer term target of a full marathon. Experienced runners can also use running a half marathon as trainin...

Hold the Bridge Position for 1 Minute Daily for 7 Days

Challenge • 3371 takers

The bridge exercise is a great way to isolate and strengthen the glutes, hamstrings and core. Done correctly, the bridge exercise helps improve core stability by strengthening the abdominal muscles and those of the lower back and hip. Bridge workouts fun...

No sugar in your tea or coffee for a week.

Challenge • 1923 takers

For a period of one week avoid adding sugar or sweeteners to your hot drinks. A recent study in America has likened sugar to poison for the effect it has on our bodies over time. Kick the sweet stuff into touch! Start with small steps, knocking sugar on ...

Run a 5k in less than 25 mins

Challenge • 2341 takers

Improve your fitness, pace and race performance by aiming to run 5k in less than 25 minutes. Challenge yourself to reduce how long it take you to run 5k and achieve your first sub 25 minute time.

Go Running in the Rain

Challenge • 1702 takers

It is very easy to put off the scheduled run because it starts to rain – but until you have done it you don’t know what you are missing. Get out there and savour this life giving element.

Hold the plank pose for 5 minutes

Challenge • 3292 takers

This is a challenge for those of you looking to put your abdominal strength to the test. The plank pose is a great exercise to work those abdominal muscles and will build endurance in your back and stabilizer muscles –Check this site out

Go for an Evening Run

Challenge • 1409 takers

Any distance, any time, just simply go for an evening run and enjoy it!

The Fast Food Challenge

Challenge • 2578 takers

You see challenges such as no chocolate for a month, no alcohol for four weeks... well how about no fast food for a month! that includes McD, KFC, Burger King etc etc. thats all the food n drinks n includes salads that you may buy. Are you able to say no ...

Saturday Morning Run

Challenge • 1668 takers

Saturday mornings didn't used to exist: they were a time for sleeping in and maybe doing some shopping and getting a nice brunch. The challenge is simple: go for a run on Saturday morning! It can be any distance, terrain or effort level, just so long as it...

get your body fat below 15%

Challenge • 2906 takers

Get that body fat % down and get lean. Lean is quick! Getting your body fat percentage below 15% is a good step in the direction of being really lean. Through whichever means you choose, aim to reduce your fat to a point where only 15 per cent of your bo...

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