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Do your own sprint triathlon every day for five days in a...

Challenge • 4 takers

To complete this challenge, you need to complete the distances of a sprint triathlon every day for five consecutive days. That means a 750 meter (0.47 mile) swim, a 20 kilometer (12 mile) bike and a 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) run every day for each of the five...

Be involved in organising a sporting event

Challenge • 4 takers

We all participate in organised events regularly but to appreciate exactly what is involved in organising a sporting event, volunteer to help run one. This involves time, commitment, organisation and communication skills as well as teamwork and patience. I...

4 weeks kettlebells, calisthenics & core workout plan

Challenge • 3 takers

A few years ago I used to work out with the PumpOne “Fitness Builder” iPhone app. This is a table of my training plan using single workouts and workout plans from that app, almost a different workout in the whole 4 weeks exept for a few days. In the c...


Challenge • 15 takers

This challenge is to help motivate & keep you going for a month. If you are not ready for the month challenge try out the one week challenge here ---> Please when you come...

50 Pistol Squats each day for 30 days

Challenge • 3 takers

Do 25 Pistol Squats on each leg for 30 days straight. For those who find strict pistol squats difficult to do, may do assisted pistol squats. You need not do all 25 reps in one set (of course, those who can afford may do it). These can be broken into sets,...

Walk 2 miles TODAY

Challenge • 8 takers

If you have conquered the 'Walking 1 mile today challenge', and the 'Walk 1.5 miles today' challenge, why not give this one a try!? Simply walk 2 miles TODAY !

Male V Female individual Half Marathons events run (21km) #2

Challenge • 7 takers

Half Marathoners unite here! This is round 2 !( Well done girls - first round!) The aim is for you to "Hit Take" then at some stage go and run your own registered for Half marathon event(s) of 21km. Come back triumphant and log in your medal (run!) t...

Walk 200 KM In 1 Month

Challenge • 10 takers

Walk a total of 200 km ( 124.27 miles ) in a month (30 days)! Have fun. Enjoy the breeze, the air, and relax! Or power walk your way to 200 km or more! :-)

Dirty Dozen Body Toner (7 days)

Challenge • 15 takers

Follow the workout in the picture for 7 days. Any variation of the workouts is accepted (for example, side plank, reverse plank, wall push ups, knee push ups, etc).

Sculpting Sexy Arms (10 days in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 9 takers

Using any size dumbbells you want, do the following for 10 days: 15 Standing V-Raises (as shown in challenge picture) 15 Shoulder Presses 10 Renegade Rows

Hold it!

Challenge • 10 takers

Choose any 3 of these exercises 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Bridge, plank, side plank, raised plank, reverse plank, Spiderman plank, TRX plank, wall squat, one legged wall squat, squat sit and Superman Week 1: 1 min Week 2: 1:30 Week 3: 2 min Week 4:...

Beachbody's Insanity, The Asylum

Challenge • 5 takers

Looking for a challenge? Try one of the Beachbody programs for a month. I am looking to break the plateau, and although it makes me a bit nervous, I will post transformation pictures weekly after I begin my program. I look forward to the motivation this ch...

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