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30 Sit Ups a day for 7 Days

Challenge • 22 takers

Do 30 Sit Ups a day for 7 Days. This is a great follow up challenge after finishing the 15 Sit Ups a Day Challenge.

Corrective stretching for results

Challenge • 1 taker

Corrective stretching: Fixing bad posture! Stretch stronger muscles so weaker ones get a better workout!! > Kneck - good to stretch all Front Delts - Rear Delts Chest (Upper, Middle OR Lower Pecs)- Inner Back Lats and side of body (left or right side...

Get your Age Grading W.A.V.A above 60%.

Challenge • 6 takers

Age grading is a way to adjust an athlete’s performance according to age and gender. The age-grading tables were developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes. To achieve this challenge get your WAVA above 60% in the distance of your choice. ...

A step closer to a balanced diet

Challenge • 4 takers

This challenge is to simply add a seed to your diet for three months, this can be in rice, salad, homemade bakes and so forth. Good luck and well done for choosing a healthier diet.

One Song Workout - Happy by Pharrell Williams (10 times i...

Challenge • 5 takers

Play the song, do the workout. Do this one song workout 10 times in 2 weeks before hitting Complete. 30x Jumping Jacks 50x Russian Twists 10x Body Weight Squats 20x Crunches 5x Squat Jumps 15sec Superman 30x Jumping Jacks 5x Burpees If you c...

Team Parkrun challenge 2

Challenge • 7 takers

Another team Park run challenge to add a different element to your weekly runs and participation on Tribesports. Here we will between us try to finish in all the positions from 1st to 500th (to be agreed) when completing an official park run. Obviously t...


Challenge • 16 takers

This challenge is for beginner, intermediate or experienced runner, in other words, everybody :)) Why, quite simply, review your end of year training total, however large or small, and attempt to beat it the following year. CHALLENGE YOURSELF Start ...

Team Parkrun challenge

Challenge • 10 takers

There are quite a few individual Park Run (Parkrun) challenges. This is a team event but instead of combined distance it will be for number of different venues competed in. From the point you take this challenge you can add any new venue not already run b...

Row The Cross-Team Challenge For Tribesports

Challenge • 2 takers

The Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge is a monthly contest between indoor rowing teams around the world. To encourage participation, this challenge is to take part in the CTC for the Tribesports team on one occasion. For more details on the CTC and how to ...

Stationary cycling 3 times a week for 3 months

Challenge • 3 takers

Cycle 3 times a week for 20 minutes per session including a 5 minute warm up. Alternate intervals of 8 seconds high intensity with 12 seconds low intensity exercise. Do this for 3 months (12 weeks). Why is high intensity best weight loss exercise? -Improv...

Partner Plank Taps - 7 times / 14 days

Challenge • 2 takers

A great exercise to help get your other half more active !! Both get into a plank position, heads facing each other. Switch on the core by drawing the belly button towards your spine as both of you reach with your right hands to tap the hand of your partn...

Find 1000 Geocaches

Challenge • 0 takers

So maybe you completed the "find 10 or 100 geocaches challenge? Are you ready for the next step? Lets find 500! Geocahing is a great way to go out and explore the place you live, or get you going on long hikes, bikerides or even runs. As allways, take care...

Swim the English Channel in 8 weeks

Challenge • 1 taker

You've done the challenge, but you're not quite ready for the challenge yet... Get cl...

Concept 2 Holiday Challenge 2014

Challenge • 6 takers

The Holiday Challenge 2014 is a challenge organised by Concept 2 to encourage participants to row 100km or 200km between November 27th and December 24th. There is also a charitable aspect to this, with C2 donating money to charity based on the number of me...

30 day HIIT or Tabata Challenge!!

Challenge • 2 takers

Adding intervals to your routine is an excellent way to burn additional calories in a short amount of time. Studies confirm that after High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) your body will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours at an increased rate....

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