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Say No To Soft Drinks!

Challenge • 1255 takers

Say no to soft drinks (carbonated sweetened or unsweetened drinks) for one complete month. Cold drinks add lot of sugar to the body without having any nutritional value. It depletes body of precious calcium reserve, can lead to osteoporosis. It has ve...

Five Push Ups

Challenge • 715 takers

This a challenge for those who struggle a lot with push ups! It may not be many but for some of you out there it five proper press ups is an achievements! This is a step towards to the ten push up challenge.

Run a half marathon in less than 2:00hrs

Challenge • 1428 takers

For me running my first half marathon was all about getting around the gruelling 13.1 miles without stopping and of course not coming last – which thankfully I didn’t! But now I’m ready to work harder and improve my performance.....This challenge is for eve...

100 crunches in a row

Challenge • 940 takers

This is the first step to that washboard stomach you've been dreaming of! Remember to use good form, don't lift your lower back off the floor and always stretch out afterwards. Any form of crunch is allowed, why not try do it as many ways as possible? If ...

One hundred push-ups

Challenge • 1853 takers

100 push ups in one go is probably the best known push up challenge to fitness enthusiasts, but it is rare to find someone who is able to complete it with proper push up form on every rep. Work towards completing this challenge by slowly increasing your...

Hold the plank pose for 3 minutes

Challenge • 1344 takers

Planking for 3 minutes is a pretty tough challenge. This exercise will start to really put your abdominal endurance to the test, and is a good target to set yourself if you can already hold the plank for 1.5 minutes or two minutes. Ensure that you are p...

Ride your bike outside for 1 hour

Challenge • 825 takers

Spring, summer and fall are coming and you like to do a lot of recreational cycling. Why not start today? Cycle away from you home for half an hour, than cycle back. A good first ride to start the season.

The 12 days of Fitness

Challenge • 1766 takers

Just like the Christmas song, the 12 days of fitness is an accumulating Challenge in which you start day 1 with 1 exercise and finish on day 12 with a circuit of 12 exercises! 1st Day of fitness: 1 minute plank 2nd Day of fitness: 2 minute wall squat 3...

Treat yourself to a good night's sleep!

Challenge • 825 takers

Training Hard? Working Hard? Playing Hard? So here's a challenge that all sportspeople could benefit from on occasion. A really good night's sleep. You'll know the best way to ensure that you are able to sleep - chances are if you're training regular...

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Challenge • 1079 takers

One of the most recognised yoga poses, hold the pose for three minutes, then rest and bring yourself down into childs pose. Detailed description and video can be found at

No pizza for a month

Challenge • 1058 takers

Whether it is stone baked, take away, home made, has loads of vegetables on it, just one slice.... If it is pizza it must not pass your lips for a month

20 crunches a day for 7 days

Challenge • 1175 takers

Saw a gap in the challenge list between 10 and 50 crunches, if like me you are a little way off 50, try this

30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 days per week for 4 weeks

Challenge • 1134 takers

This is for anyone just getting started! Three days is a great place to begin. Work at a moderate pace for you. You should be breathing hard, but still able to carry on a conversation. Could be walking, running, biking, rollerblading, skating, snowshoei...

Hold Plough Pose For One Minute

Challenge • 1046 takers

From shoulder stand, exhale bend from the hip joints and slowly lower your toes to the floor above beyond your head. As much as possible, keep your torso perpendicular to the floor and your legs fully extended.

Upright Back

Challenge • 1457 takers

This is a simple exercise to strengthen your back and give you a proper body posture. Correcting your posture early on in life can prevent injuries and aches and pains later in life that are usually cause by bad posture, particularly in the back, hips a...

Get Stretched

Challenge • 1254 takers

Lower Body Stretch - 11.5 minutes Complete all of the following: - Sitting Hamstring stretch 30 seconds each side x 2 - Standing reach to floor through legs 30 seconds x 3 - Crescent lunge - 30 seconds each side x 2 - Bridge - 1 min - Foot to hand ...

Run 1.5 miles in 10 minutes

Challenge • 1208 takers

A 1.5 mile run is often used as a test of fitness and in almost all physical fitness tests for organisations from the police to the special forces. The challenge is to run 1.5 miles outside, this is a minimum distance of 2.41 in km, in under 10 minutes. You...

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