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Run a 10k in less than 50 mins

Challenge • 899 takers

10km is one of the standard race distances and benchmarks to measure yourself as a runner. Completing it in under 50 mins is a great target for someone of average fitness or who is fairly new to running.

8 minute wall squat

Challenge • 1322 takers

The wall squat is a great exercise to strengthen the legs and buttocks and is often used as training for skiers and power-lifters. This is a brilliant exercise to do on the go, few spare minuted in a lift or watching TV and fancy a stretch out during the ad...

Exercise before 8am every day for 7 days

Challenge • 1076 takers

Sounds easy, but get up and exercise (whatever it is) before 8am every day for 7 days in a row - might be easy on commute days, but can you do it at the weekend too? Use this challenge to motivate you to get into a morning exercise routine!

Hold the plank pose for 2 minutes

Challenge • 684 takers

This is a challenge for those of you looking to put your abdominal strength to the test. The plank pose is a great exercise to work those abdominal muscles and will build endurance in your back and stabilizer muscles Hold the plank for 2 minutes or longer m...

Do 30 Jump Squats in 1 minute

Challenge • 879 takers

This is a great way to strengthen, tone, and increase lean muscle on your legs. perform a normal squat, then as you rise jump in the air as high as you can. Make sure when you land you are landing on the balls of your feet first, not flat footed or landing...

Get back into Swimming

Challenge • 935 takers

No time, no distance. Just swim! If like me you're not the strongest swimmer and seem to find every excuse under the sun not to go, this is the challenge for you! This challenge is not about time or distance it's simply about encouraging you to get b...

7 Consecutive Days Without Alcohol

Challenge • 454 takers

7 Consecutive days without a drop of alcohol passing your lips! You have to post a start date and time when you decide to activate this challenge and then re-post finish date and time on completion of this challenge Good luck!

20 push-ups every day for a month

Challenge • 1116 takers

If you are fairly new to push-ups and have just managed to hit the twenties with the achievement of 20 push ups in a row, the next step is to aim for consistency to improve. This push up challenge is more of a marathon than a sprint and requires consistent...

Hand balancing(Crane pose) for 30 seconds

Challenge • 1083 takers

A good challenge to strengthen your abdomen, arms and wrist. 1. Put your hands flat on ground. Lift your heels and start shifting your weight on hands. 2. Lift your legs and keep balancing and keep balancing on your hands. Breathe in and out regularly ...

Cobra Pose

Challenge • 571 takers

Lie prone on the floor. Stretch your legs back, tops of the feet on the floor. Spread your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Hug the elbows back into your body. Press the tops of the feet and thighs and the pubis firmly into the floor. On an inha...

20 chin-ups in one go

Challenge • 1017 takers

Chin ups are a fantastic exercise for building strength and muscle in the arms and back, as well as being possibly the best abs exercise available to you. When you are looking for a really hard challenge, try to do 20 all in one go without dropping off the...

Camel Pose

Challenge • 730 takers

This is a very deep back bend which is performed in a kneeling position. As a stretch it opens the whole of the front of the body, including the hip flexors and pectoral muscles. The posture improves core strength, spinal, hip and shoulder flexibility and s...

Hold the superman position for 30 seconds

Challenge • 482 takers

This exercise helps to strengthen the lower back, butt, and hamstrings. Lay on the floor facing down with your arms straight out in front of you. With a very small movement, lift your head and feet off the ground. This should be just enough to have you bala...

Try a sport you've never done before

Challenge • 774 takers

It's easy to slip into the same routine - hockey training on a Tuesday, match at the weekend. Gym on Thursday if you can face it. Maybe - just maybe, a jog round the common on Monday night. But there are so many sports out there! Why not take this cha...

Do 500 push ups in a month

Challenge • 777 takers

A fairly forgiving accumulator challenge for beginners at push ups. Completing this challenge will require the challenger to complete an average of 16 push ups a day. If you miss a day you can always make up the difference on another day, get up to 500 i...

Single-Leg Bridge

Challenge • 783 takers

* Lying on your back, place your right foot on the floor and straighten your left leg. * Lift your bottom off the floor. * Keep your hips level and your knees together. * Lower your bottom to the floor, without resting on the ground. * Complete one set ...

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