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Challenge • 9 takers

This challenge is for beginner, intermediate or advanced Elliptical trainers, in other words everybody :) Review your end of year training total, however large or small, and attempt to beat it the following year. CHALLENGE YOURSELF Start Date 1st Jan...

Run 1600m in less than 5 minutes 45 seconds

Challenge • 4 takers

It's not always easy to find an organised mile race or measure it out yourself accurately so this challenge is aimed at track runners. Complete 4 laps of the track (total=1600m) in under 5 minutes 45 seconds.

Eat 1 Fruit & 1 Vegetable Every Day For 365 Days

Challenge • 7 takers

This Challenge is for anyone who has a difficult time trying to get in any fruits and veggies. Make sure you eat 1 fruit & 1 veggie a day every day for 365 days (1 year) ..This is just a stepping stone for those who have trouble. If you enjoy fruits and veg...

Sat on a computer? Strengthen your posture with these exe...

Challenge • 4 takers

Sat on a computer? No.1 cause for bad posture! Lets correct this devil. You are only required to do 1 rep of each exercise, but can do more if you wish! Check out my corrective stretching challenge as it helps with posture too! Reverse plank - tense buttoc...

Eat 2 Fruits & 2 Vegetables Ever Day For 365 Days

Challenge • 8 takers

This challenge is for the group of people that know they eat fruits & veggies and have no problem with getting them into their diets. Eat 2 fruits & 2 vegetables each day for 365 days. Good luck!!! And please read rules!

Work your abs every day for 12 Months ( 1 Year ) . At lea...

Challenge • 4 takers

This challenge is and upgrade from the 2 month challenge ---> Any kind of ab exercise is aloud. Crunches ,Russian Twists, Planks ( Any) , Sit-Ups....if it's working your ...

1 Week Infused Water Challenge

Challenge • 5 takers

This detox, energy drink stimulates the metabolism, helps with losing weight and gives a lot of energy. The best thing is that you can prepare in just a few minutes. Ingredients: 2 apples, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1l of water. Wash apples, cut into thin slices, a...

Lose Weight - At least 1 pound a month for 6 months.

Challenge • 13 takers

Whether is's 1 pound or 20 pounds. You're goal for this challenge is to lose weight for 6 months straight. Smallest amount your aloud to lose in each month is 1 pound equaling to a grand total of 6 lbs in 6 months....State your start date and end date also...

365 Days of 100 Reps Of Any Kind of Exercises You Can Do

Challenge • 3 takers

This challenge is an upgrade from the 100 days challenge -----> Choose any exercise and as many different exercises you want each day for 365 days . Do 100 reps of each e...

Interval Training (twice a week/1 month)

Challenge • 2 takers

Strength training is key for building lean muscle, revving up your metabolism and for making you feel strong, athletic. On the other hand, conditioning is critical for fat loss, heart health, blood pressure and for improving your physique.When strength-base...

Burpee Christmas Experience

Challenge • 10 takers

Starts: 1st December (or first of any month). You will start with 1 burpee for day 1 then add a burpee for each day. Day 3 will be 3 burpees, day 31 will be 31 burpees, and you guessed it…

14 Days Lean Legs Challenge

Challenge • 7 takers

Day 1 - 10 sec Hight Knees, 15 Calf Raises, 20 Sumo Squats Day 2 - 15 HK, 20 CR, 25 SS Day 3 - 20 HK, 25 CR, 30 SS Day 4 - REST DAY Day 5 - 25 HK, 30 CR, 35 SS Day 6 - 30 HK, 35 CR, 40 SS Day 7 - 35 HK, 40 CR, 45 SS Day 8 - REST DAY Day 9 - 40 HK, 4...

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