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Daily One Minute Yoga Poses For 7 Days

Challenge • 10 takers

Do the following yoga poses for each day as indicated below for 1 minute: Previous poses from other challenges do not count, Sunday: Downward Dog Monday: Tree Pose (1 min ea leg) Tuesday: Seated Twist (1 min ea side) Wednesday: Triangle (1 min. e...

Daily 100 Rep Cardio Workout (No burpees)!

Challenge • 7 takers

Do the following exercises for each day as indicated below. Previous reps from other challenges do not count. May break into smaller sets throughout the day. Sunday: 100 mountain climbers (l&r=1) Monday: 100 side skaters (l&r=1) Tuesday: 100 squat...

Do your physiotherapy

Challenge • 6 takers

A challenge designed to motivate anyone undergoing physiotherapy to continue, including attending appointments with your physiotherapist and doing any recommended exercises at home. Challenge complete when discharged from physiotherapy services. If you hav...

Daily One Minute Static Hold Workout

Challenge • 9 takers

Hold the daily pose for 1 minute as indicated below. Exercises from other challenges do not count. Sunday : 1 minute elbow plank Monday : 1 minute wall squat Tuesday: 1 minute bridge Wednesday: 1 minute side plank ( 30 sec each side) Thursday: ...

Go for an Electronicly Naked run at least once a week

Challenge • 8 takers

Get out and go for a run, with just your clothes, shoes and glasses if you need them, complete minimum NONE OF THIS STUFF: Music Watches Phones Monitors of any kind Even leave your keys at home if you can. Just get out, listen to your feet crush...

Daily 100 Reps Workout

Challenge • 12 takers

Do 100 reps of each of the following daily exercise for 1 week. Previous reps from other challenges do not count. May break into smaller sets throughout the day. Sunday: 100 Squats (Any) Monday: 100 Crunches (Any) Tuesday: 100 Push Ups (Any) Wedn...

No meat Mondays and Thursdays

Challenge • 12 takers

Simple no meat, poultry, fish, or seafood for 4 weeks on Mondays and Thursday. Nuts, eggs, beans, veggies are fine.

Skate a Marathon

Challenge • 5 takers

Strap on some skates and take to the track to join me in skating a marathon! 26 miles. Roller skates. Feeling the wind in your hair as you whizz around an outdoor track. What could be better?

Melbourne Marathon 2014

Challenge • 4 takers

The Melbourne Marathon is Australia's largest road race with over 8,000 entrants last year. The Half Marathon had over 11,000 entrants. Run through the streets of picturesque Melbourne which has been voted one of the worlds most livable cities. Distances...

30 Scissor Kick Crunches (10 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 16 takers

Managed 25 scissor kick crunches already ( Can you make it for 30? Why not take a challenge and try 30 scissor kick crunches 10 times in 2 weeks? (left and right = 1 rep) How...

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