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10 Running Rows (7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 7 takers

Watch this clip on how to perfectly perform this exercise. Do 10 on one side and then switch ;-)  This one really tests your balance ;-)

10 side crunch hammer curls (7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 11 takers

watch this clip on how to perfectly perform this exercise. Do 10 on one side and then switch ;-)

Crunches challenge: 300 crunches a day for 3 weeks

Challenge • 14 takers

Crunches are a great way to tone your abs, especially when combined with diet and aerobic exercise. The challenge is to do 300 crunches a day, every day, for 3 week. All varieties of crunches count towards the total. Time to get those abs

Fish (30 seconds, 7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 18 takers

Lie down with your hands under your bottom, palms down. Draw your shoulder blades together.Bend your arms as you lift your chest and head up.  Gently lower your head down onto the ground - you shouldn't feel any tension or pressure on the neck or head. ...

get your first Skin the Cat Gymnast move

Challenge • 3 takers

This will be one of a few challenges i put up for this exercise as after seeing it online and practicing its has made me realize just how tough a move this is. This move can be done on both a straight bar and gymnast rings but i will be doing it on a bar ...

Sitting Leg Stretch (30 seconds each side, 7 times in 2 w...

Challenge • 20 takers

Sit with your legs as wide apart as is comfortable keeping your spine straight. Toes and kneecaps should be pointing up. Lift your arms out-stretched to shoulder height. Breathing out, fold your body to the left, chest facing forward. Put your left hand...

Tipover Tuck (30 seconds, 7 times in 2 weeks)

Challenge • 10 takers

Targets:hamstrings, lower back, chest, & shoulders Stand with your feet hips-width distance apart.Inhale to interlace your hands behind you, pressing the heels of your palms together in a double fist.As you exhale,fold forward at the hips.Keep your legs st...


Challenge • 12 takers

Spread them out over the # of days or simply do them all at once. Your choice.

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