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Swapportunity (7 Day Challenge)

Challenge • 5 takers

For 7 days swap out (1) non-healthy food item for a healthy one. For example toss aside those chips and repalce them with an apple. Good Luck!

Beyond the Ultimate Mountain Ultra

Challenge • 1 taker

The worlds first & only Self-Sufficient Multi-Stage Mountain Ultra The Ultimate Mountain Ultra, a 220km multi-stage event over the infamous Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA. The race takes a rugged tour of some of the wildest and most remote regions in Co...

Follow the bananas and milk diet for 2 days

Challenge • 5 takers

The bananas and milk diet can kick start a diet. Follow for one, two or three days. Check out the background to this diet, which dates from the 1930s.

Marshall / Stewart a running event

Challenge • 1 taker

You cant play football without refs/umpires and you cant run races without stewarts and marshalls. Are you involved in helping share this load?

Back to back or back to bed?

Challenge • 5 takers

Summer. If you didn't go out early enough there's a serious risk of burning out.. So, it's early morning running time. How many days in a row can you be outside running before 6am? Three to complete this challenge, but feel free to keep on doing those ...

Yoga Twists for Spine

Challenge • 15 takers Great YouTube video for relaxing the spine. Just did it with my husband bc his back is sore from doing yard work and hedge cutting. He's a bit better :) If he can do it, anyone can do it!!!!

Dance for a month! :)

Challenge • 12 takers

This cumulative challenge is inspired by , with many thanks to @kirstiem . That challenge got to 50,000 minutes! There are 43,200 minutes in a 30-day month: let's see if...

7 Minutes Weight Loss BURPEES Challenge.

Challenge • 30 takers

This is a burpees challenge over a periode of one month. Twice a week do the 7 minutes burpees challenge. Count as many repetition as possible in the 7 minutes. Each time either do the same reps or better it. Boost your metabolism, Kick Start your weigh...

Breakfast smoothie for 7 days

Challenge • 20 takers

Enjoy your breakfast with a big smoothie! Smoothies are easy to make, super healthy and of course very delicious :) If you're new to making smoothies this is how you do it: Good luck!

Drop Soda and Caffeine for three weeks

Challenge • 22 takers

Time to go all clean for a while. Caffeine is acidic, it dehydrates the body and effects the sugar consumption of the body. It also increases the amount of calcium that is flushed out in the urine which is particularly harmful for people suffering from Os...

The 30 Day Push Up Challenge - Log 1000 Push ups!

Challenge • 100 takers

The 30 Day Push Up Challenge is a simple 30-day exercise plan, where you do a set number of push ups each day with a rest day thrown in every 4th day. You start with 10 push ups on Day 1, and slowly increase to a maximum of 70 by Day 30 logging 1000 by comp...

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