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Complete 100 reps per arm dumbbell row today

Challenge • 11 takers

Pick a weight you can do about 20 reps per arm with (for me its 20kg), then alternating arms perform a total of 100 per arm over the course of a day to get a great workout for your middle back, biceps, lats and shoulders. Make sure the bench, chair or d...

20 clamshells for 28 days

Challenge • 11 takers

Lie on your left side with your hips and knees bent 45 degrees. Stack your right leg on top of your left leg, heels together. Keeping your feet together and your bottom leg on the floor, raise your other knee as high as you can without your heels coming apa...

No popcorn for two weeks!!

Challenge • 15 takers

Air popped popcorn that isn't doused in butter can be a healthy snack. Unfortunately, all the varieties at the cinema, and in the grocery stores (toffee, butter, caramel, sugar and salt, sour cream, cheddar etc.) aren't very good for you. Can be ridiculousl...

30 Day Reboot Detox

Challenge • 2 takers

See the group on Facebook. These guys know what they are talking about and give great advice and support. You can find them on Facebook or go to their website:

Core training for martial artists (3 weeks)

Challenge • 6 takers

1 w:3 sets/Reverse Crunch/15 reps 3 sets/Crunch/10 reps 2 sets/Oblique Crunches/15 reps 2 w:3 sets/Reverse Crunch/10 reps 3 sets/Swiss ball Crunch (full range ) 10 reps 2 sets/Woodchop exercise (with cable) 15 reps l&r leg 3 w:3 sets/Reverse Crunch(on...

Man Vs Mountain 4 week training program

Challenge • 19 takers

This is a running schedule which is recommended by the awesome team over at Man Vs Mountain - each week, follow the days and the recommended intensities. Consistency is key so try to stick to the schedule! Official website: http://www.ratracemanvsmountai...

Burn 600 calories today

Challenge • 10 takers

Anyway you want to do it: gym, running, cycling, bodyweight exercises at home, cross channel swimming, whatever. My preference will be a combination of squats, push-ups and kettlebell swings. Good luck.

Howth Escape from Ireland Swim 14th July 2013 1.9km Sea Swim

Challenge • 0 takers

This "Escape From Ireland" event take place in tidal waters with strong currents. It is a challenging swim and should only be attempted by those experienced and confident in their ability to complete it without assistance!

The digital clock challenge for 7 days

Challenge • 12 takers

This is a anywhere workout. A quick routine of exercises, no matter the hour you're starting just look your watch and do the challenge. Finish the first exercise and them do two more.

Backhand Smash

Challenge • 0 takers

Make a score courtesy by your badminton backhand smash!

Go Snorkeling

Challenge • 5 takers

Ditch the scuba gear or don mask, snorkel and fins and go snorkeling for 15 mins!!! Simple eh!

Drink 1.5 Litres of water a day for 2 weeks to re-hydrate...

Challenge • 18 takers

Ok so this one is awesome!... Make sure you drink 2 litres of water every single day for 2 weeks... When you feel hungry, grab a drink, one sign of de-hydration is feeling hungry. Also if you start to feel thirsty then you are already de-hydrated. T...

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