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Complete Blueprint

Challenge • 2 takers

Take, train and complete the program by Arnold Shwarzenegger - Blueprint It is a 56 day program, training 6 days a week. Find the schedule at

Complete 5 Crucifix push ups

Challenge • 1 taker

This is a great and challenging adaptation to the normal press up. It may take a while to do it but it's a great target and can really feel your muscles working. As can be seen in the photo, its a normal press-up position except your arms are as wide as...

Meditate 4 Times a Week for 4 Weeks

Challenge • 10 takers

A more flexible mediation challenge for those who may not be able to meditate daily. Just have a moment to yourself four times a week.

Run 400m in less than 70 seconds

Challenge • 6 takers

Best measured as 1 lap of a standard athletics track, run 400m in less than 70 seconds. This challenge bridges the gap between quicker and slower challenges that currently exist.

Dial It Up Relay

Challenge • 34 takers

Dial It Up Relay: 5 person teams: First to 5000 km! Time to ring up another exciting runner challenge and tribe bonding. Don't miss this!

14 Day Wall Squat Challenge on 1 Leg

Challenge • 6 takers

The wall squat is a great exercise to strengthen the legs and buttocks Put your quadriceps strength/endurance to the test and hold a static (isometric) squat against a wall. To perform a wall squat you need to slide down the wall and ‘sit’ with your knees b...

28 Day Squat Challenge for Beginners

Challenge • 11 takers

The focus should be on fewer, quality reps that will give you the best possible chance of safely getting a toned butt and thighs, along with improving your technique. You will do a different squat variation,the variations get more difficult. Each day has a...

Rise and shine to sweat!

Challenge • 7 takers

Rise and shine at least 30 minutes earlier than normal for 5 days and break a sweat. If you already work out early, still get up 30 minutes sooner to get that extra burn!

Row The Cross-Team Challenge For Tribesports On Twelve Oc...

Challenge • 2 takers

The Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge is a monthly contest between indoor rowing teams around the world. To encourage participation, this challenge is to take part in the CTC in twelve different months for the newly established Tribesports team. For more d...

10 000 step a day for a week

Challenge • 5 takers

Research shows that walking 10,000 steps a day will significantly improve your health. Putting one foot in front of the other can build stamina, burn excess calories and give you a healthier heart. So at your pedometer and walk :-)

Kettlebell Tone Up for a week

Challenge • 5 takers

10 roundaways (around the body) each direction 10 windmills each side 10 squat and press 10 upright rows each arm 10 clean and press each side 10 single leg deadlift and row each side 10 single arm kettlebell swing each arm

Gym 3 Times A Week For 4 Weeks

Challenge • 7 takers

Baby steps for non gym goers that can't do 4 days a week. Go to the gym 3 days a week for 4 weeks. Must spend at least 1 hour and please comment or leave your training session URL to keep track of your progress, days and weeks. If you are ready to mo...

Swim 75km in a Year

Challenge • 4 takers

The most important rule for this is SAFETY FIRST. Can be done in a pool or open water with any stroke. Here are some websites about open water safety if you plan on open water swimming;

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