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New technology

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PulseOn Heart Rate Wristband While companies such as Timex and Sensoria are launching products aimed at introducing novel capabilities or measuring previously mysterious elements of a run, PulseOn is offering an option on the opposite end of the complexi...


Question • 2 answers

I'm not sure I get the challenge, Is it 100 a day for a month or just a 100 in a month?

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the creator's long gone, so Colleens guess is as good as anyone else's. 100 a day for a month sounds like a real challenge, 3 a day doesn't unless you are starting from absolute scratch which I doubt you are. good luck :)



Question • 5 answers

Do you have to be a member of a Tribe to receive a notification sent from a discussion within that Tribe. I am trying to send @ messages to non Tribe members. if anyone not currently in the Virtual Running Waliking Hiking Tribe would like to partake in an...

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I did not know that, I thought if your @ name was typed in you got a message regardless of where that was done.  Good to know!  The event is getting huge now, well done to Kevin for organising!  Roll on Sunday :)


Is this beginning of the end for the TS community?

Topic • 49 replies

I love Tribesports, it has been a huge motivator for me in the last couple of years so it saddens me to ask the question but, are we witnessing the demise of the community? It seems now that there are just a handfull of active users left and with the link...

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Only just seen this thread.  There certainly does seem to have been a shift in focus since I first joined back in spring 2012, which is inevitable really as people's focus and life circumstances change.  Whilst I love the motivation and support that is offe...


Healthy Emotions In Training

Topic • 1 reply

 Sometimes in life circumstances fuel our emotions. At these times if we're not careful, our training regimen can be altered. I'm careful to fulfill my workouts, even when struggling with hurt feelings or struggles. What have you learned in life to stay har...

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I think all of us get derailed from time to time for a host of reasons. I am finially back after getting settling in from my move while still trying to work to jobs. My full time job is extremely stressful and really running allows me to put the day behind...


Strava Global Heatmap

Topic • 0 replies

Strolling through the internet I found this page accidentally and thought it was an interesting find and thought to share with all my TS peeps.. The strava app page has posted an interactive heat map to show locations where people were riding and running. Y...

Inverted Rows - An arm exercise, a back exercise or both?

Question • 5 answers

I did some inverted rows today and some time later it occurred to me that I was mostly using my triceps. As an archer I know that my back muscles are stronger than my arm muscles. Should I have been focusing more on using my back or is this meant to be an...

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Thank you everybody! It's the row with the rings that I was doing and making it more difficult for myself by trying to pull myself up with my arms. Now I can do it properly. :-D


Indoor Rowing Championships

Topic • 5 replies

Indoor rowing championships can be a lot of fun (and pain) and are a great way to meet like-minded individuals.  A short time ago I created a challenge to enter such an event: I am...

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I competed in the Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships at the weekend.  My race report can be found here:


For All The HIIT Lovers - 3 Things to Know Before Doing HIIT

Topic • 9 replies


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If you really want to go Beast Mode, try Tabata training. 20 secs work, 10 secs rest, repeat 8 times for a 4 minute session. You reallly have to go hard as work is only 20 secs at a time. Repeat until collapse! I love Tabata workouts.  I like to base t...


And the Biggest Fitness Trend for 2015 Will Be…

Topic • 22 replies

Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine polls thousands of fitness pros across the world to determine what the biggest workout trends will be. Remember when Zumba took over the internet in 2012? The ACSM totally predicted that. For 2015, however...

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Absolutely! Such a waste of time and effort when you see that happen with ridiculously light weights! Muscle on woman looks completely different, not to mention we just don't have the testosterone to build that way.. Shame the fear attitue some woman ha...


New to the Kelburne 5th XI Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 0 replies

Welcome to the Kelburne 5th XI Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Kelburne 5th XI' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your ...

Egg Salad Variations

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I personally love a good egg salad sandwhich. For those who don't know what it is, a typical sandwhich will have 1-2 hard boiled eggs, mustard, mayo, salt and pepper. You smash that all up in a bowl and put it on your bread. I've had a couple of variations...

how to create a team?

Question • 1 answer

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Looks like you have solved that one by joining an existing team. Welcome to the challenge and good luck, even if you are not on my team :))


Delete or Archive Old Workouts

Topic • 10 replies

There are so many unused workouts, including some of my own. It would be great if we could simply delete one's we're not using anymore. I would mean one's we created ourselves obviously. Also, if a workout hasn't been used by anyone, is a duplicate or has 0...

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On the flip side of this, in an attempt to keep workouts actively used, I wish we could recomend them to our followers like you can reccomend challenges.


Rick's Musings :)

Topic • 7 replies

I will be posting some of my poems here from time to time. :)

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Thanks very much, Nocturnal!! I should have created this discussion a long time ago lol ... I appreciate your compliment on my love of witing in many different styles and topics. :)


Any Runners Out There With CAD?

Topic • 5 replies

A month ago I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). A week later I had stent placement in the main artery to my heart. My cardiologist says I will be able to get back to doing all the activities I used to. This past week I ran two 5k distances n...

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Glen is PSVT a genetic issue or just something that appeared? I happy to hear that you haven't had to have any procedures to date and that exercise and diet helps control episodes. Looks like I will be a regular at the doctor's office from here on out whi...


Has anyone else found that you run faster at night?

Question • 11 answers

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I would imagine it's the same on a bike at night too, especially if you haven't yet read the instructions on your Garmin GPS to know how to turn its light on, so you can't see if you're going fast or not.