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What do you love about running?

Topic • 26 replies

I've been really slacking this month, and I need some inspiration and motivation so I just wanted to talk about our favorite things about running. For me, other than getting fit and healthy of course, it clears my mind. I've never been good at meditating b...

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That is very true, and near to my heart, Hope. My dad is disabled and can't walk very far without crutches. He's my biggest supporter too. so yes, simply the ability to run is something to be very thankful for. 


new to challenges

Question • 3 answers

I assume that you have to do this for the full 7 days before clicking "complete" or do you complete everyday for 7 days?

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Click on the red View rules and related exercises  link at the bottom of each challenge description and it wil give you a bit more information. Good luck and keep taking (and completing) those chalenges!!


Buddy search =P

Question • 7 answers

Anyone interested to take this challenge?? If so, let me know..

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I'll join as well, if I can


Trail Performance Review (and giveaway) from B2R Natural ...

Topic • 1 reply

Check out my review of the new Trail Performance shoe from B2R. Ran my first 50K trail ultra in these.. terrific shoe! And I am giving away 2 pair to to lucky winners. Open to anyone worldwide to enter! Thanks :-)

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Excellent info.


Are you taking Hiking distance too?

Question • 1 answer

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Yes, I certainly am. Thanks for the question I also have a Virtual Running Walking Hiking Tribe that you might want to take a look at.


Logging challenge workouts

Topic • 2 replies

How or where do we log our daily challenge workouts?  

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Thank you - ignore my question asked earlier on :)  


Where is your next 2014 Spartan race and when?

Topic • 12 replies

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining this tribe! So as the title mentions it, where is your next Spartan race,what type is it and when are you participating?

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I just finished 2 Sprints and finish up my Trifecta with the Super in New Jersey and the Beast at the Championships in Vermont.....


New to the Fashion for Fitness Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 20 replies

Welcome to the Fashion for Fitness Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Fashion for Fitness' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself ...

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Hi everyone, have been converted into retail shopping is good, even though I am a bloke. ALways like to hear peoples views on everything, and this tribe gots photo opportunities too. Once back from holiday, will be ordering some new TS kit and will share...


What are you reading at the moment?

Topic • 563 replies

I've just worked my way through Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers Of London and Moon Over Soho.  Fantastic books both, good story line, well written and extremely entertaining! I'm on Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist - a complete change.  Very dark.

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"Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You" by Alice Munro.


Who wants to buddy up with me? - Running/DONE

Question • 3 answers

Looking for a running buddy (beginner).  I currently run 2-3 times a week, maybe 15km in total. 

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Sorry a little behind posting total for the weekend is 16 miles @Loretta  @Brenda @Tamara


Ladies, How Do You Keep Cool When Running On Really Hot Days

Question • 16 answers

Ladies, a question on behallf of my wife who struggles to complete 5-8KM distance runs in hot weather despite wearing appropriate clothing and drinking water etc Any tips, advice or guidance gratefully received

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I wear a light weight tanktop with a bra built in, light weight shorts, hair pulled back and up and carry a water bottle. I know some ladies that wear one of those mini misting fans around their neck when they run.


A fitter body = less awesome boobs

Topic • 15 replies

Anyone else find that when they're working hard on their body and making progress, their boobs start to disappear?? I know that there are workouts that are "supposed" to help- but who are we kidding. It rarely happens. **learning to find happiness, love, an...

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I have actually always had a big chest, so being in my 40s I wouldn't care either way.  I have noticed since doing push ups and chest exercises they are defying gravity...I look a lot better in my bras than I used, lol, I won't complain!


New to the Bromptonites - the tribe for users of the ulti...

Topic • 0 replies

Welcome to the Bromptonites - the tribe for users of the ultimate fold-up bicycle Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Bromptonites - the tribe for users of the ultimate fold-up bicyc...

Are we sure?

Question • 1 answer

I have recently started using Strava, and while I am finding an excellent tool for motivating myself, I am a wee bit concerned about some of the top records that seem to exist? For example there is a climb close to me where the number 1 person was averaging...

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leave it yeaah..  concentrate on ur workout :D