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What bodyweight exercises count?

Question • 5 answers

So pullups I would imagine count, but probably not pushups...

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The rules state clearly NO body weight exercises count. If you want body weight exercises to count - create a new challenge with exactly that!!


how vcan i add my km? imean, i logged added my training s...

Question • 3 answers

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Giovanni, your training will appear on some / many of the challenges, but only those that have automatic calculation will add to the totals. Otherwise, it's taking the previous persons last total and manually adding your activity as Roomi describes.  


how many days do I have to do this workout?

Question • 2 answers

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If you click "view rules", which is on every challenge, you'll find your answer in number one. "You only need to complete the workout just once through in order to complete the Challenge, but the more times you do it, the more benefit there is for you!" ...


Weak Glutes ? Let's get them firing !

Topic • 4 replies

Useful page on how weak gluteal muscles can be a cause of many lower back problems & lower limb injuries. It also suggests how to test for weakness & the most appropriate exercises for developing your maximus, medius & minimus.

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Karen, a greata rticle, thanks for sharing. My new running technique involves using the glutes extensively, so already doing some, but will add others as described Glad you found it interesting Kevin :-)


The Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin (T-Nation Article)

Topic • 4 replies

Have you seen this article?  So steady state cardio is a no no when you want to lose fat and it's even blamed for making the body so efficient that you won't lose any fat, even wors, lose musle and end up flabby.  This is where I panic!  I do steady state...

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I would agree and disagree. I know local people who do 20-23hrs swimming, cycling or running a week and either don't lose weight or gain weight. Personally I think it's down to food. Eating less poor quality carbs (and real food instead) will help lose we...


Constant problems with calf muscles - any advice?

Question • 7 answers

For a few years, I've been having trouble getting into running because almost every time I try, I end up pulling my calf muscles, sometimes to the point that walking will be problematic for a couple of days. I'm beyond fed up with it. Stretching before, dur...

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A pulled calf muscle turned chronic can last for years without proper rehab. At this stage you will have quite a bit of scar tissue that needs to get frictioned off so I would recommend some deep tissue massage and neuromuscular therapy to both break down t...


Kucki's weight loss diary

Topic • 11 replies

My goal weight is 64kg at 1,64m tall.

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75,2 kg, only 100gr this week, but at least still moving in the right direction. Need to drink more water on the weekends. And I am not talking about the big mouthfull of poolwater that I got on sunday.


New Year's Resolutions...or not.

Topic • 5 replies

As 2015 has just started, I was curious to see how many of you do make resolutions at the beginning of the year? Do you have a fitness goal for this year? I would love to hear it!

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Wow!  These are great goals!!  My goal is similar to Kevin's and Vanessa' more healthly and more fit than this past year and keep on toning :)


New to the Thirties! Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 37 replies

Welcome to the Thirties! Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Thirties!' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your fellow Tribe...

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Hey Jas.... being able to love our own body is a bliss....because it gives an accpetance of the present :) Whether you are underweight or skinny or overweight, every inch of you is perfect the way it is :) I hope you enjoy the rest of life feeling blessed...


Are you in?

Topic • 4 replies

Hi Tribesporters. We got just 348 days left to accomplish this. Let's do this together. Promise, you won't regret it!

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Great recruiting Ali =D :D


MapMyTracks Incorrect kms

Question • 2 answers

Just started using apmy tracks to sync my garmin data to TS. However although all the distances are correct on MapmyTracks, when it comes over to TS they are considerably shorter. For instance a 5.5mile run yesterday only shows as around 2k in TS. There...

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Thats what I was trying to avoid as too much hassle much easier if you can just port them over from another site.but looks like Im going to have to if the MapMyTracks to TS link doesn't work properly....


What are your favourite spin tracks?

Question • 1 answer

I have recent got back into spinning and noticed how the matching of the music to the activity (sprint, hill climb, etc.) can either make or ruin a class, this got me wondering what the best tracks. Some of my favourites are: Hill climb - U Can’t Touch Th...

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Totally agree @cheekyelf some of mine are; Turns: Beck-Timebomb. Push ups off handle bars: Basement Jaxx-Red Alert. Hill Climb: Rammstein-Du Hast I'll be trying out your suggestions, love a good hill climb!


Does it count?

Question • 2 answers

I teach a 6am spin class on a Sunday. Does that count towards this challenge, or does it need to be outside?

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Looks like a "yes" then Vylisa .... as long as you have a window that allows you to see the sun rise !


Best squash exercises

Topic • 1 reply

I have been playing squash for quite some years, since 2005. Took lessons from a dutch squash pro to play squash as it should (good form,etc). I find it particully fine to play long rallies along the wall to better my technique. Like to hear what exercices...

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ya i agree.... besides that can also increase your stamina and controlling your breathing while playing.....


Tag Rugby coaching - any suggestions?

Question • 0 answers

I'm going to be starting tag rugby club at my school over the next few weeks, and whilst I think I'm okay at running some basic passing and running drills, and refereeing games, I'm not so sure about teaching more complex drills, or how to give the children...

The 30 Day Squat Challenge

Topic • 36 replies

I made a challenge out of the "30 day squat challenge" that has been going around on the internet. Feel free to share your progress, questions and so on

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on the 3rd day you wont feel nothing me :D its my 3rd today :)