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To train or not to train when you are sick? What do you do?

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  Under the weather? Taking a break from training is the best medicine   Unfortunately, at some point in time we are all struck down with some sort of sickness, from colds, flu, stomach bugs etc, but should we be avoiding our gym workouts while sick? Pe...

Haiku chain game

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Hi everyone,  This is a fun writing game I play at the poetry board I'm an administrator at. Haiku poems are three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables (in case anyone hasn't written them before). Start with the third line of the previous post and write the fina...

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From the long long list so many choices to make with my full proof plan. 


The Cold is coming....The Cold is coming!!!!

Topic • 24 replies

What are you ways of keeping fit in the winter months?     There are plenty of ways to be active in fall and winter, even if the weather turns cold. You can stay in shape and have fun while you're at it. Here are some ideas:   Indoors Go for walks at...

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This is my most enjoyable time of year to train.  The worse the conditions the more of a challenge it was.  It was not uncommon to see me running in -20f degree weather or 35 F and raining.  The most important thing was to wear base layers cor...


Have you been able to be a helping hand with your fitness...

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All around us are hurting people:  It could be emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally:  you name it.  As athletes we have an opportunity to encourage someone else with our fitness. Encourage someone you meet today. Wave at those you run by.  Support...

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I could not agree more. I always smile, wave, give a greeting etc when I am out on the run. I was stunned last week by how many people did not respond or even gave me "looks" or flat out ignored me. However, I was raised to wave and acknowledge people so I...



Topic • 8 replies

Healthy eating tip 2: Moderation is key People often think of healthy eating as an all or nothing proposition, but a key foundation for any healthy diet is moderation. But what is moderation? How much is a moderate amount? That really depends on you and yo...

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Excellent points indeed.  yea mate =)


Where's your local parkrun?

Question • 12 answers

Where's your local parkrun? How many laps is your course? What is the terrain?

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My local park run is in Centralpark, Chelmsford, a single lap on Tarmac and some grass, modified if too slippery and muddy. To be honest I have never done it, but it is nearly 2 years old and well established. a great excuse for a weekend away to new pastu...


Does caffiene effect your blood sugar?

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I have eliminated caffeine as well. I do feel better. Its amazing some of the things I was going through that I had not attributed to caffeine. I think at first, depending on the level you are consuming there may be some side effects. The result of a detox...


Your top 10 songs playlist

Topic • 226 replies

What is your top 10 songs that you listen when you train ? Share your playlist here, you might get inspiration from others or just see what crazy stuff people listen to when they run ! Here is mine : Phenomenal - Admiral T Audacity of Huge - Simian Mobile...

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 I really enjoy running with this kind of music:  


Having issues with logs

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Is anyone else having issues with their logs on here. I was curious to see what my numbers are in certian areas. My totals are no where near accurate. I  have been entering everything manually and seperately am I missing something. 

Never considered dumbell curls as % of bodyweight, but no...

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As I'm older (over 60) I've lost plenty of cartilage and I increase reps and sets rather than weight. I'm curling a dumbel that is 43.3% my body weight, but to keep it productive doing 20 reps per set at least three sets three times per week. Just curious...

Chicken Gizzards

Topic • 27 replies

So, my best friend just brought me over some chicken gizzards. They're pretty awesome! Anyone else had these before? Suggestions for them?

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  Prions are fascinating! I remember being very frustrated as an undergrad that there wasn't more research on them. CWD hasn't been shown to transfer to people last I checked, we more just avoid those deer as a precaution. I think after I t...


Is general yoga or general streching considered in time e...

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Sorry no. It is superman, plank, bridge, wall squats,.....but I guess I can say this if you would do the tree pose for example and do 1 miniute on each. leg I'll let that go but no generak stretching and such does that make sense? lol 



Question • 3 answers

Does "distance" including walking?

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Distance is everything: Walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, running. ect. 


New to the Tomorrow Transformers Tribe? Start here!

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Welcome to the Tomorrow Transformers Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Tomorrow Transformers' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yours...

Any distance minimum on this challenge.

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Shaking my's like learning to walk again Kevin, but we all have one goal here on this forum it seems...we all want to better ourselves and I'm so excited to be apart of a community of like minded people.....


Protein or carbs?

Topic • 44 replies

I'm soooo confused! Is it better to eat just protein or just carbs or a mix of a bit of both to lose weight (and maintain weight loss)?

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Thank you Loretta, looks like I was on the right track with the carbs, now to work on my protein.


Interesting article about how we squat

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Interesting, this does not really suprise me though. I think for me it is still a matter of correct overall form. I do squats wide and narrow, single leg etc.  Anatomy plays a huge roll in this, is the really deep squat an absolutely necessary function of l...