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Anyone having Sync problems with Forerunner 110 with Expr...

Question • 1 answer

For about 2-3 weeks my Garmin 110 will not sync using the Garmin express app on Mac but will intermittently sync with 'old version' connect. I've performed a manual reset of my 110 (a few times) and re-installed the express app but still no joy. Anyone e...

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I have a Forerunner 110 Phil, and have just synced tonight through Garmin Express on Mac with no problem on new version of Garmin Connect. Not much help I know, but the apps and site seem fine.


Has anyone done a double lap before?

Question • 0 answers

Thinking of doing a douple lap for charity next year. Has anyone done this before? If so, can you just join the next available wave?     

row vs. paddle

Question • 1 answer

I kayak and that is usually considered paddling.. Can I log my kayak paddle miles for this challenge?

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Shelonova, the aim of this challenge is to get people trying to improve themselves and beat their last years total distances in various sports, so, as creator, flexibility is allowed. if you know what your Paddling and Rowing total combined is, then try and...



Question • 1 answer

I'm not able to do a chin-up yet, but this plan looks like a good place to start- can I still do the challenge with chin-ups?

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I think a workout like this would be great for doing chin ups. However, this is a pull up challenge, and while very similar, they are different. A chin up is: and a pull up is:


Cross Fit shoes?

Question • 1 answer

Has anyone tried cross fit shoes for either cross fit or circuit training? I am looking for some shoes that give good support that are still suitable for multi directional movement and would like to hear from your experience wether you found these hybrid t...

Newest answer

I have Nike Air duel and love them. I wear them for everything :)


Online Sports Shoes Online in Canada?

Question • 0 answers

Hello guys, I've been looking for cheap online sports shoes in Canada (especially in Quebec). I found that one: but no other option. Do you guys know any good online stores to find cheap good running shoes in Canada? Thanks!

Interested to join

Question • 6 answers

Out of 78 takers only 5 are active at the moment and we need to inject some movement back into this challenge. If you do any wall squats at all, why not join?

Newest answer

That's sometimes the problem with long term challenges. Glad we have auto log now on the newer challenges.



Question • 2 answers

Is there a way for this challenge to be auto-log like in the cardio 50,000 km challenge?

Newest answer

also, if they tried to convert it now to auto calc, all previous logged amounts may well be lost


Recommend a sit/stand desk please

Question • 1 answer

Hi All, have decided to invest in a sit/stand desk. Any recommendations would be great. Budget not a problem, really need one which adjusts automatically so I don't need a friend to help me adjust it each time. Thanks!

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Ikea just brought one out.


What's a good training programme to start a few months be...

Question • 4 answers

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Yes I do always have something on love being active.. Oh it is sorry that was me as I also asked a question in mountin climbing which I'm loking to do the following yr! Haha got mixed up, opps. Wow that is all incredibly helpful thank you! I will be sure to...


Does it have to be in 1 set?

Question • 2 answers

Newest answer

I agree with Jon, maybe you could break into sets and try and add an extra one rep to each set per day and build up that way, just a thought. good luck


Any advice for a novice cox about to do her first race?

Question • 0 answers

Hi guys, I've been a cox for about a month now and this Saturday I will be doing my first race. Up until last week I was still getting the hang of steering and sometimes I still get anxious about bridges. I've also only raced alongside one boat so I have so...

Who wants to do a Duathlon with me?

Question • 3 answers

Our next opportunity is 21/12. Disciplines of your choice, mine would be running & cycling.

Newest answer

You have more time that you think. 21st of December is the winter Solstice. March 21st is the next Equinox. Plenty of time to organise it!


10k training program/app

Question • 5 answers

I've run a 5k and would like to train properly for a 10k. Are there programs/apps you all would recommend? A whole program, including appropriate strength training exercises on rest days, would be ideal.

Newest answer

I prefer micoach. It has lots of options and can be adjusted to your ability. The strength training plans are good too.


Pull Up - Max substitute

Question • 0 answers

HI everyone. on day 20 there's a "Pull Ups - Max Effort". Can someone tell me what you did at this point if you still couldn't complete a good pull up?  I can start to do a pull up. But I swear I get stuck very early on in the move.  Use a resistance band...