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Does Costa count as fast food?

Question • 8 answers

I know its not the classic fast food place but I do however know there it is not the healthiest. I go there often and not sure if its classed as fast food.. I dont think it is but best to check :D

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Personally, I would be inclined towards yes. There is little, if any, *real* food for sale, so I would not count it as healthy. Mind you, their coffee can be good!


What would you say is a good replacement for pasta??

Question • 7 answers

I usually have pasta or rice alongside my dinner with veg but what would be a good thing to replace pasta??

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I don't eat either pasta or rice, so for me I'd say veg, salad or cheese.


Who has any 2015 Burpee goals? Would love to hear about it

Question • 7 answers

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My goal is to clear all my old Burpee challenges one of which has already been archived.  Plus I still have achieve but I think I am nowhere near the 4 minutes.  It is even a challenge I created back...


How do you manage rest day with this challenge? Does it ...

Question • 2 answers

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I agree with Amanda, take a day now and then and have a walk, or cycle. Other days work really hard! I work out every day but some days are lighter and easier than others, and I haven't had any injuries so far.


Can I substitute hot tea for cold water?

Question • 2 answers

I'm having difficulty drinking all this water today. It is cold outside and cold inside the office.

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It should be 2 liters water, tea should be additional. The challenge says it's hard to work up to 2 liters, so you have to try your best. If you drink a large glass of water right after you wake up and then do the same after each time you go to the toilet,...


Work canteen

Question • 1 answer

So how about a cooked meal (rather than sandwiches for sale) in a work canteen?

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That I approve on :D 


Running in the snow yet?

Question • 6 answers

I had my first run in the snow today: steady light & fluffy. Felt great. Cars were moving slow, more careful than usual. 10 km done: loved it.

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I'm thinking of inserting some screws in to the buttom of my sneakers to make them more grippy for icy conditions. Any thoughts?


What kind of headphones do you wear for running? Why do y...

Question • 5 answers

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When I use any, it is Aftershokz. Unlike traditional headphones, they sit beside the ear rather than in it. Means you can hear traffic and other noises. Sound quality is just as good as anything else. Here's a link to an up-graded version from what I use...


Do Pull up and chin up weights counts?? Just asking becau...

Question • 2 answers

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Originally, I was going to say no, because it's difficult to quantify. If someone does push-ups from their knees, do they get to add on their bodyweight? Obviously not. However, since nobody's going to add anything daft like that, and since we're already fa...