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Is 1 cup f green tea and 2 litres of water too much in on...

Question • 3 answers

Hi I just joined the 1 cup of green tea a day challenge and I would like to do the 2 liters of water a day challenge also. Would this be too much on my body? I don't drink water very often as it is. Thanks! xx

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Thanks guys :)


Who will win this Challenge TUFTY or TOFFS? And why?

Question • 2 answers

Young guns TUFTY - enthusiastic, excitable, get bored easily old dogs TOFFS - experienced, mature, durable

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The team with most members normally doing distance sports will win I think. I normally only do weight/strenght training so this will really be a challenge bringing distance in, but I will include it in my routines somehow. But I´m more like the young guns a...


where do i mark when I completed a challenge?

Question • 1 answer

I finished my 7 day arms and shoulders with dumbbells for 7 days and it doesn't show completed?!? Thank you for your help.

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I'm uncertain, but I believe you did the workout not the challenge. Workouts are designed to be done as often as you like there is no completion button. the challenge that that workout is based on is at @


Finger push ups

Question • 2 answers

What exactly is a finger push up in this challenge (remembering this is just the intermediate level!)

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Usually when it does not specify, finger push up means on top of all 10 fingers. Hard level would be someting like this!:


how to upload photos

Question • 1 answer

I have read the previous question about the way you upload your photo, but the problem is I have no button that I could push and them browse pictures I want. I mean, nothing, I go to my Photos and the only thing I see is the sentence: This user hasn't added...

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Anna K,      To add photos, click on Home, then to the right of where you post your updates, there is a tab to post photos. I hope this helps.


Is a physio the best way to go?

Question • 4 answers

i have been told i have runners knee..... my physio seems to only do ultrasound seems odd to me does anyone else know anymore on this?

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Thanks Colleen :)


Essex cycle routes

Question • 1 answer

Hi cyclists! Anyone from Essex have any good routes, ideally London/ Romford to Southend? Want to get some proper mileage under my belt but terrified of ending up on an A road. Pretty new to the world of cycling so not sure which route websites to trust!...

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The AA does '30 walks in Essex', routes are 2 to 10 miles, some may be bike friendly.  Afraid my cycling is indoor gym, so not much help to you, sorry


Wondering Why I Have Lost My Identity

Question • 1 answer

I just invited friends from my Facebook band account, which is not under my name, to join Tribesports and all of a sudden my status udates on the Home feed and my wall refer to me as "You" instead of Amber B like they were up until that point.  I tried upda...

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When you are logged into your TS account you will see all your activities referred to as 'You' and visitors will see your name. This is completely normal. I'm not sure I understand your question. 


please tell me best fat burning and full body muscles bui...

Question • 3 answers

I wanna build all body muscles in less time just in weeks

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I agree with the above, but I would also add any drastic change of any kind is not healthy for the body. In addition, making huge changes and trying to overall your lifestyle and fitness all in one go rarely works. Slow and steady is the way to go maintanac...


How can I add a sport or activity that is not in the Trib...

Question • 1 answer

I want to add rope jumping, an excellent activity to build both muscle and stamina, but currently lacking in the Tribesports library.

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I just found out that the exercise is in the training library under 'skipping'. Sorry for the misunderstanding..


Do we ALL click finish today?

Question • 2 answers

I don't do these types of team challenge very often, so am unsure of the protocol. Do we all click finish and move onto the next challenge? Or, do us poor boys need to complete the remaining thousands ? I'm sure we all complete today, but just want to chec...

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That is correct @ Marco Challenge is over and you hit complete! Don't for get about this one all   =DDD


Has anyone here heard of The Glitch Mob?

Question • 2 answers

I really enjoy their music but have never run to them or done serious workouts while listening to them. Anybody use them to work out to?

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Fantastic.  Haven't gotten that album yet, workling on a couple financial goals before getting that one. I've heard a few songs and it is a really great one.  


What was the first workout video you ever done?

Question • 17 answers

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My first was Jane Fonda, as well. It was in the mid 80's. :-) I also liked Cindy Crawford's videos when I was a teenager in the early 90's. They are like a long music video with the great music and the great scenery. :-))


Start again from zero at next stage?

Question • 5 answers

When I eventually complete this challenge, many years from now, will I have to start Stage 2 from 0kg, or do I just keep adding to the total from this one?

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I checked some higher levels and i.e on level 5, all takers I saw, had started again from 0 ;)


What is your favoruite thing about dancing?

Question • 1 answer

Lets start with me. What i love about dancing is: 2.performing 3. people (life is all about finding peope who are your kind of crazy :D like tribesports! )

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All of the above plus I am a linedance teacher so another thing I love is seeing my ladies dancing and having fun.


Any advice?

Question • 1 answer

I have decided that I want to get into triathlons and into competitive racing. I am in so-so shape right now which I am working on, but I want to be in a position to participate in an Ironman next year. What would you say is key to your training? Are th...

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Hey Roy, I've raced several seasons of ironman and would say that if you've got the time for it then you cant beat volume - consistent mileage through the off season is key. But if you're lilke everyone else and you're crunched for time then key sessions fo...