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How does the app work?

Question • 0 answers

I just got the tribesports app so I can get back to my activities and have the reminder next to me, but I can't figure out how to use it. Is it not the same as the website? Where are the challenges and the teams and the forums?

Ready For Our Tribesports Relay?

Question • 2 answers

Thank you for all those that have signed up! We're kicking it off in 2 weeks, reason being to give every one a fair shot to sign up. There is another relay close to finishing. Have a terrific week of training & racing! Any questions just let me know.

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Ready and willing!  Will we be able to have challenge updating automatically when we log mileage, as I am a bit rubbish at adding my miles in manually :)


How to get there soft and slow?

Question • 5 answers

Hey guys! I have never ever made it to touch my toes with legs straight. I really got troubles with it. I tried to practise this before but it always just hurt too much! :( Right now I can only reach just beyond my knees. Do you have any advices or exerc...

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Keep trying yoga helps immensely multiple stretches before you grab your toes isn't a bad thing. Don't hurt yourself try a series of stretches and work up to reaching for your toes you will find you get closer each day. also keep in mind it takes time to ga...


Are You Ready for Fall?

Question • 6 answers

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I am definitely ready for fall. El Paso summers can be pretty bad, so yes, I am ready.


Ready For The Best Week Ever?

Question • 5 answers

Enjoy your training this week! Whether biking or running, the weather is ideal! I'm one week away from my half marathon! How about you?

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I got a nice short 5 miles in and 360 abs done for my challenge and a walk with my pups for cool down. 


Need a teammate?

Question • 7 answers is looking for 4 willing and able runners to accompany her !!

Newest answer

Hey Jen @harlequin. Jog On still needs a couple more.


What's the easiest way to improve endurance?

Question • 4 answers

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Mix it up between long slow distance and speedwork with that change routes as well throwing in hills and such. Look to add about 10% milage increase per week and listen to your body as you go. Repeaters are a great way to through in speed work say 4,6, 8 20...


Ready to Fire Up Your Training With Fellow Tribers?

Question • 0 answers : starts in 19 days. It is a blast! You get to train, encourage teammates, and feel great about yourself! We need 3 more people right now to finish forming a team. Cheers!

Tour of Britain

Question • 2 answers

anyone watching this? is it any good? are there online highlights?

Newest answer

maybe hundreds have become thousands, I think where the legacy can be seen is in the number of people that have actually taken up cycling. I run about 4 times a week and the number of cyclists has increased significantly whether I am in Essex, London or She...


How do the teams get picked

Question • 4 answers

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@William B, do you still need a team. I haven't really had the time to recruit. If you want to join up with me that would be awesome.


How many are we supposed to do per day?

Question • 1 answer

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If you click view rules you'll find your answer. Lift feet and hold for a count of 10 Lower feet for a count of three and lift feet again for a count of 10 Repeat steps above 3 times (3 reps) - 7 days in a row Not all types of physical activity are suit...