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Tribesport FitBit Group!!

Topic • 0 replies

Hey Everyone!! I had a few people ask me to add them on Fitbit, but I have no idea how!!  So, I took the liberty to add a Tribesports Group to Fitbit Challenges!! Tribesport Buddies Let me know if it doesn't work!!

Favorite Place in the USA

Topic • 8 replies

If you could only travel to one place in the USA, where would it be? To see a broadway show in New York City?  A ski resort in the rockies? Or maybe a warm sunny beach somewhere in California?

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This won't be my best pick. It's just what in my mind at the moment. I would like to do dirty dozen race in Pitssburgh. There is a challenge on TS also if that motivates anyone:


Haiku chain game

Topic • 4281 replies

Hi everyone,  This is a fun writing game I play at the poetry board I'm an administrator at. Haiku poems are three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables (in case anyone hasn't written them before). Start with the third line of the previous post and write the fina...

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"You shall be my prince!" Shouted the happy princess; Joyful life ahead


Monthly Communal Event?

Topic • 35 replies

Hi All, after the awesomeness that is Kevin's organising of the 21 December event, which was great fun as far as I am concerned, and really made my usual run-on-my-own something much more, I asked of we should make this a monthly thing. I wasn't on my own,...

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All 3 of us @montyre, @luffy and myself managed our run on Sunday morning 5.53km.  It stayed dry but was windy and a bit chilly for Italia!


What next?

Topic • 0 replies

Just wondering what you wanted to do once you reach 6000.  Officially this is the end but as the challenge hasn't quite gone to plan do you want to continue for a while.  I was thinking looking at the current stats the following: Can girls get to 10,000 be...

Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge (CTC)

Topic • 103 replies

I have created a Guide to the Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge, more conveniently referred to as the CTC.  It would be great if members of this Indoor Rowing tribe took part. Although there are only two week's remaining of the April challenge, earlier today I...

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Brilliant, thanks @eamorris81!  I suspect you had something to do with this, Ben, so thanks to you too. :) @bigislandgirl said she'd give it a go after Wednesday.  By my reckoning we'd then only need one other female to float the second boat.


Noct's dabble

Topic • 80 replies

Very impressed with Rick's fluidness with words, Sheri's quick witted rhymes, Eunice's instant and ryhming responses, and many others here.  I'm a wannabe-poet, slowly dabbling away with sentences and words.  Taking weeks and months just to pen a few lines...

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Road to Recovery  (26-Jan-2015) . The road to recovery is a lonely journey Resting at home with only Facebook for company The legs ache to run, the body yearns for the high But that plantar and shin splint decides otherwise     "Cut down the runs. Let...


Virtual Team Challenge 2015

Topic • 6 replies

The Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge runs from January 1st to the 31st.  The aim is to row as many metres as you can for your chosen team.  Tribesports will have a team, so let's see how many metres we can accumulate.  In the Fall Team Challenge, we managed...

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The total rowed to date for the TS team now stands at 212,011m!


A seed to consider

Topic • 3 replies

Feel free to add to this :-D Sesame, Chia, Pumpkin, Flax, Hemp, Pomegranate, Apricot, Sunflower, Cumin and Grape seeds.

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Of course :-D  Great thanks!!! =)


Is this beginning of the end for the TS community?

Topic • 61 replies

I love Tribesports, it has been a huge motivator for me in the last couple of years so it saddens me to ask the question but, are we witnessing the demise of the community? It seems now that there are just a handfull of active users left and with the link...

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I knew it was a longshot.  Thank you for responding back to me I appreciate it.


What is your favorite home workout??

Topic • 37 replies

Hey guys, there may be lot of workouts we love in gym. But how about your fav workouts which can be done without going to gym??

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I'm doing freeletics at the moment.


Favourite exercise!

Topic • 29 replies

mine has to be standard fly's with my dumbbells - or russian twists whilst holding one of them with both hands, how about you?

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Weighted punches are my fav! 


squats on a damaged knee

Topic • 3 replies

I have a bad knee and been going to my physiotherapist. Because of the extent of the damage to me knee I am unable to squat or lunge far anymore. But my physio said that you should not squat past 60 degrees anyways because at 60 degrees it's been tested t...

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Beth, you should obviously follow your physio' recommendation for you. the depth of squat that you perform will target different muscle groups as desired, I have been told to do 45 degree squats to strengthen glutes specifically, more and I would engage ham...


Weak Glutes ? Let's get them firing !

Topic • 4 replies

Useful page on how weak gluteal muscles can be a cause of many lower back problems & lower limb injuries. It also suggests how to test for weakness & the most appropriate exercises for developing your maximus, medius & minimus.

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Karen, a greata rticle, thanks for sharing. My new running technique involves using the glutes extensively, so already doing some, but will add others as described Glad you found it interesting Kevin :-)


The Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin (T-Nation Article)

Topic • 4 replies

Have you seen this article?  So steady state cardio is a no no when you want to lose fat and it's even blamed for making the body so efficient that you won't lose any fat, even wors, lose musle and end up flabby.  This is where I panic!  I do steady state...

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I would agree and disagree. I know local people who do 20-23hrs swimming, cycling or running a week and either don't lose weight or gain weight. Personally I think it's down to food. Eating less poor quality carbs (and real food instead) will help lose we...


Kucki's weight loss diary

Topic • 11 replies

My goal weight is 64kg at 1,64m tall.

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75,2 kg, only 100gr this week, but at least still moving in the right direction. Need to drink more water on the weekends. And I am not talking about the big mouthfull of poolwater that I got on sunday.


New Year's Resolutions...or not.

Topic • 5 replies

As 2015 has just started, I was curious to see how many of you do make resolutions at the beginning of the year? Do you have a fitness goal for this year? I would love to hear it!

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Wow!  These are great goals!!  My goal is similar to Kevin's and Vanessa' more healthly and more fit than this past year and keep on toning :)


New to the Thirties! Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 37 replies

Welcome to the Thirties! Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Thirties!' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your fellow Tribe...

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Hey Jas.... being able to love our own body is a bliss....because it gives an accpetance of the present :) Whether you are underweight or skinny or overweight, every inch of you is perfect the way it is :) I hope you enjoy the rest of life feeling blessed...


Are you in?

Topic • 4 replies

Hi Tribesporters. We got just 348 days left to accomplish this. Let's do this together. Promise, you won't regret it!

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Great recruiting Ali =D :D


Best squash exercises

Topic • 1 reply

I have been playing squash for quite some years, since 2005. Took lessons from a dutch squash pro to play squash as it should (good form,etc). I find it particully fine to play long rallies along the wall to better my technique. Like to hear what exercices...

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ya i agree.... besides that can also increase your stamina and controlling your breathing while playing.....