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Haiku chain game

Topic • 4188 replies

Hi everyone,  This is a fun writing game I play at the poetry board I'm an administrator at. Haiku poems are three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables (in case anyone hasn't written them before). Start with the third line of the previous post and write the fina...

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At one with the Force The most powerful Jedi; The legend is born  


Events.. Swim Bike Run

Topic • 2 replies

Ok all multisport racers... What's on your calendar of events for the coming year? It's never to early to start planning your races and events. Never to early to start organizing your training schedule or creating a nutrition plan. I myself have registered...

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Tri season is definitely over here so only running races over the winter.  I am in two tris in the spring and summer of 2015 - One is a women's only non standard distance with a longer bike but otherwise pretty short and one is an Olympic, which is longer...


Burpees build mental toughness and more

Topic • 9 replies

Burpees You love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Lets face it unless you are really demented they mostly suck – but why. From a physiology stand point it is damn near the most work you can do using your body weight. You full body weight goes all the way to the floor...

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Great read. i have to use burpees to get on to my feet fast when surfing so they are a great exercise for surfers and use just about every muscle in the body. Thanks Loretta. Pleased you enjoyed the article :)


Why do you love YOGA?

Topic • 41 replies

Feel free to share your thoughts :)

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It is the most complete form of exercise & if done regularly will tone and strengthen the entire body, while providing flexibility. Can't get much better than that :)


Just 3 words

Topic • 19 replies

Choose just 3 words to describe how exercise makes you feel... Exercise makes me feel: Sense of achievement

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New to the W.A.V.A Age Grading Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 8 replies

Welcome to the W.A.V.A Age Grading Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'W.A.V.A Age Grading' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself ...

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Ach, that's fine, I'm aiming for sub-20. ;) No idea if that's realistic, but my PB is currently 22:21 and that's on 75km total running in a decade.  I'll start with sub-22, though... :)


How Do You Monitor Your Current Years Mileage vs Previous...

Topic • 10 replies

interested to hear whether and how people monitor current year vs previous year whether it's distance, number of runs or time related. year on year, I try to increase my annual mileage and each year it's gets harder and harder, so that know I have to almos...

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I started using Fitbit, and I have been using TS, I have tried map my run or map my walk before, but the TS app is my favorite.


Why do you Run Trails

Topic • 14 replies

I'm coming back to the sport I love and one thing that has made this such an enjoyable journey is access to great trails around where I live. I may stumble onto historical sites that are not listed, or just see deer in all seasons. Plus, there is so many...

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Away from other people and pollution. Plus the scenery is much more pleasant compared to running along a road. 


Can Shivering Help Burn Fat?

Topic • 0 replies

this is really interesting and I wanted to share that with you: ******************************************************************** Would you ever put these three together in an equation? Feeling Cold + Shivering = Reducing White Adipose Tissue To unde...

New to the TRI Everything Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 2 replies

Welcome to the TRI Everything Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'TRI Everything' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your fe...

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My name is Archie, and Tri's are on my bucket list real soon! Very excited


Excercises To Prevent Shin Splints

Topic • 2 replies

I don't have much of a problem with these myself, but the exercises are also very good for strengthening the ankles & feet.

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Nice!  I hope it helps a lot.


Best Way To Lose Weight Running

Topic • 5 replies

Running at a medium pace primarily targets fat cells for energy; therefore, people say it is the “fat burning zone” and is the best way to lose weight running. Although all of this is true it is only half the story. The Other Half of the Story Ex...

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Thanks for posting! I know through my own way, that running fast (the whole way, intervall etc.) helps better to lose weight, than running slow!


World Records....just a few interesting thoughts :D

Topic • 4 replies

Longest Wall Sit World Record set by Dr. Thienna Dr. Thienna Ho, founder of Thienna, Inc., a skin care company that focuses on health, is no stranger to setting world records. She is the current Guinness World Records' holder for the most sumo squats in on...

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The reply box is back, hurrah :))     :D Ehhh mine comes and goes but no worries I refresh a few times and it's back :D


Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge (CTC)

Topic • 84 replies

I have created a Guide to the Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge, more conveniently referred to as the CTC.  It would be great if members of this Indoor Rowing tribe took part. Although there are only two week's remaining of the April challenge, earlier today I...

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Thanks to  @stormwatcher, @johannp and Paul B, we have three folk in the second boat.  We just need two more to get it floated. @rebr @candidab - you both participated for TS last month.  Would you be interested in trying this month's session? http://trib...


Running vs bi-polar

Topic • 16 replies

I've just watched this short clip on the BBC website. Where drugs and most therapies didn't help this guy live with his bi-polar, running did. How long until exercise will start to be 'prescribed' for mental health issues??? Watch the short video here ht...

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Mind are now looking to offer free gym memberships to those that suffer, some kind of scheme.. Should be on there web somewhere, that's in the UK of course. :-D


A long journey towards diagnosis and treatment

Topic • 1 reply

I picked up a shoulder injury around February 2014, I don't even remember doing it so maybe it's not an injury as such, so diagnosing the cause of the pain isn't simple. After all if I remembered the circumstances in which it was damaged it would at least g...

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So frustrating for you Jim but at least you seem to be on track now. I'm sure once you are properly assessed with a rehab programme in place, you'll be hitting that pull up bar in no time! Wishing you strong diagnosis & a full & speedy recovery :-)


Olive or Coconut? Which is best?

Topic • 0 replies

Looking forward to this challenge as heard it is better for you then Olive oil? Or is this more dependant on what's needed in your diet?

Things that INFURIATE you in the gym.

Topic • 30 replies

You turn up, warmed up and ready to go into battle against your own body, when suddenly, across they gym, you see something that sends pulses of rage through you. You see... (This may be a slight exaggeration, but still, what annoys you in the gym?)

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I just hate the gym full stop. Too many egos, posers and back biters.  So that's two weekends of hell coming up for me as I add 'Gym' to my instructor qualifications :/ Give me wide open spaces and the great outdoors, my gym is wherever and whenever I...


A seed to consider

Topic • 0 replies

Feel free to add to this :-D Sesame, Chia, Pumpkin, Flax, Hemp, Pomegranate, Apricot, Sunflower, Cumin and Grape seeds.