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Workout Videos

Topic • 32 replies

A place to share workouts posted on YouTube etc. Great if you fancy a change up.

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TS features wishlist......Discussions, challenges, and ti...

Topic • 2 replies

Three features I would like to see on Tribesports. 1. Challenges: This may go with another post about deleting or archiving. I would like to be able to sort challenges by active and future challenges. Although the active ones bump up to the top, the others...

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Excellent ideas @kristinb3 !


Folkestone Half Marathon, Kent, UK - 28 Sept 2014

Topic • 3 replies

Hi All, I am going to register to run the Folkestone Half Marathon on 28 September, anyone doing that one? Would love a virtual training friend! I haven't done a Half for a year or so and need a big race to focus my training on!

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HI Alex, as creator of the VIRTUAL RUNNING WALKING HIKING TRIBE I feel it only right to offer my virtual services to you LOL. I admire your decision and commitment to take on a HM after a year gap, I have unexpectedly been given a charity entrance to th...



Topic • 73 replies

If you have looked at the Run guide and want to do a virtual run with a specific person , then give them a shout here using their @etc address. if you want to give a general shout for a run on a specific day or time, then do it here as well, but you will b...

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I am doing a 5k race at 7.30pm tomorrow evening Wed 23rd July, anyone want to virtually join me?  It is through Hamstreet woods here in Kent, really pretty but also hard!


What do you love about running?

Topic • 26 replies

I've been really slacking this month, and I need some inspiration and motivation so I just wanted to talk about our favorite things about running. For me, other than getting fit and healthy of course, it clears my mind. I've never been good at meditating b...

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That is very true, and near to my heart, Hope. My dad is disabled and can't walk very far without crutches. He's my biggest supporter too. so yes, simply the ability to run is something to be very thankful for. 


Dear Tribesports please help!

Topic • 2 replies

My Dilemma - as my fitness has improved over the weeks I have increased the intensity of my work out and managed to hit my target before the allotted time i have for my gym session. My question is - as i get fitter do i 1) increase the intensity thus fur...

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Varun, it might help get a better response if you can provide what your ultimate goals and targets are, there isn't much to go on and the key thing is to mix your activity and intensity as Monica says so as not to stagnate


Trail Performance Review (and giveaway) from B2R Natural ...

Topic • 1 reply

Check out my review of the new Trail Performance shoe from B2R. Ran my first 50K trail ultra in these.. terrific shoe! And I am giving away 2 pair to to lucky winners. Open to anyone worldwide to enter! Thanks :-)

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Excellent info.


Logging challenge workouts

Topic • 2 replies

How or where do we log our daily challenge workouts?  

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Thank you - ignore my question asked earlier on :)  


Where is your next 2014 Spartan race and when?

Topic • 12 replies

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining this tribe! So as the title mentions it, where is your next Spartan race,what type is it and when are you participating?

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I just finished 2 Sprints and finish up my Trifecta with the Super in New Jersey and the Beast at the Championships in Vermont.....


New to the Fashion for Fitness Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 20 replies

Welcome to the Fashion for Fitness Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Fashion for Fitness' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself ...

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Hi everyone, have been converted into retail shopping is good, even though I am a bloke. ALways like to hear peoples views on everything, and this tribe gots photo opportunities too. Once back from holiday, will be ordering some new TS kit and will share...


What are you reading at the moment?

Topic • 563 replies

I've just worked my way through Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers Of London and Moon Over Soho.  Fantastic books both, good story line, well written and extremely entertaining! I'm on Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist - a complete change.  Very dark.

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"Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You" by Alice Munro.


A fitter body = less awesome boobs

Topic • 15 replies

Anyone else find that when they're working hard on their body and making progress, their boobs start to disappear?? I know that there are workouts that are "supposed" to help- but who are we kidding. It rarely happens. **learning to find happiness, love, an...

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I have actually always had a big chest, so being in my 40s I wouldn't care either way.  I have noticed since doing push ups and chest exercises they are defying gravity...I look a lot better in my bras than I used, lol, I won't complain!


New to the Bromptonites - the tribe for users of the ulti...

Topic • 0 replies

Welcome to the Bromptonites - the tribe for users of the ultimate fold-up bicycle Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Bromptonites - the tribe for users of the ultimate fold-up bicyc...

Best fitness apps for Android

Topic • 24 replies

I wrote a review of the best fitness apps for Android a little while ago (and some of the lesser known apps mentionned on there are really quite good!). Can you think of anything I should add to the list?

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I use Endomondo ;)


Interval timer app'

Topic • 7 replies

Just wondering if anyone has a link to an interval timer app for windows mobile. Just not keen on getting an actual timer if I can get something on my phone. Thanks

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On Android I use Round and Workout timer!


Frozen vs. Fresh fruit

Topic • 37 replies

At uni I discovered packets of frozen berries which saved me a fortune and meant it didn't matter if you were out of ice!

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I buy a lot of fresh fruit, but sometimes I buy it frozen :)


What is your favorite home workout??

Topic • 31 replies

Hey guys, there may be lot of workouts we love in gym. But how about your fav workouts which can be done without going to gym??

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push ups and their variations, or playing with my dumbbells :-)


Incredible Calisthenics

Topic • 8 replies

Check this guy out and what he can do with his body. It is quite mind blowing and at the centre of it all is calisthenics. This is what a really fit human body is capable of doing. His name is Frank Medrano and his website is

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i love calisthenics.. extremely addicted to bar.. 


Drinking water; ice-cold or tepid? bottled or tap?

Topic • 6 replies

I started this discusssion on related challenge but it didn't 'take'. I just thought I would throw this out there as a point of discussion.  I read that drinking ice cold water burns more calories because your body has to use energy to get back to body temp...

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I dont really know the answer to this but i LOVE and always drink bought bottled room temp water 



Topic • 50 replies

If you have looked at the walk guide and want to do a virtual walk with someone specific , then give them a shout here using their @etc address. if you want to give a general shout for a walk on a specific day or time, then do it here as well, but you will...

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Walked 3.73 miles this morning all up and down hills.