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Are Burpees Any Good for Exercise?

Question • 2 answers

Burpees are an excellent exercise with many benefits. Unlike many of the latest trends that require expensive DVDs and equipment, burpees use only your body weight and do not cost you a penny. You do not need much space to do a burpee, either, making it...

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I was hoping for an I love Burpees t-shirt for my birthday but no-one picked up on the hint ;)  


What push ups count toward challenge?

Question • 3 answers

What push ups count for this? Are they simply standard ones? How about decline or incline? I assume knee ones don't, but eh, those too? I forgot to log this months and want to make sure of it before posting. Thanks in advance:)

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Thanks for your input @alex45674 and @gk1ceo. I will be posting what is truly challenging me:)


Meat with potatoes (pork, turkey or beef)

Topic • 5 replies

This was the first dish I made at home according to my new book: Ingridients about 1 kg meat cut into cubes (I used pork and I have done the same dish with turkey leg meat) 2 chopped onions about 500g chopped fresh tomatoes about 1 kg potatoes cut into...

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What do you consider a mediterranean herb mix? I see creole and italien premixes at the store all the time but not mediterranean.


Quiz: Can You Name the Yoga Pose?

Topic • 10 replies

Just for fun!

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8/9 but I should have got them all as I am a qualified Yoga teacher and had to learn the Sanskrit to pass the exam! How proficient in Sanskrit must an aspiring yoga instructor be?  A high level of fluency or simply the ability to pronounce the asanas...


keeping track

Question • 1 answer

i haven't been on as much is auto-updating?

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@joannag2 It's auto-updating, no need to log the push ups separately for the challenge (like before). Simply use the 'add a training session' button on the home page to log in your push ups and it will automatically add to this challenge. Just make sure you...


Gym bike

Question • 0 answers

I was wondering if : You can use a gym bike for this challenge? and      2. If it has to be in 1 year's time.    Thanks for the feedback :-D


Topic • 0 replies

Just wanted to share this and reccommened trying it so awesome post run!!!! 1 Banana 2 KIwifruit 30g spinich 1cup almond milk  2 \tsp chia seeds 1tbs honey  SO SO SO YUMMY!!!!

Feeling close to burn out help!!

Topic • 0 replies

Since April my partner and i have run 3 1/2 marathons and a 15km race and have another 1/2 in 2 weeks time..... Yesterday was such a strugge for our long run before we started we talked about how maybe we should stop the distance runs and events were tied...

Dear Tribesports please help!

Topic • 6 replies

My Dilemma - as my fitness has improved over the weeks I have increased the intensity of my work out and managed to hit my target before the allotted time i have for my gym session. My question is - as i get fitter do i 1) increase the intensity thus fur...

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Like most responses here, it all depends on what your goals are. On the other hand, if you're worried about whether or not you have enough time to try other types of activities, perhaps you can think about your diet, and anything you can do to improve you...


New to the Team Bandung! Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 8 replies

Welcome to the Team Bandung Tribe! If you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your fellow Tribe members? Have fun, and ride safe!

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Is this group still active and open to newbies? I'm not actually a Bandung fan (drink not the tribe) as it looks too much like pepto-bismol. But i do like all things rosy and saw this group listed in the swim bike run guide. I'm getting a bit burnt out (men...


do you have to do the sit ups i one go or can you break ...

Question • 1 answer

Do U have to do the sit Ups in one go or can U break them up through the da

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I'm going to assume you meant squats and not sit ups for this challenge. And if you read the rules you will find your answre in number 3. 30 Day Squat Challenge Challenge rules Remember to warm up and stretch out Respect the rest days. Your body needs t...


Do we need a second pair of runners for training?

Topic • 7 replies

The Second Shoe The idea of having a second training shoe has been around for a long time but who needs one and why? By alternating between two different pairs of shoes you are ensuring that the midsoles of your running shoes are being properly rested betw...

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I have... 1. short distance road running pair (saucony fastwitch 6) - i use these for road distances up to 10k ish 2. trail pair (suacony kinvara tr2) - i use these for any trail distance from 5k to 20 miles - love them 3. muddy ocr/soggy terrain pair (i...


"hard core" workouts

Topic • 10 replies

What would you consider to be the hardest of the hard core workout sessions you have done?

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mine was a workout i made up 1 hot day that i fancied some pain training, i cant remember specifics but it involved a 100 metre hill sprint, followed by burpees at the top, and 3 handstand push ups halfway down the jog back to the bottom of the hill. Didnt...


What do you love about running?

Topic • 30 replies

I've been really slacking this month, and I need some inspiration and motivation so I just wanted to talk about our favorite things about running. For me, other than getting fit and healthy of course, it clears my mind. I've never been good at meditating b...

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love the freedom, and alone time to collect my thoughts/think through any problems or anxiety's that i have in my life at the time. I like 'the zone' where your mind just wanders to random things and the miles fly past - the kinda 'lost in the moment' type...


Buying a tri wetsuit.

Topic • 15 replies

Was going to splurge on a tri wet suit today. In this particular shop I was on my way into the fitting room to try one on when a man stopped me. He said that I'd have to buy it first before I try it. If it didn't fit he'd get me another size. Now I wasn't g...

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any brand or fit preferences though? I raced my first race without a tri suit last year and managed to keep chafing at bay. But just thought it was a hassle to put on my bike shorts over swimsuit at t1. Those who have invested in a suit, what do u recommend...


New to the Walk 14km (8.7) miles in under 140 minutes (1/...

Topic • 4 replies

Welcome to the Walk 14km (8.7) miles in under 140 minutes (1/3 Marathon) Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Walk 14km (8.7) miles in under 140 minutes (1/3 Marathon)' related. As y...

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I love to walk and this distance would be something great to aim for. Would definitely need to have Nathaniel in his pushchair/stroller for it. Gonna build up the distances over the coming month and hopefully have this one in the bag by the end of Septemb...


New Rowing Challenges

Topic • 6 replies

I have taken a look over the existing rowing-related challenges and spotted some 'gaps'. For many distances there is a challenge pitched at 'beginners' and one that is a lot more difficult, with no progression challenges in between. I have started to fix th...

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Thanks for the info, Colleen.  I was aware there had been a clean up a while back, but didn't know specifically what challenges had been removed.  Odd to remove some and then allow similar ones to be re-introduced.