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Who's ready for a 4 person relay?

Question • 0 answers

It's time we get some teams together. Let's brainstorm to keep it fair and equal. How about splitting up some of the stronger runners to get the newbie involved. Give me your feedback.


Topic • 3 replies

A lot of apps / bands  these days make a big sell on the fact they monitor your sleep patterns.  Interested to know what people use, what they actually monitor and show, and whether they have improved your overall sleep through knowledge ?

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I guess everyone's asleep to answer !!   everyone isl too busy going 1/999999, 2/101010 etc to read and answer questions!  Whats happened to TS :(


Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge (CTC)

Topic • 31 replies

I have created a Guide to the Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge, more conveniently referred to as the CTC.  It would be great if members of this Indoor Rowing tribe took part. Although there are only two week's remaining of the April challenge, earlier today I...

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Thanks Rebecca.  It is very pleasing to see Tribesporters supporting this competition and wanting to improve their times with multiple attempts. Will I settle for having floated one boat, though?  Nope.  Two boats floated is my next target! :)


Turbo Trainers???? Recommendations for which to buy??

Question • 0 answers

I bought my first road bike in February and now I'm looing for a Turbo Trainer so I can still use it over the winter, but have absolutely no idea which to buy.  Been looking on Wiggle and reading some reviews but really don't know anthing about it. What ar...


Topic • 72 replies

ALL, time for another communal RUN, WALK or HIKE. 14 TS people took part last time, let's beat that this time. Anytime this coming Sunday 24th August, get your other half, boyfriend, partner, kids, relations, animals out for a WALK, RUN or HIKE. Add up you...

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All, a cracking effort by everybody. I make it 12 TS members and 3 partners / family / friends Took part first event was 14 TS members, so as the school report would say 'must do better' next time, not counting friends thanks for taking part. i trial...


New to the Getting Fit So I Can Look Better Naked Tribe? ...

Topic • 99 replies

Welcome to the Getting Fit So I Can Look Better Naked Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Getting Fit So I Can Look Better Naked' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a ...

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Well I gotta say that I was sneaking a look in the mirror this am, and was thinking that I'm looking a better overall package right now than I did in my previous peak of early twenties, and that was a quarter century ago.  So I'm pretty happy at the moment...


GETKIDSGOING Charity Page - Cold hard cash (lol)

Topic • 21 replies

A number of people have asked for a link to my donations page, so here it is  Any donations to the GETKIDSGOING charity will be gratefully received by both myself and my charity Thank you in advance for your help Kevin :))

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That would be utterly awesome and I would love to see and meet you too. Do me a favour, email with your exact location and nearest airport and i will do some homework. No promises yet lol LOL! Your to funny! :)))       Haha... I live do not...


Speed and distance

Topic • 7 replies

I am just wondering the speed everyone runs and the distances they run them. I am trying to build up my mileage but I find this difficult as my speed is increasing during the runs. I am running at 9 to 10 minutes per mile but only going out for 1 or 2 mil...

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well 8 mins a mile is a massive improvement from 9 - 10 mins per mile!! good on ya.   like others have said - dont compare yourself to others, if your just starting it will just get you down and the whole running experience wont be as enjoyable. Me, i run...


Interval training on a beach vs interval training on the ...

Topic • 4 replies

I personally prefer interval training when the challenge of the interval comes from the environment I am training in rather than as a self-motivated change - I like using hill interval training on my bike and l like using different terrains which offer more...

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i got bored the 1st time i tried flat, road based intervals. Always use hills or technical parts of a trail for intervals now :-) Agreed on the plowed fields! They are my 2nd most hated running surface....  still a bit behind my 800 metres of narrow trail c...


What is the diffrence between crane pose and tuck planche...

Question • 1 answer

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Crane poses are yoga moves and Tuck Planche is mainly a gymnastics move that's taught as a progression to, among other things, planches. At least that's what I got from google :D   here is a link for a Planche video


Which is your favourite Mantra to get you through 100 Bur...

Topic • 12 replies

  25 Mantras to Get You Through 100 Burpees   Repeat one of these burpees in your head (or out loud!) the next time you do the challenge to help you get through it:   1. I can do this.  2. I’m a rockstar.  3. I can kick these burpees ass!  4. I am...

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The one we always use when we have a tough workout planned, repeaters lots of miles etc. The faster we go the sooner we're done. that's ok for some but wouldn't work for me, not for running, sadly, I would run out of steam.  Same for burpees where it i...


101 goals in 1001 days

Topic • 83 replies

A couple of year ago I stumbled upon a goalsetting thing that was setting 101 goals and completing them in 1001 days. Recently I have completed my old list and have written my new one that is due for completion in late july 2016.  Has anyone else got one o...

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That is quite a list. I think I may need to do this, if for no other reason to have the sense of accomplishment when nothing else it working. Ironically my son has a list made that he did for his summer goals and he has done everything on it.  WOW!!...


I joined Tribesports in June 2014. I have other running l...

Question • 2 answers

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Chris. ive had a second thought in a day, shocking, you could also add your backdated running total in one lump sum if you wanted to keep your true running total on Tribesports. i backdated my history to either 31/12/12 or 01/01/13. Right, no more thinking...


Walking my dog

Topic • 2 replies

I love hearing my dog when I run it helps me know if she Is in distress or enjoying the run. I love hearing the sound of my breathing and the wind in my ears. I love to run at night so I can take in all the evening sleepy sounds. I wonder what is everyone e...

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I love music to listen to, it really depends on where I am and what I'm working on. Nothing beats the sound of wind in the pines, or water running over the falls and sound of birds on a mountain trail. 



Topic • 117 replies

If you have looked at the Run guide and want to do a virtual run with a specific person , then give them a shout here using their @etc address. if you want to give a general shout for a run on a specific day or time, then do it here as well, but you will b...

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A pacy 11.11 km in 01:01:30 in cool Essex. Alex, hope we achieved a virtual run together, are Desi and Mel friends or family? Hi Kevin, we certainly did - the girls and I did 8.62km, logged to the challenge as promised!  Desi and Mel are both grea...



Question • 4 answers

I'm guessing its the first team with 20,000 in every item on the list wins? not just say one item at a time

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I'm guessing it's manual


The 20 Minute Cardio Workout

Topic • 2 replies

Perform the following four exercises in order as prescribed. Complete four total rounds.   MOVE 1Squat Jump: 30 seconds. Rest 15 seconds, then continue to the next move. MOVE 2Bear Crawl:  continue crawling forward quickly for 30 seconds, then rest 15 se...

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Im going to try this   Nice! Let me know how it goes! :D