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A lot of apps / bands  these days make a big sell on the fact they monitor your sleep patterns.  Interested to know what people use, what they actually monitor and show, and whether they have improved your overall sleep through knowledge ?

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"Does riding a bike like a jerk get you downtown faster?"...

Topic • 9 replies

"You know the type. With their Lycra shorts, fast bikes, and sculpted calves, most people see these cyclists as menaces, prone to causing accidents with their unpredictable movements, and destined to run over elderly pedestrians or unsuspecting chihuahuas....

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ME TOO...ha ha


A Burpee Variation Workout

Topic • 6 replies

Looking for a workout idea?  This drill will test your fitness and mental toughness like never before The first time you heard the word "burpee" you probably laughed—until you actually tried the exercise. The burpee, which entails going from a squat to a...

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And the 5 reasons to do burpees everyday... nice article, thanks for sharing Robyn :)


what the first thing you must do when you get a sprained...

Question • 1 answer

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R.I.C.E = Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.   REST: Rest the injured limb. Your doctor may recommend not putting any weight on the injured area for 48 hours. But don't avoid all activity. Even with an ankle sprain, you can usually still exercise other...


Strava with Flyby

Topic • 0 replies

Have you Strava users out there seen the Activity Playback with Flyby?  Its great for reviewing your group training runs and cycles


Topic • 1 reply

Hi guys, I came across Team Bandung one more when I was riding with my friends at Changi. I desperately need to join a cycling group as I really suck at it. Consider me a newbie... am I welcome?

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Hi, chance upon Team Bandung recently in desaru tri and trifactor. Interested to join your team for more trainings. Is the group still active and still allowing people to join? 



Question • 2 answers

Is this is a one day challenge?

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@gingerjones Kimberly, as I know you are an active user, you as creator should provide guidance. Your rules do not specify whether is a single day or week length challenge, some people have completed on a single day, others have done a week. i noticed your...


"Challenges Created" Link

Topic • 27 replies

I have created several Challenges, and I know that some of them are getting some good participation from the number of notifications that I get. Most of them are consecutive challenges, and more beginner level. I like to create challenges for my own persona...

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I love these ideas, and the feedback. This is such a fantastic community :D


Wanting to take this challenge but I am wondering how I a...

Question • 8 answers

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I was close to being the fittest I've ever been, but I hit a personal bump in the road and now have to start over. For me, I will know when I reach that special Fit place, I know what I have done in the past, and once I get past that then I have reached my...


Update September 30, 2014

Topic • 1 reply

Havent been on here in about 4 months it looks like. My bad. How is everyone's 2014 going? A lot has been going on. Moved from Texas to North Carolina. Got a job waitressing. Thats been a tremendous help. On my feet 7 hours a day. Weight has been slow bu...

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Welcome back Tami and welldone on getting the job and the weight loss =D


Problem with teams

Question • 3 answers

It appears that some of us have joined a team that was already taken, although that wasn't obvious. How do we get to join a team? @gerryf and @aijuciiic and I would like to do this challenge. If sow one could let me know what to do please

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Sorted it now but thanks :-)


What About the Negative People in your life

Topic • 8 replies

My son runs cross country. He has been on varsity since he was a froshman. In fact he has lettered in all his atheletic pursuits in school thus far. And yet I still have people in my family who find they have to mention everything he is doing wrong in his t...

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My daughter's soccer coach is a lot like this. My wife gets so frustrated! he can back up what he teaches. My daughter is a goalie, and even she admits to us that she can play better. Criticism though never seems easy!  I get it when its a coach, there...


Reactions to going barefoot

Topic • 30 replies

This discussion is for sharing the different reactions you get from people when they see that you are not wearing shoes.

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Plenty of foot haters out there, and usually when challenged at a retail establishment the real reason is just've run into a person that believes strongly that nobody should be barefoot in public. I am always barefoot, and I take it to the top...


New to the Barefoot Living Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 5 replies

Welcome to the Barefoot Living Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Barefoot Living' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your ...

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Hi everybody, just found this Tribe. Great to be home!


Standard duathlon v Olympic triathlon.( 5km run v 1,500m...

Topic • 9 replies

I did the Dingle standarde duathlon last weekend. I was exhausted at the end. Thinking back I'm wondering that running 5km in the beginning takes much more out of you in a duathlon than swimming 1.500meters in a triathlon. I may not have been that tired I r...

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It doesnt matter what distance it is, or whether its a duathlon or triathlon, or whether its ITU or XTERRA its all about knowing your race pace and running your own race.  If you go off too fast you will suffer later and its sounds like you know that yo...


Updated Relay guidelines

Question • 1 answer

 Tech team should reset running logs tomorrow on relat: totals showed up in error. Please hold all runs till 7 p.m tomorrow night, which is Oct. 1 GMT. Have fun: run like the wind !!  

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Should read " relay".


Protein or carbs?

Topic • 33 replies

I'm soooo confused! Is it better to eat just protein or just carbs or a mix of a bit of both to lose weight (and maintain weight loss)?

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Ohh, I'll try that.  Not heard of that before :-/ its from Lindt chocolates its swiss. It can be found in most stores. 


Auto Logging Mishaps!!

Question • 1 answer

 Errors are happening on auto log for relay: We will get corrected! Challenge will officially start Oct. 1st.

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Just so I am up to speed how are we logging milage?