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New to the STUDY BUDDY Tribe? Start here!

Topic • 0 replies

Welcome to the STUDY BUDDY Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'STUDY BUDDY' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself to your fellow T...


Topic • 9 replies

WANNA HAVE SOME FUN?? JOIN IN ON ANY OF THESE CHALLENGES AND HELP YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS!!!! OR PICK SOME TO COMPLETE A ONE ON ONE CHALLENGES!!!! =)))) I'm pretty sure I got them all but if not please feel free to add any!! =)))       http://tribesports.c...

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Update: will commence on February 1st 2015 :)


Valentine Challenge 2015

Topic • 0 replies

The Concept 2 Valentine Challenge runs from February 9th to the 14th.  The aim is to row 14,000m in that time. Anyone who meets the challenge will be able to download their choice of Concept2-designed...

Best equipment to have at home. . . .

Question • 5 answers

What is your main gear that is a MUST have for a home gym? I have some of the basic's but I am looking for your suggestions on that one or two things that you use the most ( and have had the best results with) Thanks!

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Gig ticket item has to be Elliptical X Trainer but low budget item has to be the ever versatile 65cm inflatable ball for under £5.


Virtual Team Challenge 2015

Topic • 7 replies

The Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge runs from January 1st to the 31st.  The aim is to row as many metres as you can for your chosen team.  Tribesports will have a team, so let's see how many metres we can accumulate.  In the Fall Team Challenge, we managed...

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With just a couple of days to go, the Tribesports team total is currently at 251,223m.  Great effort!


Batterie / Chargeur Pour ASUS X53S

Topic • 2 replies

Nous fournissons la plus haute qualité batterie pour ordinateur portable ASUS X53S, Cette batterie est certifie 100% pour tre installe dans un ordinateur ASUS X53S. Les produits que nous vous proposons sont d'une qualit industrielles. Ils ont une capacit et...

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Is this beginning of the end for the TS community?

Topic • 62 replies

I love Tribesports, it has been a huge motivator for me in the last couple of years so it saddens me to ask the question but, are we witnessing the demise of the community? It seems now that there are just a handfull of active users left and with the link...

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Honestly I think that if the site linked with more "complete" fitness tracking apps I would use it more. Te gear is the best I've ever worn and I buy it for everyone I know who is active but the app doesnt link to other apps so I found myself addinng the st...


Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge (CTC)

Topic • 106 replies

I have created a Guide to the Concept 2 Cross-Team Challenge, more conveniently referred to as the CTC.  It would be great if members of this Indoor Rowing tribe took part. Although there are only two week's remaining of the April challenge, earlier today I...

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Another busy day for CTC squad.  Mike improved his result with a second attempt.  And, as promised, @bigislandgirl made her CTC debut and floated the second boat as a result!  Thanks Karla! So that matches our record of two boats floated.  Which is fantast...


Noct's dabble

Topic • 80 replies

Very impressed with Rick's fluidness with words, Sheri's quick witted rhymes, Eunice's instant and ryhming responses, and many others here.  I'm a wannabe-poet, slowly dabbling away with sentences and words.  Taking weeks and months just to pen a few lines...

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Road to Recovery  (26-Jan-2015) . The road to recovery is a lonely journey Resting at home with only Facebook for company The legs itches to run, the body yearns for the high But that plantar and shin splint decides otherwise     "Cut down the runs. L...


How am i going to update my progress here. Is there a tra...

Question • 1 answer

How am i going to update my progress here. Is there a tracker system? Am a newbie, sorry for asking too many questions.

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Kas, we all had to learn ourselves, so don't worry about asking questions. For food and drink challenges, there is no way of automatically logging, what you have to do is manually update each challenge on a daily or weekly basis. You will see a lot of upda...


Monthly Communal Event?

Topic • 38 replies

Hi All, after the awesomeness that is Kevin's organising of the 21 December event, which was great fun as far as I am concerned, and really made my usual run-on-my-own something much more, I asked of we should make this a monthly thing. I wasn't on my own,...

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Thanks to everyone who took part in our virtual anything goes sunday just gone. It's the first time I have been able to write to this thread in 5 days, damn technology. Just like to say I have loved reading all the updates, it just shows how different and d...


Do I get to post some earlier lifts from this year? or do...

Question • 2 answers

Just joined so not sure

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Just do it from now on. Don't worry about going back. It should only count from when you took the challenge. We'd fallen way, way behind to start with, but over the last couple of weeks, we've started closing the gap on where we should be. We're only slight...


Haiku chain game

Topic • 4283 replies

Hi everyone,  This is a fun writing game I play at the poetry board I'm an administrator at. Haiku poems are three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables (in case anyone hasn't written them before). Start with the third line of the previous post and write the fina...

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Staying positive, Named must your fear be before Banish it you can (Yes, it's a Yoda quote.)


Working out for Accuracy?

Question • 0 answers

I find that the longer I shoot, the more tired my arms get. So I've found that streghtening my arms has actually improved my aim. Specifically, doing front raises. Has anyone else found exercises that helped them improve? Maybe something that helped your st...

What next?

Topic • 1 reply

Just wondering what you wanted to do once you reach 6000.  Officially this is the end but as the challenge hasn't quite gone to plan do you want to continue for a while.  I was thinking looking at the current stats the following: Can girls get to 10,000 be...

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I am ok with trying to reach 10,000. Thoughts from others?? 


Tribesport FitBit Group!!

Topic • 0 replies

Hey Everyone!! I had a few people ask me to add them on Fitbit, but I have no idea how!!  So, I took the liberty to add a Tribesports Group to Fitbit Challenges!! Tribesport Buddies Let me know if it doesn't work!!

Favorite Place in the USA

Topic • 8 replies

If you could only travel to one place in the USA, where would it be? To see a broadway show in New York City?  A ski resort in the rockies? Or maybe a warm sunny beach somewhere in California?

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This won't be my best pick. It's just what in my mind at the moment. I would like to do dirty dozen race in Pitssburgh. There is a challenge on TS also if that motivates anyone:


A seed to consider

Topic • 3 replies

Feel free to add to this :-D Sesame, Chia, Pumpkin, Flax, Hemp, Pomegranate, Apricot, Sunflower, Cumin and Grape seeds.

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Of course :-D  Great thanks!!! =)


Hey guys, are you using any calorie burning calculator?

Question • 1 answer

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No, way too inaccurate.  It depends not only on you age, weight but also fitness level and even then individual days can be different due to exhaution, temperature etc.  The only accruate way is a watch and heart rate monitor. 


Hanging Leg or Knee Raises

Question • 2 answers

Just checking if it would be OK to log hanging leg raises and/or hanging knee raises for the leg lifts. I certainly find them more challenging but wanted to see if y'all agree - thanks ! :-)

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Hey I think either is okay, hanging leg raises are a lot tougher so its up to you!