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V-Ups (Lemon Crunches)



V-ups or lemon crunches are a sit up variation which work your abs and hips. As you sit up, lift your arms and legs (keeping them straight) so you make a V shape.


  1. Lie on the floor face-up
  2. Stretch your arms out above your head so you are in a long, straight line along the floor
  3. Lift your shoulders off the floor with your abs, keeping your arms straight
  4. At the same time, lift your feet off the floor with your lower abs and hip muscles
  5. Only your glutes should be in contact with the floor
  6. You should aim to get a right angle at your hips, with your back and legs 45┬░ off the floor
  7. Lower yourself back down to a straight line
  8. This is one rep of the V-up

Progression tips

Your arms and legs are used as resistance for your abdominal muscles in the V-up, therefore you can change the intensity of the exercise by changing where you hold your arms and legs. If you struggle with the full V-up, try holding your arms across your chest or down by your side so that the resistance is smaller. As with all sit-up or crunch variations, it is important not to strain or pull with your neck as your sit up, the movement should come from your abs. Exercises such as sit-ups and leg raises will build the muscle groups worked in V-ups.

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