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Guide posted by Coachsilver Irene M in Core Workout

Raised plank

The raised plank is a static exercise which challenges your core strength.

As a variation of the traditional plank (, the raised plank is also known as the upward push up position.

How to perform the raised plank:

  • Lie flat on the floor 
  • Place your hands beneath your shoulders
  • Push up, maintaining a straight line between your toes and shoulders
  • Hold this position for the assigned raised plank time

Can't push up into your raised plank?

If you can't push up into your raised plank then you can also get into position from all-fours:

  • From your hands and knees, plant your hands shoulder width apart on the floor
  • Step each leg out behind you so you can hold the upward push up position
  • Make sure you're not over-reaching (hands will be ahead of shoulders) or under-reaching (bending at the hips) when you step out


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