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Sussi Å asked the question in Run your first half marathon

Week before race

Hi all, what should the week before the race be like? Training & nutriton? I've heard that no training & plenty of fueling - is this the right approach? I wish to make a success of my 1st half. Thanx in advance for any input.

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You`ll get plenty of diferent ideas but this works for me.   I try to race 10k on the sunday before then have a rest day then a gentle 4 miles, rest day, easy 3 miles 2 rest days.   As for fuel general healthy eating no greasy fatty foods.    On the night before I have a baked potato with tune salad and in the morning a bowl of porridge and plenty of fluid intake.    I don`t take any gels and just water on the day does it for me.

Sports-iqgold William B answered Comment

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It all depends on where you are at with your training and fitness level.  If you have been training hard and running consistently (average of 7+ miles), I wouldn't drop down near that much.  You do want to taper, but that just means dropping down to perhaps 60% of your normal mileage.  You want to get in a shakeout run the day before (3 miles, easy pace).  Otherwise, I would get a small speed workout Monday or Tuesday, just something with intervals above your expected race pace. 

I don't take too much stock in what you eat, just make sure you are well-hydrated the few days prior to the half and the morning of as well. 

Just my two cents, but only if you've been putting in significant training.  Otherwise, its a whole different ballgame

Kevin H answered Comment

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