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Jack R asked the question in Go Running in the Rain

Why the "after" date?

I ran a 5.5 mile race in the rain on the 16th. Why must it be after the 17th to count?

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Hi Jack! I think the idea was so that people dont just tick the challenge off even if they've done it a year or two before. So next time you go for a run in the rain you can tick it off. Hope that helps

Sports-iqgold Jack A answered Comment


Exactly - the 17th was the creation date for the challenge. It's a way for trying to keep the family honest. It's not like it's never going to rain again :-) It makes sense to make some challenges time based and others (like Firsts) Not (after all, you can't ever do your First Skydive or Bungee jump again) But for a challenge like loose a Lb in a week - it's wrong (IMHO) to say - yeah, I did that in 1999 so that counts (even though I'm 3 Stone over weight now). :-)

encouraged this.

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