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Hit a home run

Challenge • 20 takers

For the beginners out there, this challenge is to train towards achieving that first awesome feeling, when you hit your first home run

Take a kid to their first baseball game

Challenge • 12 takers

There is nothing better than taking a kid to their first professional baseball game. Take one to their first game, minor or major league to complete this challenge.

Long Toss 50 yards

Challenge • 10 takers

Distance throwing can be quite difficult. For this challenge, prove your throwing ability by tossing a baseball at least 50 yards to another player while being as accurate as possible. Remember to warm up your arm and gradually increase your distance!

Tag him out

Challenge • 6 takers

Surprise the running base hunter by tagging him out.

60 yards sprint in under 7 seconds

Challenge • 11 takers

Train to make that base! Aim to sprint 60 yards in less than 7 seconds, and never be let down on that explosive power again!

Two glove catches in a Innings

Challenge • 6 takers

This challenge is for all you classy baseball fielders. To complete the challenge you have to catch out two players in one innings.

Hit an inside the park home run

Challenge • 4 takers

Increasingly rare in modern baseball, this challenge is to hit the an 'inside the park' home run - circle all the bases while the baseball is still in play on the field

Master a Curve Ball

Challenge • 5 takers

The challenge is master the curve ball pitch by striking the batsman out. Here is a guide to helping you complete the challenge

Two Strike Outs in Row

Challenge • 4 takers

This challenge is for the play making pitches, you have to strike out two players in row in one innings.

50 Baseball Hit Ups

Challenge • 5 takers

With a baseball bat in one hand and a ball in the other, the challenge is to hit the baseball ball up in the air 50 times in a row if you make a mistake you have to start again.

Catcher Clean Sweep

Challenge • 6 takers

Go through a whole nine innings in a baseball game without dropping a catch behind the hitter, you have to hope the pitcher helps you out!

Reverse Baseball Hit

Challenge • 4 takers

Try something cheeky but be careful as falling over would be very embarrassing! The challenge is to successfully fool the fielding side by hitting a reverse hit.

Baseball perfect game

Challenge • 4 takers

A perfect game is where a pitcher pitches a victory that lasts a minimum of nine innings and in which no opposing player reaches base i.e. the pitcher can not allow any hits, walks, hit batsmen, or any opposing player to reach base for any other reason. So...

Baseball Bat Break

Challenge • 3 takers

As a pitcher send a message to the batter by snapping their bat in half!

100 mph Baseball Pitch

Challenge • 5 takers

Show off your fast and furious bowling arm, by clocking up a pitch at 100 mph.

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