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Touch the rim

Challenge • 320 takers

Can you touch the basketball hoop rim? Great for showing off of course, but a good vertical leap is the ultimate sign of lower-body power. It shows that you can combine lower-body speed and strength into one quick movement. And that'll help with anytime ...

Shoot 5 straight freethrows

Challenge • 304 takers

Just starting out in basketball. Get your eye in from the freethrow line, and five in a row without a miss. For this challenge - you can't take a break - its five in one go without stopping - as soon as you miss - start again!

Shoot 10 straight freethrows

Challenge • 188 takers

So you're getting good from the freethrow line? Get your eye in more, practice from the freethrow line, and shoot 10 in a row without a miss. For this challenge - you can't take a break - its ten in one go without stopping - as soon as you miss - start aga...

Three-Point Shootout

Challenge • 155 takers

In this challenge, you will attempt to make as many three-point field goals as possible from five positions behind the three-point arc. You begin shooting from one corner of the court, and move from station to station along the three point arc until you rea...

Bounce two basketball's for a minute

Challenge • 111 takers

Bounce two basketball's for one minute, one in each hand at the same time without making a mistake. Why not share a video and show us all how skillful you really are.

Dribble Through the Legs

Challenge • 81 takers

Fancy trying something cheeky, dribble a basketball through your opponents legs in a match situation. Now that's entertainment!

20 lay ups from both sides

Challenge • 105 takers

This challenges is perfect match practice. Score twenty lay ups from both sides without making a mistake. To complete this challenge you will need to be strong with both hands and perhaps even ambidextrous!

Learn to Dunk in Basketball

Challenge • 126 takers

Work daily for it at least 1 hour, after one month you are sure to see vast improvements. Doing 50 weight squats will increase your jump day by day. Learn to Dunk is one of the ultimate things in basketball. Never give up and remember this challenge is for...

Shoot 20 straight freethrows

Challenge • 104 takers

Keep improving your game - get better from the freethrow line - shoot 20 in a row without a miss. For this challenge - you can't take a break - its twenty in one go without stopping - as soon as you miss - start again!

10 Free throws in a row

Challenge • 74 takers

Net 10 free throws without missing in a regular game, you must use a 10 feet basketball hoop.

Defense Block Master

Challenge • 45 takers

Show off; by becoming the defensive block master. The challenge is to successfully block the shooter and turn over the possession without fouling your opponent.

Dribble the Basketball Court

Challenge • 46 takers

Deliver a dribbling masterclass by going from one end of the basketball court to the other without being tackled.

Shoot 50 straight freethrows

Challenge • 65 takers

So you can shoot a hoop. Can you shoot ten in a row without a miss? 20? Yeah? Easy? Can you shoot FIFTY?

Through the Legs Pass

Challenge • 41 takers

Try something extravagant in a basketball game and successfully pass the ball through your opponents legs.

Make five successful 'no look' passes.

Challenge • 27 takers

Not looking whilst passing is a great way to trick the opposition into who you're passing too. This technique is also known as not telegraphing. Trust me, once you can pass without looking it becomes a lot easier to pass when you are looking.

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