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Jack A Try BMX riding  Challenge

Coachbronze Jack A created the guide Attack Position

What is the Attack Position?

The Attack Position is the best positioning on the bike for when you are hitting jumps, manualling or pumping. 

How to find the Attack Position

Firstly you need to find which foot to have as your forward foot. To do...

Jack A Manual a BMX jump Challenge

Coachbronze Jack A created the guide How to Manual a BMX Jump

What is a Manual?

A manual is essentially a wheelie without pedalling, so riding along on your back wheel with the front wheel off the ground.

How to Manual on the flat ground

Learning to manual is all about finding a balance point.

  • Get your f...
Joe C Manual a BMX jump Challenge

Contributorgold Joe C If I did this last time, it certainly wasn't intentional. I'll nail it eventually though.

Justin B and Adrian K encouraged this.


haha yeah I remember Andy saying 'nice manual' and having to shout back it was definitely unintentional!

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Cags R Try BMX riding  Challenge

Playmakergold Cags R created the Try BMX riding Challenge

BMX riding is a fast-paced, high adrenalin sport. This Challenge is to try BMX riding for the first time. See if you can take on jumps, cambers and drops whilst keeping your speed up. It's best to try BMX with someone who has ridden before and ...

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