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National Vertical Marathon 2012

Challenge • 227 takers

National Vertical Marathon 2012, proudly organised by NTU Sports Club,, will be held at Asia Square in Singapore on the 3rd of June 2012! The unconventional vertical ascend is sure to challenge you to the limit. Join us for an exhilarating NVM 2012 and see...

Climb Snowdon

Challenge • 48 takers

Walk up the highest mountain in Wales, at an altitude of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles outside Scotland. Try The Watkin Path if you can it's the most demanding route direct to the summit of Snowdon.

Basic precision jump

Challenge • 106 takers

A key movement in parkour, you need to get your precision jumps down if you want to be landing safely and controlled on walls, rails, ledges and other objects, follow the rules to complete your first precision jump

Human Flag

Challenge • 191 takers

Think you've got what it takes? Begin with your hands on the pole, and kick your leg up and squeeze with everything you've got. Pull with your top hand and push with your bottem, and simply hold at parallel. Our goal? 15 seconds. Must be straight and pleas...

Try Climbing for the First Time

Challenge • 47 takers

Get your first climbing experience, meet a great community and empty your brain for hours as you scale the wall! Indoor or outdoor, give it a go!

Monkey Vault

Challenge • 72 takers

Complete a monkey vault over an obstacle. Place both hands on the obstacle and as you leap over your leg pass through you arms

Do a parkour climb-up

Challenge • 69 takers

An essential part of parkour is the ability to get yourself up onto an obstacle from a hanging position.

Climb Ben Nevis

Challenge • 47 takers

Great walk to the top of the highest peak in the British Isles-1,344 metres (4,408 ft). There is a great view if you are luck enough to get some clear skies! Suitable for most.The Novice Walker should not attempt walk between November and May, or during bad...

Run Up a Wall

Challenge • 58 takers

Aim to tackle a wall which is higher than you can reach when you jump with your arms reaching up - propel yourself up the wall by planting your foot around waist height and power upwards. A decent run up is key to this Challenge.

One Handed Vault.

Challenge • 42 takers

Vault over an obstacle; rail, wall fence etc, using one hand for leverage

Climb a 5A route

Challenge • 36 takers

New to climbing - and looking for a challenge to get you training and pushing yourself at your local climbing wall? Bash out the 3's and the 4's - then challenge yourself, your balance, your agility and strength to climb a 5A route. To tick this route off...

Climb a mountain, any mountain

Challenge • 42 takers

This challenge is to climb a mountain, any mountain. We don't all have access to the "big" mountains. So I am challenging you guys to pick a mountain and climb it. That's it, as easy as. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Lazy Vault

Challenge • 39 takers

Place one hand on the obstacle to be vaulted for leverage, throw both legs out in front and over before placing your second hand on the obstacle to assist with push off

Catleap a distance greater than your own height

Challenge • 58 takers

Just very basically do a catleap from standing or running, over a distance equal or greater than your own height. This can be onto a wall or railing, it can be at ground level or with a drop (ground level is safer and advised for those without experience)

Speed Vault

Challenge • 46 takers

Very fast way to get over an obstacle in parkour. The speed vault. Here is how its done:

Rail Balance for 3 minutes.

Challenge • 68 takers

Begin on a rail, balance on both feet and every time you fall off do 15 burpees. one day we'll be able to balance for 3 minutes.

3 peaks challenge, 24 hours

Challenge • 46 takers

The great three peaks challenge is for the adventurous and is by no means easy. The challenges involves climbing the three highest peaks respectively in: England (Scafell Pike – 1085m), Wales (Snowdon -1085m) Scotland (Ben Nevis – 1344m) And to make t...

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