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I can't give up on myself now it's just too easy

Tribe • 96 members

For those who've had a tough year (possibly years) staying on top of your fitness goals, sticking to those routines, learning to love those routines till you realise it is no longer a strict schedule but a life choice that makes you feel that your LIFE IS S...

Physics of Rock Climbing

Tribe • 13 members

This is a tribe for all the climbers out there who are interested in the physics behind rock climbing. Share articles and discuss things like fall factors, the loads on anchors, forces generated and so on.

Malaysian Climbers

Tribe • 5 members

This is a group for climbers who are not necessarily Malaysian, but climb in Malaysia. If you have anything to share, may it be tips & advice, or just stories & photos, please go ahead!

climbing everything

Tribe • 12 members

this is for those climbers who love to climb everywhere and everything that they can. share tips and places where you have climbed with other people and most of all enjoy

KL Climbers *friendships built on a passion for climbing*

Tribe • 6 members

Looking for Climbers living in Kuala Lumpur who want to absorb themselves in all forms of climbing.. whether it be free soloing, bouldering, lead, DWS, crack climbing, or the basic top roping for beginners - even for those experts who would like to improve...

Mountain Professionals

Tribe • 6 members

If you currently work as, or are working towards becoming a mountain leader, instructor or guide then this is the tribe for you. Use this tribe to discuss how you keep fit for the job, give advice to anyone starting out, share your favourite routes or anyth...


Tribe • 14 members

Fitness advice, challenges and workouts!


Tribe • 11 members

A tribe for all those that like the mountains but also like wearing their wet suit – there is only one sport - canyoning (or canyoneering in the US). Share your pictures and stories here.

Yoga For Climbers

Tribe • 64 members

Smooth, graceful, fluid movements are essential for climbing. This as well as a climbers balance can be improved by practicing vinyasa (movement connected with breathing) and balance postures. The awareness of breath helps climbers to become more focused, m...

Fingerboard Training

Tribe • 29 members

This tribe is for sharing tips, routines and techniques for anything to do with finger/campus/training boards or just campusing in general. This form of training helps you to strengthen the connective tissue, tendons and ligaments in your fingers and is als...


Tribe • 30 members

Group to discuss tips, tricks, ideas, experiences and basically anything to do with slacklining!

Climbing South East Asia

Tribe • 14 members

This is a group for climbers who are currently climbing or who have climbed in South East Asia. If you have anything to share, may it be tips & advice, or just stories & photos, please go ahead!

Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP)

Tribe • 23 members

Putrajaya Challenge Park or Taman Cabaran is a 30 hectare park in Putrajaya's Precinct 5 containing some of the best extreme park facilities in Asia. This well designed park was opened to the public in 2009 and has three main attractions: - Indoor Rock W...

Rock Climbing Passion

Tribe • 44 members


Sports lovers

Tribe • 163 members

This is a tribe for everyone that loves sport... Rugby, swimming, running, karate, horse riding, climbing, whatever sport you do... come tell us about it. Lets share tips, advice and insight to your sport.

Strength Training For Climbing

Tribe • 190 members

The goal is to focus on the unique training for climbing, strength in your hands, grip and arms, as well as flexibility. Please do share all your training tips with us and ask as many questions as you would like to!!

Fun in the Alps

Tribe • 25 members

This is a tribe for anyone that enjoys spending time in the Alps (French, Swiss, Italian) doing any sport or just gawping at the scenery. Whether its in the winters skiing or the summer climbing, hiking or cycling. What are the stand out gems to visit, grea...

Sacred Adventure Sports

Tribe • 14 members

From Cardiff or anywhere in South Wales/ UK? Love to Run, Bike, Swim, Paddle, Climb and generally get dirty and worn out while pushing yourself to your limits? Join the Sacred Adventure Sports Tribe. It doesn't matter if you are new to Adventure Rac...

Straight Up Parkour

Tribe • 60 members

Parkour lovers abroad, right here. This is simply for you to share your exploits. Beginners and Experts (and everything inbetween) welcome here. Hook up together for a Jam session, or share your local favorites. Break free of the everyday and do something f...

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