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Christopher S Hit a six Challenge

Contributorgold Christopher S The northern cricket season is just about starting again, this challenge needs reviving. Plus last season was the first in many when I didn't hit a six at all, now a challenge to remedy that before the end of August :)

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Karl Q Play Better Cricket Tribe

Communicatorbronze Karl Q created the topic The Ashes

So, with the next great battle in history about to commence, what are everyone's thoughts on the forthcoming Ashes series? Personally, despite all the recent upheaval in the Australian camp i.e Warner, Arthur being replaced by Lehmann, I think it...

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Karl Q Get a five-for Challenge

Contributorsilver Karl Q After 3 for 20 in league 'warm-up' the previous week, took the matchball with 8-1-18-5. Hoping that's not the end and highlight of the season though!

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Neil B Last Man Stands Cricket Tribe

Neil B created the Last Man Stands Cricket Tribe

Last Man Stands is a great, new innovative short form of the game. Bringing together 30,000 players in a worldwide league format, with statistics and world rankings. It is a 20 over per side game, with 8 members on each team. All 8 batsmen must be...

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