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Glasgow 2014km Commonwealth Games

Challenge • 17 takers

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games start on 23rd July and run until 3rd August. To commemorate this, a team challenge has been created with the aim of collectively completing 2014km. This challenge is multi-sport - Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking and ...


Challenge • 3 takers

This is the twelfth and final challenge in a series to celebrate the 2014 TDF ONLY COMPLETERS OF ALL PREVIOUS 11 CHALLENGES SHOULD TAKE THE FINAL STAGE 21 ENDING ON THE CHAMPS ÉLYSÉES 136 KM marks the end of a 3,656 KM JOURNEY Smile and take the ac...

TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 - TEAM - STAGES 15 - 20 - 991 KM's

Challenge • 2 takers

This is the eleventh and penultimate challenge of a series to celebrate the 2014 TDF and starts at Stage 15 Tallard and ends at Stage 20 Perigueux and totals 991 KM'S This is a Team challenge as the real TDF is catching us up LoL New takers are welcom...

TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 - TEAM - STAGES 10-14 - 907 KM'S

Challenge • 2 takers

This is the tenth challenge in a series to celebrate the 2014 TDF and consolidates Stage 10 Mulhouse through to end Stage 14 at RIsoul This is a Team Challenge as the real tour is catching us up LOL New takers welcome to join, but existing takers of e...

Earn Your Tribesports Gear!

Challenge • 6 takers

This is a distance challenge with a prize at the end! Pick an item (or items) from the TS shop that you'd like to buy, add up the price(s) and that is how many km you have to move before you can buy it(them)! For example: the women's shorts are $39.95, so y...


Challenge • 10 takers

This is the ninth challenge in a series to celebrate the 2014 Tour De France Stage 9 starts in Gerardmer, finishes in Mulhouse and is 166km's long Take challenge once you completed Stage 8 Log your km's for your combined running, cycling and walking ...


Challenge • 9 takers

This is the seventh challenge in a series to celebrate the 2014 Tour De France Stage 7 starts in Epernay and finishes in Nancy and is 233km's long Take challenge once you have completed Stage 6 Log your km's for your cycling, running and walking until ...


Challenge • 37 takers

Santas and Snowmen started the Journey to Northpole together, with Santas reaching first. Now its the time to start the journey back to where it started. Pick a side and see who reaches back first. This has to be done by Cycling so, Outdoor cycling, statio...

Reach for the sky! Climb 5000 metres cycling in 2 weeks.

Challenge • 0 takers

If you have a Garmin or similar it shows your total ascent and descent for each ride. Keep track of each ride and try to reach 5000metres of ascent within 2 weeks,easy if you live near mountains but may mean climbing the same hill several times if you live...

Cycle 4 Sportives this Summer

Challenge • 5 takers

Now that the cycling season is in full swing, there are Cycling Sportives nearly every weekend wherever you live over several distances. Give your training some purpose and motivation and register and cycle 4 Sportives this summer. Distance as per your ...

Travel 2014km in 2014

Challenge • 82 takers

The Scottish Government and other partners are trying to encourage us Scots to be more active, as host of this years Commonwealth Games they hope to create a legacy from this. This challange will be simple for some and harder for others, but the aim is t...

Santas v snowmen cycling challenge

Challenge • 9 takers

Santas v snowmen cycling challenge. Outdoor cycling, stationary bike, spinning - it all counts. Which team will be the first to cycle the 20,000km from the South Pole to the North Pole? Challenge starts 1 December. Check the 'Takers' tab and see who join...

Take your Mum mountain biking

Challenge • 4 takers

Take your mum mountain biking. It can be a short ride or a long one. If your mum has never been mountain biking before, start on easy trails and help her learn some basic skills to stay upright. Focus on enjoying the time with your mum out in nature. Be pat...

Weekday morning MTB ride

Challenge • 4 takers

Go for a mountain bike ride in the morning. Don't wait until the weekend. Life is for living 7 days a week, not just 2. Get up an hour earlier than normal and hit the trails for a bit of a ride. You don't have to go far, hard or fast. Just enjoy doing somet...

Long Ride Home part 2-Back to Bournemouth

Challenge • 0 takers

The companion challenge to my 'Long Ride Home-South England to South Wales' challenge. This is in place to see how long it takes me to recover before I can successfully get back to my own bed, to see whether I can make this a viable alternative to a >£50 t...

Long ride home-cycle South England to South Wales

Challenge • 1 taker

I've been thinking about cycling from Bournemouth to my parents house in South Wales for a while, but its only now that things have come together to make it possible. I'm planning on heading up this Friday, and the route I've planned is 102 miles, which Goo...

It's a cycling race....( The Blondes against The Brunettes )

Challenge • 0 takers

Whoever cycles the most kms by the end of September wins. You join the team nearest to your colour hair. If your hair is black you join the brunettes. If your hair is..emmm join the blonde team. If your bald...well you can choose the team .:-)...

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