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Bike Maintenance

Tribe • 2392 members

A place to share bike repair instructions, tips, and recommended tools. As a beginner, learn the basics to maintain your bike so it runs like new all the time. As an experienced tinkerer, celebrate your latest wheel build or bottom bracket replacement. Neve...

Cycle to work

Tribe • 1908 members

Cycling to work is a good way of getting exercise without taking time out of your day. In fact a lot of people can save time cycling to work.

Cycling at the weekends

Tribe • 1506 members

If you would like to do some recreational cycling at the weekends but not sure where to go, then this group is for you. Whether you want to do a 10mile cycle along the river, a 60mile cycle to Brighton or a longer cycle to Paris for example, cycling lovers...

Spinning Junkies

Tribe • 849 members

Spinning can be a total buzz, the classes are so varied but you can always be guaranteed a vigorous workout! Its a great way to burn calories and keep your muscles in shape. Know a great class, got a great training tip, want to share the perfect tune to spi...

Girls on Bikes

Tribe • 740 members

It's no secret that a woman's performance on a bike is different to that of a man's, and is always going to be different no matter how hard we try! This means everything from how we train to what we eat is different. This is a place to discuss and share eve...

Become a better cyclist

Tribe • 676 members

The Tribe for competitive cyclists and those who want to improve to share guides and training tips.

Mountain Biking (Trail Blazers)

Tribe • 620 members

This tribe is for all things Mountain Biking. Whether it's cross country, free-ride or downhill, share your favorite trail rides and experiences. Share what you're riding, favorite gear, or anything else relevant to mountain biking culture.

Le Tour de France

Tribe • 505 members

I am addicted to Le Tour and I am sure there are plenty others on here who are as well. This is a tribe to talk all things Le Tour. Are you going? Do you watch Eurosport or ITV4 coverage? Come on lets get excited.

Cycling Apps

Tribe • 369 members

Use any good Cycling Apps? Share them here so we can join in!

Extreme Bikers

Tribe • 362 members

Mountain biking is considered as one of the most extreme sport. Going down rocky trails or other unpaved environments at full speed is attracting more and more individuals. This sport requires strength, balance and an important sense of accuracy.

Race preparation

Tribe • 351 members

Share how you prepare for a race. How long do you taper, what check lists do you use, what do you eat, there are so many variable and not all will work for all!

Triathlon swimmers

Tribe • 331 members

The swim in a triathlon is about getting to the bike in one piece. Lets share tips links video on how to get an efficient swim and have more energy for the bike and run.

Cycling Towards A Better Runner

Tribe • 243 members

We embrace the fact that a bike is a great tool to improve your running it let’s you put it more miles a week at a hard pace without the wear and tear and impact on your body while working the major muscles in your legs.

Commuter Cyclist Ranting

Tribe • 241 members

Bendy bus cut you up this morning? BMW driver undercut you? The slow cyclist you just overtook, cut in front of you at the lights, as if they're Lance Armstrong - only for you to have to go round them again? Pot hole buckled your wheel? Puncture half wa...

Go Hard or Go Home

Tribe • 206 members

This is a tribe for gym goers... runners.... cyclists.. swimmers in fact any person who loves what they do fitness wise... We are agreed you do a sport or train or run because your passionate about it and love doing it, this tribe share your experiances ...

Indoor Cycling

Tribe • 204 members

Sufferfest indoor cycling tribe. Where misery loves company and sufferers unite. Check out more videos here:

Strength Training For Triathletes

Tribe • 200 members

Many people assume that training for triathlons consists of the three disciples its made up of, however strength training plays a vital part in it. Join the tribe to find out more and to share more with everyone else.


Tribe • 185 members

Share everything Duathlon. This Tribe is for Duathletes of all levels, please share your experiences and knowledge.

Triathlon Central

Tribe • 172 members

SuperSprint Events wants to spread awareness of the deeply satisfying world of triathlon and sporting events. We have staged a few successful events such as : ITU Triathlon World Cup - Geelong 2002 - 2004 ITU Triathlon World Cup Sydney 1995 - 2000 ...

Tribe Sporters Unite!!

Tribe • 171 members

For the past 5 months I have been apart of a new family; one that support, encourages & challenges me on a daily basis. Many families partake in reunions; has there ever been a TS reunion, if not, can one be arranged? What a momentous occasion it would prov...

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