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Tribe • 16 members

A new tribe for anybody and everybody that is studying something, anything or everything. Learning to be a Personal Training, studying a Sports and Exercise Nutrition Course or students on TS studying any subject or those just scholars of life. Lets be ...

Gym finder Glasgow

Tribe • 2 members

a tribe for people to find and compare new gyms. Weather its comparing the facility Variation of machines Quality Availability Staff Location Price this tribe is to help everyone find the gym that they are looking for join and tell us what you ...

The Fitness Wolf

Tribe • 117 members

-AFAA Personal Trainer Certified -Fitness motivator -Multilevel Calisthenics and Gym Exercises and Workouts. -Fitness tips Pages

Indoor Rowing

Tribe • 28 members

Indoor rowing is a fantastic activity and can help to build and tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina. Whether you like just the occasional session at the gym, love to accumulate hundreds of thousands of metres...


Tribe • 17 members

A place to share any Pole Dance related quotes, inspirations, funnies, pics, & more!

Xercise4less leeds

Tribe • 3 members

For members of the exercise4less gym in leeds. Share tips, ask questions and share your latest achievements and you might start to see a few friendly faces around the gym too!

Non-Traditional Cardio

Tribe • 26 members

Cardio is a critical part of a fitness routine, but so many of us out there just can't stand to run or cycle to get our heart rate up. This tribe is for all of those out there who have found other creative, silly, and maybe even a little ridiculous ways to...

I can't give up on myself now it's just too easy

Tribe • 96 members

For those who've had a tough year (possibly years) staying on top of your fitness goals, sticking to those routines, learning to love those routines till you realise it is no longer a strict schedule but a life choice that makes you feel that your LIFE IS S...

Single Parents

Tribe • 13 members

For all those single parents who balance everything pretty much on their own. Being mom and dad all at once can be quite a struggle all on its own. Maintaining fitness and health on top of it can be quite challenging. This is a tribe for us to share advice...


Tribe • 321 members

Love bodyweight training? Want to dominate a handstand push-up or the dragon walk? Freeletics is an open-source (with options for subscribing) cardio and strength programme using bodyweight HIIT training. It is marketed as a viable option for people who lov...

Aberdeen Fitties

Tribe • 5 members

A tribe for all those lovely folks living in Aberdeen and who are wanting to get fit, are already fit but need some motivation, experts with tips to share. Basically any girl/lady/woman/man/bloke/guy from Aberdeen on TS! Use the tribe to find spotters, runn...

Good Health

Tribe • 77 members

Post your healthful recipes and workout tips here! All are welcome. So let's motivate each other to achieving our goals, big or small. Learn something new or share something special.

Mini Trampoline Users

Tribe • 9 members

To share experiences with using the mini trampoline. You might know this as rebounder or aerobic bouncer. Tell us what you do with yours, share excersises, workouts, challenges, questions.

The Fighters

Tribe • 34 members

You love exercising? Love the way it burns? Go through all the pain? So we are fighters! Aren't we? :)

abs lovers!

Tribe • 47 members

All of us love great abs! do you love ab workout too??? total core body/gym workout, weighted or free! share your workouts and your tips with friends! ....and, don't forget the diet!

Forget ur BUTT and get a awesome ASS!

Tribe • 60 members

Want an ASS? you better stars squatting! ☺ If you go to the gym, when you arrive at home, you feel like you have a lot of energy right? Well this is the time you do SQUATS ♥ ! The first day, do 100, 50; then rest little less than a minute, then the other ...

100% Dedication Required

Tribe • 51 members

When you join this tribe, you are making a commitment to be 100% dedicated. I will tell you right off the bat, to get into shape, it isn't 40% working out, 50% diet and 10% other. Getting into shape is 100% dedication... 100% working out, 100% diet and 10...

Addiction Recovery

Tribe • 9 members

A tribe for those affected by substance misuse. Share tips on staying drug free, managing cravings and coping with addiction or share stories which can inspire and help others. Talk about how exercise helps as part of your recovery.

Wilmington Fitness

Tribe • 6 members

This tribe is here to bring Wilmington's fit community together. We are here help motivate and inspire others to push their body to the next level. Balance of our spirit/mind/body is our cause and inspiration will be the effect.

Back On Pointe

Tribe • 120 members

Do you look forward to new workout calendars each month? Share smoothie recipes and get excited over new exercises? Join other Back On Pointe readers, share tips, review workouts, and brag about your hard work!

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