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Amanda C Exercise Psychology Tribe

I was just curious on how everyone logs swimming. How do you now how many km's or miles youve swam? Is it the feet of the pool or do you all use some kind of device? :D Was interested because I'm thinking of joining this gym that has a pool...all...

Joanna G Abs of Steel Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Joanna G Look! I finally got them! have abs just the beautiful pictures (I tried to keep it as appropriate as possible)


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the pictures some of you posted gave me something to aspire to and maintain so thank you my fellow tsers

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Ginny D 25 squats a day for 7 days Challenge

Ginny D I added to my challenge without thinking about it by the end of the week- but I did get sore from them- I think because I was mindful of my posture and really targeted maintaining excellent posture during each squat and if I lost balance or did poor form it didn't count :)

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Monica S Exercise Psychology Tribe

Communicatorgold Monica S replied to the topic Goal Setting

I agree with everything that has been said. I am one of those that struggles with setting goals. Tribesports has helped me a lot in that regard. Its hard to measure your success and acheivements without being able to cross them off a list. I guess...

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