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Paula K Get fitter than you have ever been this year Challenge

Contributorsilver Paula K Half of this challenge is done, my goals were to enter a running competition, which I did despite a cold I've been battling with this fall. But yeah, I entered a running competition in the end of August - Midnight run, 10K here in Helsinki - and I finished it with 1:06:04! I hadn't ever even ran that long of a distance before... I was so happy and yes, very proud, but after that I got really sick, so the good shape I had, is so gone... Now that I'm well again it's kind of a start-over. There is no competition (that I know of) I'm training for, but as I started this challenge in the beginning of January, there is still time to lose these extra 5 kilos and be able to run the 10K to be fitter than I've ever been!

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Zeynep Y Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

This has been pretty great for me, but that's because I need to work on my abs ( a lot, haha). 


Advanced stretching is also a good release for times I don't have energy to go all out and do we...

Amanda C Exercise Psychology Tribe

I was just curious on how everyone logs swimming. How do you now how many km's or miles youve swam? Is it the feet of the pool or do you all use some kind of device? :D Was interested because I'm thinking of joining this gym that has a pool...all...

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