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Do you love fitness & training and enjoy keeping fit and healthy? In our sports community you will find the best Challenges, guides, discussions and training advice. Share your activity and training and get the support of a network of friendly sports people to help you reach your goals.

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Alan A Get your BMI below 25 Challenge

This issue is actually more serious than we've been taking it for. One of our three kids is a professional pilot. He's three inches shorter than me, and was a gymnast and wrestler throughout high school. His neck is...

Alan A sexy leg workout challenge Challenge

Men can't show any leg when "dressed up", while women can show plenty. Men's shorts have become so long for so many years that even guys my age think it's comical when we see old photos or clips of basketball greats f...

Meghan L sexy leg workout challenge Challenge

We women do tend to accentuate the legs.  We wear skirts & dresses, our shorts are a lot shorter, our swimwear shows off the whole length of our legs.   I'm not complaining.  I love showing off my legs & I freely adm...

Meghan L sexy leg workout challenge Challenge

My boyfriend is slender-built like I am. I think he has very nice legs. I also really like how he started going barefoot with me after we started getting serious.

Ali S sexy leg workout challenge Challenge

Because that is a warm up not a challenge! haha. Why should I give that much time to this work out when I can do pistol squats and weighted squats and calf raises. And for endurance I prefer to get on my bike and peda...

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