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Drive the golf ball 200 yards

Challenge • 44 takers

Ok, not quite up in the long drive pro range, but 200 yards is often regarded as the average amateur golf driver distance - still a pretty impressive feat. Challenge is to drive the ball from the tee 200 yards (either at a range or on a course)

Chip over a hazard/bunker/water

Challenge • 22 takers

The chip shot over a hazard is no different from any other chip shot, but the visibility of the hazard in front of you creates tension and fear, leading to mis-hits and problems. Your challenge here is as much mental as physical - commit to the shot and ...

Drive the golf ball 300 yards

Challenge • 24 takers

The world record for a long drive is 515 yards - the average drive for an amateur golfer is 200 yards - so take the next step and challenge yourself to drive a tee shot (at the range or on a course) 300 yards. Even the pro's on tour often average well belo...

Hit 50 balls at the Driving Range

Challenge • 22 takers

I recently started to get back into golf again- and had forgotten what a great workout it is for the upper body. This challenge is to encourage anyone (especially me) to get involved in golf and hit a few balls.

Hole in one

Challenge • 27 takers

A truly dire film yes, but not what we're talking about here. Can you hit a hole in one (or ace)? It's going to cost you a round of drinks on the 19th hole, but for sheer bragging rights in the club house, it'll be worth it. Challenge is simple - hit...

Make a Sand Save

Challenge • 14 takers

A Sand Save is simple: all you have to do is make par on any hole where you've ended up - at some point - in a bunker. Easiest on Par 5s. Tough on Par 4's. Fiendishly difficult on Par 3s. But ALWAYS possible.

Get round in 80

Challenge • 17 takers

Get around a golf course in 80 shots ... or less

Hit the Flag

Challenge • 10 takers

You've seen it before on TV when the pro's do it and the commentators get all excited! However now its your turn, the challenge is using a regular golf club hit the ball from open play and strike the golf flag on the full. Who knows your golf ball might jus...

Get down to 10

Challenge • 23 takers

The aim of the challenge is simple: to break or match a recognised handicap of 10. So, wherever you're starting from, be it 36 or 20, this is the challenge for anyone looking to hit a tough target.

Play a flop shot to within 10 feet of the pin

Challenge • 5 takers

The flop shot can be a daunting prospect because it encourages players to attack the ball aggressively with an open club-face to get the ball up and down without much onward roll. Don't shy away from the challenge - your task is to play a successful flo...

Driving Range - Visit 2 Times in 1 Week (Level 1)

Challenge • 14 takers

Just go to a driving range near you and hit a bucket of golf balls. Who knows, maybe it will help you improve your game, convince you take a lesson or quit all together. Either way, hitting the balls with golf clubs is a great way to relieve stress (espec...

Mini Golf (Mini Putt)

Challenge • 11 takers

This is a great challenge to go do some mini golfing( mini putting) with your family! Everyone will love it! For fun post your score and we'll see who gets the highest score!

Avoiding the Bunker

Challenge • 12 takers

Do you feel your golf ball always lands in the bunker? Then challenge yourself further, by completing a round of golf (18 holes) without hitting the golf ball into a bunker.

Drive the ball over 200 yards on average

Challenge • 5 takers

By the end of the season, drive the ball over 200 yards on average, keeping it on the fairway more than 75% of the time. Spraying it wildly doesn't count, no matter how far you hit it!

Improve your golf handicap 50% in a season

Challenge • 17 takers

What's your recognised handicap? Whether you're starting from 36 or 20 or 10, this is the challenge for anyone looking to really improve their game. The challenge is to improve your handicap 50% in the space of one season.

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