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Commit to being fit -15 gym sessions in 30 days

Challenge • 1969 takers

Just joined a gym and already finding it hard to motivate yourself? Don't worry there are lots of us out there finding it just as difficult as you... This challenge is aimed at getting you on the right track, motivating you to start and maintain your new fi...


Challenge • 184 takers

The challenge is to stop you from getting so lazy in the evenings, the aim of the challenge is everytime there is an ad break on telly you have to at least do a 1 minute plank. So, through out your evening everytime an ad comes on you have to plank! This is...

Row 500m in 2 minutes

Challenge • 86 takers

Think yourself a quick rower? put yourself to the test with this fast-paced challenge!

Hit the gym every day for 7 days

Challenge • 110 takers

The challenge is simple! Hit the gym every day for 7 days in a row. Exercise for at least 30mins in each session. Miss a day for whatever reason and start again!

Join an MMA gym

Challenge • 83 takers

Attend a class at an MMA gym and make a commitment to training.

Join a gym

Challenge • 35 takers

Simple task. If your not in a gym join one :) Get an assesment and measurements and then stick to your plan for at least a Month to complete the challenge.

#StrongerFitterLeaner - what can you achieve in 4 weeks?

Challenge • 165 takers

Do you want to get stronger, fitter and leaner? Dedicate 4 weeks of your training and take the #StrongerFitterLeaner Challenge. Follow the principles and training set out in this Challenge and within 4 weeks you will have made good progress towards a st...

Chin up with 30 second descent

Challenge • 78 takers

Perform one chin up, and then control the descent for a 30 second period. You have to be descending for the entire 30 seconds, not stopping and starting. This is a really good challenge for eccentric contraction. Make sure you come down slowly enough that y...

Gym-free January

Challenge • 32 takers

The challenge is simple: maintain your fitness levels by avoiding the gym entirely for the month of January.

Go For An Early Gym Session

Challenge • 41 takers

For some this is easy. For others this is an absolute nightmare. But why not! Start your day with some high energy activity and save time in the evening to spend time with your loved ones!

Perform a Body-weight Pistol Squat

Challenge • 72 takers

One of the iconic feats of good fitness: The Pistol Squat. Perform at least one body-weight pistol squat on each leg with no assistance. Ways to work your way up to this might be single leg bench step-ups, single leg box squats to a bench, or pistol s...

lift weights 5 times a week for a month

Challenge • 58 takers

We have all, most likely seen the lift weights 4 times a week challenges, but can you go that extra mile and go for the 5 times a week! Most likely monday - friday with the weekend off :)

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