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Crab pose for 1 minute

Challenge • 4 takers

Do the crab pose and hold it for 1 minute. You should be completely extended. Try to breath regulary. It may take some time to get there, but it's worth it :)

GHDC Challenge #15 Take 8 Group Exercise Classes at the D...

Challenge • 1 taker

Complete 8 Free Group Exercise classes at the Delaware Community Center YMCA. Must complete the entire class to get credit for it, and feel free to take a family member or friend to the class as well. Classes are available throughout the entire week from 5...

Do a perfect Cartwheel

Challenge • 14 takers

I always try these on the Beach with little luck, so I thought I would challenge myself and others to try to get it right..... Turns out there are lots of helpful videos online to get you going in the right direction. They are fun to do.

Get the Splits

Challenge • 61 takers

Work on flexibility and stretching by practising the splits after working out, do not attempt this unless your muscles are warm.

Learn to do a handstand

Challenge • 203 takers

Ok, I have a confession.. I can't do a handstand unless it's in the water! Not even against a wall! So I am creating this challenge for those of you who (like me) can't. Once you achieve it, hit complete!

Do more than 40 pull ups

Challenge • 16 takers

Everyone knows the pull ups... A really adventuring and good exercise. My goal is to pass the 40 pull ups (so far got to 36), no time limit for the challenge, and you all may join me in attempt to complete it!

3 side-aerials (aerial cartwheels)

Challenge • 7 takers

A side-aerial is an acrobatic move in which a cartwheel is executed without touching hands to the floor. Preform 3. (…one just ain't enough fun!)

1000 rope skippings in one go, for 10 days

Challenge • 23 takers

warm up your legs before exercise .do first hundred skippings slow and next 100 fast , repeat alternatively upto 1000 skipping, How to Skip? Skipping can be the best cardio workout, if it is done properly. Follow the below mentioned instructions to ski...

12 Tae Bo sessions in 30 days

Challenge • 16 takers

This 12 Tae Bo sessions in 30 days is great for a full body workout. We're looking for challengers . You can do this workout in any order that you want . Be careful to build your pace gradually on each stage — you might be wobbly from the last stage.

Do the Crab - Beginner

Challenge • 95 takers

I created this challenge because I am/was having difficulty with the original "Do the Crab" challenge. This is the same challenge, just shorter. Do the crab pose (see picture) and hold for 15 seconds. Make sure you are completely extended/arched.

Do a Standing Backbend

Challenge • 71 takers

If you can do a bridge, and your looking for a cool way of getting into it, this challenge is for you. From a standing position, lean back, keep your arms straight, and go down into the bridge position. This is called a standing backbend. It requires core s...

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