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Helen T Hiking Down Under Tribe

Contributorgold Helen T Some Australian birds I've recently photographed

20141029090147-and 20141029090153-29_magpie_and_scarecrows 20141029090200-29_ibis_water_shadow 20141029090206-9._rainbow_lorikeet_3 20141029090212-21_white_faced_heron_(1) 20141029090218-18.cormorant. 20141029090706-28_spoonbill

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David F Climb Kilimanjaro Challenge

Contributorgold David F This challenge has been sitting in my list for quite some time now. I completed the climb on the 8th October with no problems. However, it was very much a challenge on summit night. Such an amazing, emotional and rewarding experience. Very proud of this achievement.


congratulations David, thats an awesome achievement :) whats next on the adventure list?

Eunice Y and Kevin G encouraged this.

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Karen F Take a Hike - Literally Challenge

Contributorgold Karen F Whoops - should have hit complete on this one a little while ago - just over one hour walk with husband along the coastal trail in Yallingup last month. He didn't like the hill very much (to be fair, he wasn't exactly wearing hiking shoes)


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