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Weekend Walkers

Tribe • 1955 members

After a stressful week at work there nothing better than going on an adventure into the back and beyond! Whether you favor rural, mountainous or moorland areas, this tribe is for you! Walking is not only great exercise but it is very rewarding at the same t...


Tribe • 722 members

Love hiking, want hiking partners, would like to plan a hike and need partners, thinking of arranging a hiking event? Well you have just entered heaven! Please share everything you can with us all! Have fun!!

Hill walking

Tribe • 410 members

This tribe is for lovers of hill walking. I live around an hour away from Loch Lomond and have started visiting the munros in the area to attempt to reach their summit. I don't think hill walking is given the credit it deserves, it's a very rewarding expe...

Everything outdoors!!

Tribe • 405 members

Do you love the outdoors? Do you love to hike? This tribe is for all those outdoorsy people that love to get out there and hike, run, or whatever in the outdoors!! Why exercise inside when we have such a beautiful planet to see and enjoy while getting fit a...


Tribe • 401 members

A tribe for all of us that love to explore, study and enjoy the mountains, forests and watercourses,l earn about the history and traditions of the regions around the mountains. A tribe to encourage a spirit of good fellowship among the lovers of outdoor ...

Global Ultra Runners

Tribe • 351 members

Got the running bug - get kicks out of discovering and taking on new endurance Challenges? This is a Tribe for all the Ultra runners: trail, mountain, desert, 24 hour & other ultra long distance endurance eventers - all welcome! We can use this Tribe as ...

Exploration - your experiences and photos

Tribe • 223 members

I never considered myself as a "walker" I don't own any hiking equipment, but I love nature and exploring new places, so here is a place to share our favourite photos of places we have discovered and would like to share.


Tribe • 188 members

Anyone ever climbed this hill, about to attempt it or just dreaming of doing it one day.

Ultimate Adventure Magazine

Tribe • 148 members

The aim of ULTIMATE ADVENTURE MAGAZINE is to explore and celebrate the realms of adventure, be it motorbiking, mountain biking, climbing, hill walking, film making, fell running, camping, hiking, travel and exploration and festivals! ULTIMATE ADVENTURE...

Hiking in the US

Tribe • 125 members

The title explains itself! If you love talking about it, reading about it and going out hiking and backpacking as much as I do I want to hear about it. I love hearing stories of where people have been, what they did and how it changed them. I am also an...


Tribe • 107 members

This Tribe has been created so that all TS members who fancy a virtual Run, Walk or Hike can join and find other interested Tribers, and can organise in a single location. All levels Beginners, Intermediates and Experts can join and any distance can be ...

Hike Canada

Tribe • 106 members

Whether you are walking in your neighbourhood, belong to a hiking group or prefer to get out to the wilderness to tackle more challenging terrain please share your tales and favourite hiking or walking routes here. Support each other and share tips, ask qu...

Hiking in the UK

Tribe • 88 members

I decided to create this tribe as I had seen there were hiking tribes for Canada and Ireland but not for us hikers in the UK. This tribe is for TS members that love to hike, walk in the countryside, mountains and around the lakes of the UK. Share experience...

Dirt between your toes!

Tribe • 87 members

a tribe for people who enjoy walking or hiking barefoot. Share your stories, favorite routes and trails ect.

Barefoot Living

Tribe • 79 members

Yes, you can live without shoes. This is the tribe for those who go everywhere and do everything without shoes.

Appalachian Trail Hikers

Tribe • 70 members

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail spans fourteen U.S. states during its journey that is 2,179 miles (3,507 km) long, including Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massac...

Irish Walkers / Hikers

Tribe • 66 members

A group for all those interested in walking or hiking in Ireland, whatever the level. Share tips, routes and challenges with everyone!

Mt. Everest Summit

Tribe • 51 members

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No. Train your mind and your body will follow. And when you feel any less encouraged about it, remind yourself: You Live Only ONCE. Live your dream and Love your life. That's all. Cheers!

The Remaining - Survivalist Tribe

Tribe • 51 members

Do you want to be one of the few that get to write the history of how the world ended, with that special someone by your side? Or maybe you just want to be able to get back to civilization after you run out of gas in the middle of Wyoming in the winter. W...


Tribe • 40 members

Sandbaggers are expedition and expedition race organisers who specialise in providing top quality experiences in some of the world’s remotest locations. In 2003 we founded Gobi Challenge, an expedition style multi-day ultra race in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. S...

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