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muay thai strikes

Challenge • 30 takers

alt. 30 secs for speed 30 seconds for power/technique. 2 sets 30sec r 1st round 2 mins of jabs, double jabs, power jabs and quick jabs- nothing else. orthodox stance or south paw 2nd 2 mins left fight combinations, then left right left hook, then left ri...

Tae kwon do---white belt

Challenge • 16 takers

Kind of a freebie, but without it you cant advance. white belt is the first step on the long road to black belt

100 round kicks for 7 days

Challenge • 21 takers

Same as the 100 round kicks just for 7 days in a row. May be tempting but no leaning on anything and dont sacrifice technique or good form

Perform an "amazonas" or "Au-Batido"

Challenge • 8 takers

I recommend checking for details, you can either come straight down as this video implies or go along the length of your body (much more effective for kicking someone)

Wing Chun Fitness: 1000 elbows / 1000 knees

Challenge • 25 takers

This MMA striking challenge may be performed in the air, or in the gym against equipment such as the heavy bag or using a partner holding thai pads / focus mitts. You have 1 week to do 1000 elbow & knee strikes ea. working in sets of 20 to 25 for each body...

Earn a Green Belt in AFK.

Challenge • 1 taker

Aside attending classes practice for 1 hour 3 times a week all testing techniques for 4 weeks before testing.

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