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Give your skin a natural boost -2 litres of water per day...

Challenge • 23748 takers

2 litres is a good minimum for the average person to drink in a day in order to maximise brain function, expel waste from the body, improve your mood, raise your energy levels and hydrate your body, skin and hair. At first you might find all the water consu...

4 weeks without soda drinks

Challenge • 12741 takers

Most of us drink soda. Some are even addicts ! Do you know the extent to which drinking carbonated, caffeinated, sugared, or artificially sweetened beverages harms your body? Giving up soft drinks can be one of the best things you can do to improve your hea...

4 weeks without Alcohol

Challenge • 5348 takers

This is not so much a physical challenge, but a mental challenge. The object is to cut out alcohol from you diet for 4 full weeks. Everyone enjoys a drink now and then, but how many days worth of training do we lose because of the after effects? Too many. C...

30 Days without Chocolate

Challenge • 4343 takers

It's that time of year, the sun has disappeared, the water temperature has dropped and there is no way you are getting in it, and the temptation to sit around and eat chocolate is getting worse day by day. So here to help beat the cravings is a challeng...

Oooooh, fruity!

Challenge • 3421 takers

Eat a piece of fruit, everyday for 30 days! Most people will be able to do this easy, but for those people that need to get themselves into a good habit, take this challenge, and eat a piece of fruit everyday for 30 days!

No sugar in your tea or coffee for a week.

Challenge • 1935 takers

For a period of one week avoid adding sugar or sweeteners to your hot drinks. A recent study in America has likened sugar to poison for the effect it has on our bodies over time. Kick the sweet stuff into touch! Start with small steps, knocking sugar on ...

The Fast Food Challenge

Challenge • 2590 takers

You see challenges such as no chocolate for a month, no alcohol for four weeks... well how about no fast food for a month! that includes McD, KFC, Burger King etc etc. thats all the food n drinks n includes salads that you may buy. Are you able to say no ...

get your body fat below 15%

Challenge • 2924 takers

Get that body fat % down and get lean. Lean is quick! Getting your body fat percentage below 15% is a good step in the direction of being really lean. Through whichever means you choose, aim to reduce your fat to a point where only 15 per cent of your bo...

Go down a jean size!!

Challenge • 2171 takers

Celebrate your waist reduction results here! Sometimes results are more evident in clothes sizes than in kg's/lbs. If you have managed to lose enough fat that your formerly snug jeans are no longer wearable without a belt, or you have had to go shoppin...

No cake for a month.

Challenge • 1520 takers

We all love cake. As perhaps the most tempting sinful foods, it is almost impossible to turn down a slice of delicious cake when offered. Or can you prove this wrong? The challenge is to turn down all offers of cake, and not buy any yourself, for an entire...

Eat a portion of vegetables with your main meal every day...

Challenge • 1358 takers

Easy for some this one, esp I am guessing those with kids, but not so easy for others. Maybe use this challenge to break a cycle, get back into veggies or similar. Challenge is to eat a proper portion of vegetables with your main meal (be it lunch or dinn...

Say No To Soft Drinks!

Challenge • 1319 takers

Say no to soft drinks (carbonated sweetened or unsweetened drinks) for one complete month. Cold drinks add lot of sugar to the body without having any nutritional value. It depletes body of precious calcium reserve, can lead to osteoporosis. It has ve...

No pizza for a month

Challenge • 1128 takers

Whether it is stone baked, take away, home made, has loads of vegetables on it, just one slice.... If it is pizza it must not pass your lips for a month

No crisps or sweets for 30 days

Challenge • 1370 takers

Cutting out snacking on food with poor nutritional value, such as sweets and crisps which are typically loaded with carbs and sugar will leave you with a lower calorie intake as well as reducing the levels of salt and sugars you are consuming. With this...

7 Consecutive Days Without Alcohol

Challenge • 477 takers

7 Consecutive days without a drop of alcohol passing your lips! You have to post a start date and time when you decide to activate this challenge and then re-post finish date and time on completion of this challenge Good luck!

Eat Clean for a Week

Challenge • 880 takers

Take just a week to knock out any and all processed foods from your diet. Hop on over to my Clean Eating Tribe and find some great resources to help you throw together some delicious and nutritious meals instead. The less processed food you put in your body...

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