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Sports Nutrition

Tribe • 22577 members

SingleTrack magazine seem to have a great maxim describing their attitude towards fitness. I am paraphrasing but it boils down to "eat less crap and do more exercise". We all know it is important to eat a balanced diet and this tribe is an open forum to dis...

Clean Eating

Tribe • 12255 members

I'm creating this group to share info about Eating Clean and how it has helped me become healthier. I will be posting loads of info, resources, and recipes over the next few days =)

Food and Drink Advisors

Tribe • 8461 members

Athletes need food to enable them to perform their functions during sport. Right food and drink can help individuals to achieve better performances. However, it is often difficult to determine if products we consume are beneficial or not.

Smoothie Recipes

Tribe • 8106 members

Love smoothies? Share your recipes on here! Smoothies are quick to make, taste great and are great for you!

Healthy Eating Habits

Tribe • 7468 members

This tribe does not boast of extreme nutritional philosophies or staying unrealistically thin, or killing yourself by not eating foods you love. This tribe is about feeling great and energetic having a stable mood and keeping yourself healthy by following v...

Cooking and Recipe Swaps

Tribe • 6780 members

Like cooking? Like to eat and know someone you can bribe to cook? Share ideas for lovely sport enabling foods here!

The Breakfast Club

Tribe • 3035 members

The most important meal of the day but one that can sometimes be hard to fit into a hectic schedule. Join this tribe if you want to share ideas, recipes and tips for a healthy and nutritious start to the day with other TS users.

From FAT to FIT

Tribe • 2706 members

A tribe for those of us that started out, or are starting out, to loss weight and ended up on a journey of self discovery getting fit along the way.

Super Foods

Tribe • 2125 members

Have you tried superfoods? Do they actually work? A tribe for you to let others know.

A healthier life style

Tribe • 2069 members

Looking for a way to Live larger than life? This is the place where we reveal it all: Nutritional concepts, Nutritional habits you should adopt, what to eat and when, low intensity & high intensity training programs. This is your one stop shop for a bet...

Say No To Bad FAT!

Tribe • 1913 members

Study suggest role of bad fat (that forms LDL in body) with carovascular disease. I urge tribe members to reduce the quantity of bad fats in the form of deep fried food stuffs (Like finger chips). When oil is heated to high temperature there is partial con...

Fast, simple and healthy meals

Tribe • 1881 members

A place to share recipes for meals which take no more than 5-10 mins to prep and under 20 mins to cook. They must be simple,ie: use ingredients you would find in the fridge/larder and of course healthy and nutritious. Enjoy!

Vegetarian & Vegan Athletes

Tribe • 1285 members

Vegetarian & Vegan tribe Athlete. A tribe for athletes to achieve their full potential and boost their performance levels purely on a vegetarian and vegan diet. And also learn the secret recipes of the ancient world on fuel, spices and grains that can su...

Sports Supplements

Tribe • 1086 members

A Tribe to discuss and recommend different sports supplements and their effects.

Making Health a Lifestyle

Tribe • 1052 members

Following a diet or meal plan can be hard. Sticking to a fitness regimen can be daunting. But actually just changing your habits and making health part of your lifestyle is easy. This group will contain information on achieving life-long lifestyle chang...

Fight Obesity!

Tribe • 923 members

Cardiovascular diseases are the deadliest killer in the world. Even deadlier than cancer and aids. The total deaths caused annually by heart disease amounts to 23% of all (Source WHO). Obesity is the highest risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. The mos...

You Are What You Eat

Tribe • 865 members

This Tribe is for those of us who want to become more mindful of what we take in as fuel for our fitness. Not only are you what you eat, but you get what you take in: garbage in, garbage out. If you want to be fitter, faster, leaner, calmer, and more energi...

Fresh fruit tribe

Tribe • 756 members

This is a tribe for people to share how they know when certain fruits are fresh. There is nothing worse than a bad fruit and many people don't know how to pick ripe fruits. Share the knowledge so we can share the joy of eating right.

Paleo Warrior

Tribe • 700 members

Share your tips and recipes for fuelling the life of a Paleo Warrior.

Loose 'the last' 10 pounds

Tribe • 615 members

You should join this tribe if you're having some little excess fat and you want to get rid of it. The purpose of the group is to discuss/give advice and encouragement about how to lose this last pounds and how to push through plateau periods and so on.

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