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Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting, also known simply as weightlifting requires athletes to perform a single maximum lift of a loaded barbell overhead via the snatch and the clean and jerk. If you are looking for training advice, new programs, form checks or general weightlifting discussion you'll find it here

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Vylisa A Overhead Barbell Press - 50% bodyweight Challenge

Contributorgold Vylisa A Current weight is 52.5 kg, am able to lift 20 kg. Working on this :-)

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Ross A Complete a Deadlift with 200% of your bodyweight Challenge

Contributorbronze Ross A For reference I did this at 190lbs with 405lbs deadlift. Great challenge for people starting to get serious about their strength training just requires consistent training.

Dave W and Eunice Y encouraged this.


Great lift Ross !! Keep up the hard work ! ;-)

Eunice Y encouraged this.

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