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Increase your standing Long jump for 10 cm

Challenge • 6 takers

Increase your personal record for 10 cm. If you don't have your previous result, make five powerful jumps, than remember or note the largest one. Later, try to beat that result for 10 cm. e.g if your largest jump was 2.10 m you need to jump 2.20 to beat th...

Learn a triple jump steps

Challenge • 6 takers

Triple jump drills are very effective for all athletics events, even the throwing ones. They increase explosive energy and gives you right control over your legs and arms. For the beginning lets try do one whole triple jump. Lets focus not only for legs, b...

6 30 m quadrupedal variations

Challenge • 10 takers

I honestly could not believe there was not a single quadrupedal movement challenge anywhere. So here one is. 6 variations time does not matter as long as your form is good 1 x cat walk 1 x backwards cat walk 1 x side monkey leading left leg 1 x side...

Parkour basic QM hold for 5 minutes long

Challenge • 5 takers

This exercis doing on ur all fours is basic step of parkour..but the most useful one to get in fit.. strong ur joints..muscles..cores..balancing.. Doing in a group is much better..

Parkour rolls every day for a week

Challenge • 16 takers

To master your parkour roll you need to practice it regularly. The challenge is simple, practice your parkour roll every day for a week. The rest is up to you!

100 Precision Jump

Challenge • 13 takers

Precision jumps are standing jumps from a stationary position used to ‘jump from’ and ‘jump to’ a finite point with control and balance. How to do :

Parkour Generations Shock Absorber Workout

Challenge • 131 takers

Parkour Generations have set us this plyometric Challenge - this one is all about controlling your landings and using your momentum in your next movement - it's also amazing physical conditioning which will have you working hard with your own body weight.

10 Head Stand Push-Ups a Day for 7 Days

Challenge • 21 takers

This is a great upper body exercise, that can have a balance element to it. Place your head and hands on the ground as if you were going to do a head stand, then push up by extending your arms then lower again slowly. This exercise can be done with the supp...

In between

Challenge • 16 takers

This is a bit of a specific and therefore a more difficult one to complete. But basically when you go to practice parkour pick a couple of different locations within a few blocks of each other. Then start at one, do your thing, then instead of driving to th...

Rocket Vault

Challenge • 15 takers

Although this move is lacking in fluidity, it is impressive with the runner or traceur having their legs above their body whilst both balancing and travelling over a rail or wall

50 precision jumps a day for a week

Challenge • 24 takers

this is a simple challenege in which you must do 50 precsion jumps a day for a week. size doesnt really matter, its literally just homing your technique. practice makes perfect so to speak.drill drill drill!!!!

Dash Vault

Challenge • 21 takers

For This Vault, A lot of Courage is required. You run at the obstacle, jump into a seated position with your feet over the obstacle and place your hands on the obstacle and push yourself forward. This vault can be really sore if done incorrectly

Double Kong Vault

Challenge • 14 takers

Similar to a Monkey Vault. You Combine two Kongs in a row traversing between two objects of similar height. As you take off the first object, you use your arms to propel yourself to the second object, while not letting your feet touch the ground. You then c...

Speed Vault

Challenge • 46 takers

Very fast way to get over an obstacle in parkour. The speed vault. Here is how its done:

vert vault

Challenge • 29 takers

Place both hands on the obstacle and throw both legs skywards as you vault over

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