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Alan A Barefoot Runners Tribe

Contributorsilver Alan A 40 minutes gravel tray training this evening after desert. Going down to 27 degrees F tonight! Sort of glad we're NOT running the International Marathon tomorrow before sunrise. Still got to figure out how to make up for the desert though.

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James (Jim) G Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

Depends how far you are running. Up to 10k and you could easily wait until after your run to eat but in my opinion , anthing above that and you need to be properly fueled so try to eat at least 90 minutes before you...

Anne M Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

I find almonds give me energy! For just a 5 km, I drink a protein drink a 1/2 hr - 1 hr before and eat a handful of almonds 5-10 min before they usually give me instant energy! I have tried to eat breakfastand became...

Keith S Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

Kai, as everyone else has said it really is dependent on you. Do you feel better running after eating or before? This is something that you get a sense of once you have tried it for a while. I tend to, like most othe...

Kevin G Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

Kai, I assume this question is related to the 'go for an early morning challenge' you have highlighted which means you have to start running before 7.00am, so the idea of getting up at 5-6am to eat might not appeal....

Monica S Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

I would say go with whatever works for you. I know people who can eat and jet right out the door and others who need a good hour because it leads to digestive issues. I would focus less on when to eat and more on wha...

Alex D Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

Whatever works for you. A snack an hour before you go, like a banana, is useful, but some people can eat loads more than that.  I find if I eat much more than that close to a run I feel really sick and get awful pain...

Andy D Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

I would say, if you're going to eat before any kind of exercise, try to make it at least an hour before to give your body a chance to digest it a little.  Eating too soon before can make you feel very heavy and, as C...

Pronsias (Frank) M Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

I think everyone is different, some people need to eat before they run, others prefer to run on an empty stomach, as Colleen says, see how you feel after you eat before running. Listen to your body and adjust to it,...

Colleen O Go for an Early morning run. Challenge

Eating before running has been linked to spontaneous combustion!! Actually just eat whenever it works for you. If someone here tells you or a book tells you 30 min before and then you feel sick, you won't keep doing...

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