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Kevin G Running Music Tribe

Jennifer, i am sure you are not alone in the first couple of KM body vs brain battle, your willpower. positive attitude and previous distances run will always conquer and prevail. Do you warm up before you run, i do...

Alan D Run a 5k in under 30 minutes Challenge

Alan D 00:26:39. for this 5K on Saturday best this year

Damian B encouraged this.


Was that a parkrun by any chance?


I'm hoping to try the Gunnersbury parkrun in the next month or so.

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Jason H Interval Training Tribe

Contributorsilver Jason H Intervals on the rowing machine today concentrating on power.


Thanks Alan. Massive shock to the system after only doing 5ks for about 8 months. I must do more of this type of session.

Kevin G and Alan S encouraged this.


Yup, occasionally going longer than 5km will make everything you've been doing feel so much shorter! If you have the time to do them every now and then, definitely try and include them in your schedule.

Jason H and Giuliana B encouraged this.

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