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Souquieres P Running

Stattogold Souquieres P logged 13.94 km of Running in 1:30:36 today
Sortie longue en nature, première partie dans la zone endurance de base puis la fin un peu plus libre mais près de la zone trois. Temps exécrable, pluie tout le long du run, j'étais content d'avoir la Haglofs ! Excellente sensation, fin du travail foncier., Météo: 8 °C, WC: 5 °C, 15km/h NNO, 100%


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First P Running

Stattogold First P logged 24.32 km of Running in 2:12:19 today
It's been awhile since I enjoyed my run as much as I did today. I've been putting in the miles and sticking to my marathon training as closely as possible but I've not been feeling it. On top of that I've been assailed with doubts lately about this whole marathon thing, asking myself what the hell I was doing. Thankfully that has all been blown away. What changed? One, folks whose marathon training I've been following (@melissa F. and @elliot W. among them) performed so brilliantly in their races that I realised - I can do this! I also realised I owe it to them to do well too. Two, I revisited my favourite books on running - among them "Once A Runner" - and found inspiration. Suddenly the whole marathon training appeared in a different light and today's run took on new meaning. The plan called for a 15-mile run at a pace of 8:50 - 9:00. Oddly I felt if I can get this one done then I'm ready. So i took it seriously and prepared well for it. And wow! it was great. In fact for the first few miles I had a hard time restraining myself, my senses were unusually sharpened- I seemed to notice everything along the route the foxes darting across my path, the buses getting ready for the day in Leyton, the drunkard weaving along the road at Stratford, that beautiful glowing roundabout in Barking, the smell of curry in Ilford, the party goers at Manor Park stopping to ask me how long I had been running (that surprised me - I usually get taunts from them).......
It was a good run.


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Bridget C Go Running in the Rain Challenge

Contributorgold Bridget C OMG was raining/drizzling when we left but within 2kms we were in the eye of a storm!!! We couldn't lift our heads up to see and the flooding ended up leaving us only running down the median line of the road as the footpaths and gutters flooded completely. So drenched, shoes and clothes squishy and heavy I actually changed clothes at a toilet stop @ 11km before completing the next 8km! Hope I never experience that again!!

Connor M and Bob K encouraged this.

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