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Running Music

Tribe • 14229 members

What does everyone listen to when they go running? What's that inspirational tune or playlist that gets you through that last 5 minutes on the treadmill or last half hour in a marathon? Song names, album names, artist - the more info the better!

Become a Stronger Runner

Tribe • 12572 members

A tribe dedicated to becoming a Stronger Runner. Run Strong, Run Tall, Run Natural. Ways to become a stronger runner will be posted as discussions here. Improve leg turnover, efficiency, body alignment, muscle balance, and running-specific muscle strengt...

Let's Run

Tribe • 7819 members

Let's not drive to the corner store, not take the bus for two stops down the road, not take the train to the next city, not fly to the next continent! Let's just Run! Let's Run...up the hills, down the hills, by the canal, by the sea...the list is lon...

Interval Training

Tribe • 7338 members

Studies have shown that fitness can be improved significantly through interval training and many fitness experts believe that it is the most effective form of training. Whether you want to improve your 5km time, run a marathon or use interval training to im...

Get rid of your "love handles"

Tribe • 6611 members

This tribe is for people who want to get rid of their "love handles"... Don't get me wrong, we want love but not "love handles". Let's run 3x and workout our obliques everyday for 4 weeks and see check the results! Are you with me?

Half marathon

Tribe • 4968 members

Whether you are a novice just finding your running feet or an experienced half marathon runner come share tips, training advice and the occasional joke :-)

Strength Training For Runners

Tribe • 4581 members

Running is a total body workout, but some muscle groups are stressed more that others. This can create disparity in opposing muscle groups (e.g. quadriceps and hamstrings lack balance). Lack of parity in opposing muscle groups is one reason for injury. T...

Beginner Marathon Runners

Tribe • 2973 members

Running your first marathon is nerve racking - the training looks daunting, and the thought of running for several hours, non-stop just seems absurd. But the marathon holds an allure that draws hundreds of thousands to take it on each year. This is the ...

Trail Running

Tribe • 2625 members

Like running? Don't like roads? Like to pretend you're James Bond running through muddy trails and obstacle-strewn forests? Join us! It is your destiny!


Tribe • 1663 members

Do you use the Nike+ Running device, Mobile App, Sportsband or GPS Watch? This is the group for you. Share your Nike+ details, challenges and maybe even play a bit of TAG! Let's make it happen!


Tribe • 1499 members

We all know the feeling... we start a new workout "routine" and then we fall behind... we set goals for ourselves and then we feel guilty when we fail to meet un-realistic expectations... well I'm here to say "EFF ROUTINES" - we don't need that kinda press...

Winter Runners

Tribe • 1406 members

This Tribe is for those who are not deterred by the cold weather that winter brings. Swap tips on how to keep warm and push yourself to get out there, whatever the weather.


Tribe • 1378 members

For those using plyometrics to improve their running speed, both for short and long distance

slow runners

Tribe • 1247 members

Just because we run doesn't mean we are in a hurry... enjoy the journey, not just the destination!

Stay Hydrated

Tribe • 1247 members

Keeping yourself hydrated is an essential part of life. Running, exercising, hard work.....all require us to do more to keep ourselves hydrated. There are numerous options available to us in order to help us achieve a well-hydrated state, but which ones w...

Just Breathe

Tribe • 1184 members

Running out of breath? At one time or another, every runner has gasped for air: it's a simple fact of running. But if it happens with great regularity perhaps you are not breathing correctly. Good breathing techniques are an important part of running be...

Night Runners

Tribe • 1055 members

For those who love to run under the moon.stars or even streetlights.

Natural Running

Tribe • 1045 members

Less is More, Are you always injured wearing traditional running shoes? Well, we weren't designed to be a tribe of heel strikers as most modern running shoes encourage us to do. In fact, they encourage injuries by altering our natural running form. By runni...

Barefoot Runners

Tribe • 944 members

Run Barefoot...why run barefoot? A tribe to share resources, blogs, thoughts, ideas about barefoot running and walking.

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