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Skin A Full Day

Challenge • 2 takers

Do a full day of backcountry skiing with at least 3 people. Look to skin or bootpack every run for a full 8 hours. Be careful and make you are with a qualified friend or guide.

Ski a North American Blue Run

Challenge • 2 takers

Pick a run, any run! As long as it's "blue". Ski from the top to the bottom, without falling. For a little bonus do it without using the "plow", "wedge", or "pizza" stance. Have fun and be safe!

Take your kids skiing on New Yrs. day!

Challenge • 0 takers

This is an easy one. Spend some quality time with your family on the slopes. My son 13 snowboards, my daughter 11 and I ski. We are going with the neighbours. A great time will be had by all! Join in the fun!

Learn to Cross Country Ski

Challenge • 8 takers

Take a lesson, whether registered or from a friend who knows what they are doing. Gey outside and have some fun!!

XC Skier but no snow? Hike a trail you plan to ski. Bon...

Challenge • 3 takers

How else will you know what's under the snow when skiing later? Take a hike, and take your poles with you. Practice pole placement while you hike, but mostly just enjoy the scenery. If you've skied the trail before, expect the hiking to take about 4x lon...

XC Ski down a hill without falling

Challenge • 2 takers

Pick a hill that is challenging for you. This could be very slight or very large depending on your skill level. Straight or bendy. Sort or long. Gradual or steep. Smooth or bumpy. Whatever. Ski down this hill and try not to fall. If you fall, land o...

XC Ski herringbone up a hill

Challenge • 4 takers

Learn the technique of hill climbing in cross country skis. Practice herringbone pattern by pointing your toes out and stepping up a hill to climb it.

Cross Country Ski a 10K Course

Challenge • 4 takers

In my area, there are several groomed trail 10k long, but any way that you can get out and enjoy this amount of distance on skis in one go is perfect. Maybe it's a local park, maybe a golf course. Enjoy, pick up some speed, and take in some cool damp air...

Go cross country skiing for the first time

Challenge • 8 takers

Cross-country skiing (or XC skiing) is a form of ski touring in which participants propel themselves across snow-covered terrain using skis and poles which is popular in many places with large snowfields, primarily Northern Europe, Canada, and Alaska. Cros...

Heli Skiing

Challenge • 5 takers

Get out there and try it! Really expereince skiing with no boundaries! Push yourself to the next level! Only attempt if your well experienced.

Ski in Chile

Challenge • 4 takers

All you have to do is Ski on any mountain in Chile.

Run, ski, snowshoe: Beat the trail/road for 2400k this year

Challenge • 2 takers

This challenge will have you hit the trail (or road) for 2400k this year. Every time you beat the trail with your feet and get your heart pumping, it counts. So get out your running shoes, snowshoes, cross-country skis and embrace the trail as often and for...

Ski in New Zealand for a day

Challenge • 1 taker

Spend a day skiing on a New Zealand ski field - Whakapapa, Turoa, Queenstown, any where you like. If you are an absolute beginner or a crash hot expert, enjoy being in our great country. Have a great day!

Do a warm up before you ski

Challenge • 6 takers

For most sports we know that it's important to do a warm up first. But for skiing it's something that we often neglect. In order to complete this challenge, do a 5-10 minute warm up before you start skiing next time.

Learn to Ski Parallell

Challenge • 6 takers

We tend to learn how to ski with our skis in a wedge or snow-plough. To really progress in skiing we need to make the transition to skiing with our skis parallel all the time. On your next ski holiday, make this your challenge!

Master Mogul Skiing

Challenge • 6 takers

Moguls - love them or hate them, they are a part of skiing! Once you've mastered the short radius turn, you're well on your way to being able to ski moguls. Practice makes perfect so get out there and ski some moguls. You've mastered this challenge once you...

Master Short Radius Turns

Challenge • 3 takers

If you want to be able to ski steep terrain (black or double black) well, you'll need to master the short radius turn.

One Ski Skiing

Challenge • 6 takers

Challenge yourself to ski on one ski! This is a test of your balance, and requires you to have a "centred" stance. Choose an easy green run to do this!

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