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Burn 100,000 Calories!

Challenge • 21 takers

How quickly can you burn 100,000 calories? Can only be started AFTER you have completed the Burn 25,000 and 50,000 Calories challenge. You CAN NOT do them at the same time! Push yourself to work harder, burn more fat and build more lean muscle!! Use t...

Vineman 70.3 2015

Challenge • 0 takers

The Vineman Ironman 70.3 Triathlon consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run triathlon.The course is a tour of Sonoma County's beautiful wine country, passing through four different grape growing regions: the Russian River Region, the Dry...

Swim 2km per week for 4 weeks

Challenge • 5 takers

Swimming burns lots of calories, anywhere from 500-650 per hour depending on how efficiently you swim (you burn more flopping around than swimming cleanly!) and how buoyant you are (the more body fat you have, the more you float and the fewer calories it ta...

Swim 5 miles in a week

Challenge • 2 takers

Swim 5 miles within one week. Any stroke or combination of strokes. Do it all at once if you really want, but us lesser mortals can break it up across 7 consecutive days in any way that we like. Indoors or outdoors; pool or open water. Push to complete...


Challenge • 15 takers

This challenge is for beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers, in other words, everybody :) Why, quite simply, review your end of year training total, however large or small, and attempt to beat it the following year. CHALLENGE YOURSELF Start Date ...

Swim the English Channel in 8 weeks

Challenge • 1 taker

You've done the challenge, but you're not quite ready for the challenge yet... Get cl...

Swim the distance of the English Channel in 4 weeks

Challenge • 3 takers

Always wanted to know if you had what it takes to swim the English Channel but not actually touch the sea? Then why not swim the 22miles in the comfort of your local swimming pool. Depending on the length of the pool it'll break down to: 20m pool: 1770 l...

Challenge yourself over the next 12 months

Challenge • 14 takers

Select 1 activity in each of the 4 categories below and beat your current Personal Best. When you take the challenge, state your discipline and your current PB and then work away. No need to update daily but log your training as normal and maybe post a m...

Boys vs Girls Cardio: First to 50,000 km

Challenge • 110 takers

There are individual challenges for these super duper cardio's.. So this is an effort to unite everyone under a challenge. Title says it all. Lets do some serious cardio. Km's from "Walking, Running, Cycling, Elliptical, Swimming, Rowing" (only thes...

Swim 75km in a Year

Challenge • 7 takers

The most important rule for this is SAFETY FIRST. Can be done in a pool or open water with any stroke. Here are some websites about open water safety if you plan on open water swimming;

Burn 50,000 Calories!

Challenge • 19 takers

How quickly can you burn 50,000 calories? Can only be started AFTER you have completed the Burn 25,000 Calories challenge. You CAN NOT do both at the same time! Push yourself to work harder, burn more fat and build more lean muscle!! Use the calorie ...

Burn 25,000 Calories!

Challenge • 27 takers

How quickly can you burn 25,000 calories? Push yourself to work harder, burn more fat and build more lean muscle!! Use the calorie counter function on the exercise machine or on your sport watch. Any exercise counts, keep track of your own total. Go...

Glasgow 2014km Commonwealth Games

Challenge • 0 takers

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games start on 23rd July and run until 3rd August. To commemorate this, a team challenge has been created with the aim of collectively completing 2014km. This challenge is multi-sport - Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking and ...

Earn Your Tribesports Gear!

Challenge • 9 takers

This is a distance challenge with a prize at the end! Pick an item (or items) from the TS shop that you'd like to buy, add up the price(s) and that is how many km you have to move before you can buy it(them)! For example: the women's shorts are $39.95, so y...

Swim “Hands-And-Feet-Bound Kolkhuri” Style For 2 Pool Len...

Challenge • 1 taker

For this challenge your legs will be bound with a strap around your thighs or calves & a strap around your ankles, & your arms bound to your sides with a strap around your chest & upper arms & a strap around your hips & lower arms. You will then swim 2 len...

Swim around an island

Challenge • 3 takers

No matter how small the island is, just swim around it. Post a picture of the island and tell us the distance. Always be safe and have a swimming buddy.

Increase lung capacity

Challenge • 12 takers

Swim to enlarge your lung capacity, Swimming will help expand your lungs' capacity, which will help you develop more endurance in and out of the pool. Technique: - Instead of breathing on every stroke, breathe on every second stroke, fourth stroke or si...

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