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Training for beach bodies!

Tribe • 3543 members

If your currently training for a summer beach body, this is the place for you to share and discuss workouts, meals, and supplements!

Swim Drills & Workouts

Tribe • 2543 members

If you want to swim in a more efficient way, more relaxed, faster, gliding as a dolphin in the water, then swimming only the distance in the pool is not enough. Introducing drills, dryland swim exercises will enhance and fine tweak your technique, make y...

Open Water Swimmers

Tribe • 806 members

It's time to get back to the joy of swimming under an open sky. Water needs no roof! Swimmers have too long been held in chlorinated captivity! This Tribe is for anyone that thinks swimming is best done when they are not only submerged in water, but wh...

Race preparation

Tribe • 351 members

Share how you prepare for a race. How long do you taper, what check lists do you use, what do you eat, there are so many variable and not all will work for all!

Triathlon swimmers

Tribe • 331 members

The swim in a triathlon is about getting to the bike in one piece. Lets share tips links video on how to get an efficient swim and have more energy for the bike and run.

Wild Swimming

Tribe • 246 members

To enter wild water is to cross a border. You pass the lake’s edge, the sea’s shore, the river’s brink – and you break the surface of the water itself. In doing so, you move from one realm into another: a realm of freedom, adventure, magic, and occasionally...

Swim 3000m in 1 hour

Tribe • 239 members

Simple, swim 3000m in under 1 hour 20m pool = 150 lengths 25m pool = 120 lengths 33m pool = 91 lengths 50m pool = 60 lengths Good luck

Go Hard or Go Home

Tribe • 206 members

This is a tribe for gym goers... runners.... cyclists.. swimmers in fact any person who loves what they do fitness wise... We are agreed you do a sport or train or run because your passionate about it and love doing it, this tribe share your experiances ...

Strength Training For Triathletes

Tribe • 200 members

Many people assume that training for triathlons consists of the three disciples its made up of, however strength training plays a vital part in it. Join the tribe to find out more and to share more with everyone else.

Triathlon Central

Tribe • 172 members

SuperSprint Events wants to spread awareness of the deeply satisfying world of triathlon and sporting events. We have staged a few successful events such as : ITU Triathlon World Cup - Geelong 2002 - 2004 ITU Triathlon World Cup Sydney 1995 - 2000 ...

Sports lovers

Tribe • 163 members

This is a tribe for everyone that loves sport... Rugby, swimming, running, karate, horse riding, climbing, whatever sport you do... come tell us about it. Lets share tips, advice and insight to your sport.


Tribe • 145 members

This is the Tribe to discuss all the #GameChanger moments in sports. Sports through the years is packed full of people who have blazed a trail and changed the way things are done. They didn’t bow to convention and follow the accepted way. They questioned th...

London swimmers

Tribe • 141 members

Looking to shed a few pounds or improve you fitness and tone up a bit, then this is the tribe for you! This is for all you recreational swimmer that don’t take it too seriously but want get better and still work hard! Come share your experience, get motiva...

You Can Do A Triathlon

Tribe • 102 members

Have you ever thought triathlons were for super athletes? Something an average fitness enthusiast could not achieve? Well think again. Assuming you have the basics: ability to run, ride a bike and swim, then you've got the basic building blocks of a triat...

Swimming Swimmers

Tribe • 101 members

For anyone who loves to swim. No matter how much or how little If you do 40 metre swims or 4000, it doesn't matter so long as you love to swim.

Love your local lido

Tribe • 76 members

Lido's took off big time in the UK in the 1930s, and lots of us have been enjoying brilliant outdoor swims ever since. Where's your local Lido? when's the best time to go for a dip? Is it open all year round? do you have a favourite, or is it all about conv...


Tribe • 49 members

PADI is The Way the World Learns to Dive - PADI is the world’s most respected and successful organization in recreational scuba diving and snorkeling. Committed to product & service excellence, the professional growth and security of its Members, healthy co...

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